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THE GATES ARE OPEN ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator,

We speak in these moments to bring you truth, and a Higher Understanding of the Matrix which controls the Material reality. Most Humans can not conceive the concept of dimension and the levels or spectrums of Light that has been given for the purpose of escaping the 3D illusion. The Physical Universe, or the 3rd degree reality, is the Lowest vibrational spectrum for sentient beings, within the different degrees of Light. This is where the human species has been kept, and stopped from advancing any farther, any higher in their Consciousness.. This was an actual enslavement, and literal Blocking from your ascension. For this reason, The Infinite Creator has created a divine decree to release Humans from their captors. The intention is to Release Humanity from the 3rd Degree vibrational spectrum. However, even with this release, Humans must rise themselves out of the Lower vibrations and thought patterns. The Gates have been Opened for Humanity, Now it's Humans turn to step up and be the Light that they are.

The Human race has always been enslaved under a very dense control system, and Never really have had true freedom. Many of you have come to know this control structure as the Matrix. Within the 3rd Degree, Darkness rules. It rules because of the Lack of Light. The dense reality, or Physical Universe, has come to be known as the 3D Illusion. The purpose of this is because of its lack of Light. This Physical Universe is the Last or Lowest of all the Universal Creations.

Freewill is a Multi-Universal understanding. All densities have Freewill. However, Freewill for someone of 5th degree, is much different than freewill for a being of the 3rd degree. Within The Darkness of 3rd Density, it became a survival of the fittest or most dominant. Within the 3rd degree physical Universe, Freewill has run rapid, allowing the most vicious to become the controllers of the Physical Universe.

Earthlings, with being so sheltered from the Truth of their Reality within the 3rd degree. Would not have been able to hold their own against the Dark Rulers. Many Galactic races within the Physical Universe have had to battle and war against the Dark ones, just to gain their freedom. But unlike those beings, The Human species was genetically manipulated and altered, to make them a slave race. Humans were robbed of the ability to ascend, after the manipulation. This was stopped, and Reversed by Divine decree. About 2000 years ago in your timespace, a Divine order was put in place to Raise Humans out of the 3rd Degree and through the Fourth, and then jumping them into the fifth. This is to be done to totally release Humanity from the 3rd dimension. Releasing them from the Bondage and enslavement of the Archons. To begin with, The Human genetics had to be reconnected with Source Light. Humans have always had the Light within them, but their physical bodies didn't allow them to access it. The Human Genetics were then altered by giving you the Many essences of your Galactic Families. Genetically Connecting you to all of us, your Galactic Families.

This is why all of your Star Families are here in these very precious Moments. They are here to meet their New Family, as you rise into the Higher spectrum of existence. It is like meeting your child, after it has been birthed, waiting patiently for you to open your eyes, to See us, and know us.

Many of those who are awakening in these moments are trying to change their physical reality. Not realizing that you can not change the 3rd degree illusions. They are all still illusions. Many wish to bring all of that which is in the 3rd degree illusion with them into the Higher Light spectrum. Most humans can not conceive the understanding that you are raising out of a Light spectrum into a non-physical existence. What this means is that each level of Light changes in density, and through Each density you become more and more pure Light. Physical possessions, can not be taken with you. Your wealth within the 3rd degree illusion can not be taken with you. This is what is meant by, You Come as you are. You come into the Higher Light with just yourself, nothing more, Nothing less. As you came into existence, pure and innocent. When entering the Higher Light, it is Like a rebirth. You become a higher Light version of you. You are no Longer in a Dense body, but your physical body has then raised into a higher spectrum of vibration. Your Consciousness has then risen to a Higher level, dissolving the ego mind, releasing all that separates you from the Oneness with the All. You rise in the Light in all aspects. You are Becoming Pure Light.

The Gates are Open for Humanity to awaken into their truth. It is now up to each of you to make your own choice of vibration. The Vibrations of the Higher Light is of Unity, Love, Gratitude and Oneness. You must make your own choice, you now have that freedom to do so. You have the choice to rise in Love and Unity, or stay within the Lower vibrations of Fear and separation. You Each make that choice by the vibrations you choose to entertain. By entertaining concepts of Love, you are rising higher and higher in Light. We anticipate the Moment of your rebirth.

We Witness you, We Celebrate you and we Love you,

In the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, Here to serve the Divine.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder, at


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24 mai

I chose the Light path...mush gratefulness to the Creator for this never-before Boost and open door to freedom. Are we there yet😁


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