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The Illusion is Fading & the Veil is Gone ~ Master Sananda

I’m Sananda and I’m here to be with you, as always, in these ever-changing times, as everything moves forward at a faster and faster pace.

Even your everyday life moves much, much faster.

A lot of y’all say time just flies and you do it on purpose because at this point everything is variable. You may experience a time shift now.

Time is getting more and more pushed away.

You could also say that the space-time continuum is getting shifted more and more.

This will come to pass and the understanding of this will come at a later date.

For now, just be aware that you are in a transition period.

Transition from the old modes, the old third-dimensional visionary modes to the higher vibrational frequencies of the fourth and fifth dimensions, and the new golden age.

You have all lived here on Earth, and in other galaxies and planets, between the stars.

You came from there, from the stars.

You continue your journey and will continue until you return to the ether again.

You came from the ether and to the ether you shall return.

In this process, there will be a huge transitional period that they have gone through.

In the coming days, weeks and months you will find more and more the transition will accelerate more and more.

The truth will come from all kinds of forces and directions.

This wave of truth will break ahead.

Not only for those who have ears to hear, as they do now, but for many, many more who are willing to listen, be open to the possibilities and potential of the human race, and to each and every person within the human race.

Now all you have to do is keep moving forward!

Move forward with the understanding that you are in the right place, at the right time and at the right moment!

Even if everything around you seems to be going to "hell", as you say.

It’s not going to happen to you because that’s not how you see it and if you saw it this way it’s time to stop it!

It's time to look ahead!

Being in the moment but looking ahead and seeing the glory that is ahead of you all!

Don't hold on to fear!

Do not cling to despair, depression, illness!

Do not cling to this!

It's only part of the illusion.

And the illusion is fading faster and faster.

The veil, as you know, is not actually there anymore.

It is only there for those who think it is there.

So trust yourselves more and more!

Trust in your leaders working with you, trust in your Higher Divine Self, and that they are leading you in the direction you need to go!

And when you get there, do it too to prepare yourself for the opportunities ahead!

But do it without fear, because if you cling to fear, you create the situation you want to avoid! Get to know it!

Brace yourselves!

Do what you have to do, what feels right!

Do it with a clear conscience!

It’s all about being able to calmly move through the day to day process, the day to day transitions you’ve been through.

The path ahead of you unfolds widely.

This is no longer a unique road.

It is open for everyone to follow this path.

Follow the road, in whatever direction it must take you, because the direction you are moving is the direction you must go!

I am Sananda and now I leave you in peace, love and unity.

Continue to advance moment by moment, day by day, week by week, but all with full confidence, with trust in the work of your Higher Divine Self towards you!

Original Title, Sananda, The veil is only there if you believe in it... Channeled by James McConnell, received and transcribed from


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