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“THE GREAT AWAKENING” Is It Happening To You?

In the last couple of years, the planet has witnessed, what is referred to as,

“The Great Awakening”.

In earlier times, this was when many people would seek out their spirituality, all at once, rushing into the churches and synagogues. Back in those olden days, there wasn’t an Internet to search for knowledge. We relied upon the Religions to show us the way. Now days, we have the world’s knowledge at our fingertips. We can explore any spiritual outlet we can imagine. We can find which one suits us, for the lifestyle we wish to live.


The Big Deception

We even see what is referred to as a new religion called The New Agers, where they don’t believe in any of the old religions at all, But practice little pieces of all of them, including the dark arts, which is very dangerous. They claim to be “Light”workers and all follow the Ascended Masters, and yet know nothing about them, while they walked upon this earth. The Same Ancient Texts that these Masters wrote, were the Ancient Texts that inspired the religions in the first place. Yes, many of the Ancient writings have been manipulated, for control of the masses, by the elites. But now with access to the originals, Many colleges are translating all the Ancient texts. This knowledge is becoming mainstream, and in almost all languages. Fake Spirituality gets you no where. The New Age Movement teaches you to love the self and service to self, which is satanic occultism, This is the religion of the Elites. This is the Path of the Dark, and is a deception that is plaguing the New Awakening. Then on the other hand they are also telling you they talk with the Masters through channeling, the same ones who tried to warn us about these same Dark Ways of deception.


ALL TRUE TEACHINGS, Speak of Loving Others, and caring for others as you would want to be cared for. This is the service to Other Mentality. Yeshua washed the feet of Strangers. Vishnu's role was to protect humans, All masters where in service to their people.

This is the way to the Light, Through Being Love to Others. They showed us through teaching by example.

Then there is those of us who take a metaphysical point of view, We find incredible knowledge in all the Ancient scripts. From the Vedas Sanskrit to the The Nag Hammadi Scrolls and even the Torah, History is being told. We see that all Ancient Scripts were written for inspiration or instruction, or as an historical account of an ancient times.

So why is there still those who wish to stay ignorant? Ignorance is when the truth is right in front of you, and you wish to close your eyes and ignore it. The truth is many wish to not see the truth, mostly because of fear. Fear stops us from seeing something different then what they think as Truth. They become afraid to look at something that's different from what they have ever been taught.

The Truth is if everyone would open their eyes, We would see that All religions are based on the same basic moral teachings, and that is to be GOOD to each other, and to be of service to one another. They also express that There is a supreme Energy or Spirit that is within all of us, and which we are all a part of. This is God The great I AM which is all things. This is the same God that is the Father of Creation. This Energy that is everything is The Divine Force We call God. The One.

This knowing also melds with the Quantum of our reality, so becoming scientific as well. By exploring all angles we see Truth in the All.

Exploring your spiritual awareness is an amazing Journey. Many here in the western world have been sheltered from the eastern ways. We are just now becoming more open to the ancient wisdom, of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. However you wish to focus your spiritual energy is up to you. the Important thing is to understand that you are not alone. Everyone is experiencing this new awareness.

It’s okay to open your eyes and explore something different than you were taught. This is your Awakening, Explore all possibilities of Truth.


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