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The Journey of True Enlightenment ~ Chapter1 ~Dropping The False Belief Systems (New Book)

The Journey of True Enlightenment.

Introduction to the book.

We are all on this Journey of True Enlightenment, even if we don’t know it. Our earth experience is just a small part of our journey back to the Light. This is truly a never-ending story, you are an eternal being. However, there is so much false information through Religious and New Age mumbo-jumbo out there it is hard to find Truth. This is an attempt to bring to Light the actual Ancient Teachings along with Akashic Knowing.

During the writing of this book, I will be sharing each Chapter publicly as I go. This will allow me to offer the Book for free by individual Chapter. However, When I am through with the book I will be putting it up for purchase in book format as a whole. Please Like, subscribe, and follow to receive the Book in Chapters.

This Book is an Alternative look at our spiritual Journey. It is Based on Ancient Teachings and Inner Knowing. We will be exploring some of the Ancient Knowledge from times past including Ancient Texts from around the World, Astrology, Alchemy, The Hermetic Principles, Universal Law, and many others. It will also reflect my own inner understanding of this knowledge and How we can utilize the information in this Ascension...

Chapter 1

Dropping the False Belief Systems

Throughout our journey on this earth, each individual experiences many things which in turn creates a belief system. These belief systems are what our moral make-up is all about. However, many of the religious teachings have created blocks in our spiritual growth, rather than helping us, to become our highest Light. The first step on this ascension path is to let go of all that is of the Old Programming.

The original Ancient Teachings of the Star Peoples were created in times past to give us a moral understanding of how to act towards one another, and how to navigate through this earth experience. However, for the reason of control, the true Ancient Teachings have been greatly manipulated or even in some cases completely destroyed. The teachings have been turned around to where you are taught to believe that you are inferior and need to worship something outside of the “God” that resides within yourself.

Even individuals like Jesus and Buddha taught the importance of knowing the God within. This knowing is the connection directly to God or the Universal Life Force, through our own Light which is our very soul. This Light in each of us is a piece of the infinite Creator, that is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. This Light of the infinite is Our Soul or is what many refer to as the heart. It is referred to as the heart because it is Pure Unconditional Love Vibration. This Light can become blocked, by the Mind. The Mind is the Ego or our Belief systems.

The false teachings of today include things like, “You are going to hell if you sin and don’t ask God for forgiveness.” This teaching is warning that a “GOD” up in the heavens somewhere is watching everything you do and is counting your sins and wrongdoings, and is going to punish you if you don’t repent. However, the True Teaching behind this belief is “Cause and Effect” A Hermetic Principle. We reap what we sow... God or the Universal Force, will reflect whatever energies we are putting out, so therefore, we receive trauma through our experiences here in this reality, be”CAUSE” of sins or errors we have committed. The reason is, if we cause harm to others, the universe sees this action and reflects that energy back to us. There is no judgment at all just a reflection of our "own" truth. This is how this Universe/God works.

The Controlled Narrative, is to Push the Old belief systems as long as they can so that the transformation or ascension can not take Place. It is important to step out of old beliefs that no longer serve our highest Light. When we give our energy away to false beliefs, we clog our spiritual growth. This blocking is deep within every cell. It has been programmed into our DNA through repeated Transmission of this False Information, for generation after generation. This is why so many can not step into there highest light. They are blocked by past life and present belief systems, that have made them feel unworthy of their own Divine existence.

Each and every one of us no matter what religion all has a soul. That Soul is our Light. It is literally a piece of God or the Grand Consciousness that permeates throughout this Universe. Everything has Consciousness, down to the stones you walk on. The Native American’s believed that Everything was aware of its own existence, for example, a Tree knows its a tree, a Flower knows its a Flower, and so on. The One Conscious or God is in all things and is continually learning and expanding its own existence. We are a major part of our own experience because we are co-creators with, and within the One Infinite Existence. However, that too has been hijacked, by others who wish to control it all.

When we drop away from the old beliefs of being an inferior unworthy being, we can step into our Divine Purpose. When we can literally see our existence as a divine part of the All that is, We can then Connect Directly to the Universal Force, with an open line. Another benefit is we can then actively change and manipulate our own personal reality, through the Vibration on which we hold. We also then repair the Damaged DNA that has been attacked as long as we have existed as Humans.

The Importance of removing the belief Blocks is top on the list, of this Journey to Enlightenment. You can not move forward until you have released the need to worship something outside of the God that lives within your very being, It is just waiting for you to accept it being there. The Piece of God that we have within us, is also our guide, on this Journey. The Inner God is the consciousness that makes you aware when you have harmed another and you can “feel” that hurt that you have caused, and wish to make it right. It’s the Angel on your Shoulder as some might say. In many cases, it actually talks to us within our hearts. We have Both the dark and light within each of us, it’s up to you which one you want to listen to.

When you wish to Pray, focus your awareness towards the infinite Creator that is Within you. Literally “feel” love within your heart space, To Reflect your Prayer. Don’t pray to something out in space, focus within. When we meditate the importance of Clearing the Mind or EGO is so we can hear the Heart. When we focus on our heart we are focusing on our soul or Light of God. When you realize your true Connection with God or the Universal Life Force that is in all things, Changes in you and your surroundings begin to happen. Answers are given to your Soul directly from the Universe/God. Synchronicities and signs begin to shine on your Path, leading you on an incredible journey, of True Enlightenment.

In so much Love and Light, Written by Chellea Wilder


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