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THE END TIMES ~ The High Council of Sirius

Greetings, We are the High Council of Sirius,

In our previous communication, we discussed the imminent collapse of the Control Matrix held by the Dark Rulers,

At this time, you are observing the frantic efforts within the Political sphere to maintain their influence. With the crumbling of financial and political structures, many are desperately clinging to these establishments, trying to salvage what they can. Most are gripped by the fear of losing the familiar.

These establishments will never return to their former state. It is essential for numerous changes to occur in order for you to progress towards a Galactic Society, prioritizing World Peace, the eradication of world hunger, and global health as you transition to the elevated frequencies of the Higher 4th dimension. However, this transformation will not be orchestrated by the current ruling organizations on the planet.

For many individuals around the world, the current period is often interpreted as a time of great upheaval and chaos, akin to the Apocalypse or the End times as described in various religious and cultural narratives. However, what is actually reaching its conclusion is not the world itself, but rather the outdated paradigm that has governed your societies for so long. This paradigm, characterized by its emphasis on competition, exploitation, and division, is now being challenged and dismantled to make way for a new way of existence.

 In this transitional phase, you are witnessing a significant shift in consciousness and awareness, as more and more people awaken to the interconnectedness of all living beings and the planet. The old structures and systems that no longer serve the greater good are crumbling, paving the way for a more sustainable and harmonious way of life. 

This period of transformation, although tumultuous and uncertain, offers you the opportunity to reimagine your world and create a more just, equitable, and compassionate society. As you navigate through these turbulent times, it is essential to embrace change and uncertainty with an open heart and mind. By letting go of fear and resistance, you can actively participate in the co-creation of a new reality that is rooted in love, empathy, and cooperation. The End times, therefore, signify not the end of the world, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in human evolution, where you have the chance to build a world that honors the interconnectedness of all life and fosters peace and harmony for generations to come.

.The Matrix Structures are merely a facet of the illusion and will metamorphose into a more elevated state of existence. Addressing poverty, world hunger, and the well-being of humanity and the Earth will take precedence as you move forward.

The ascension of humanity and the Earth into the 5th Dimension is imminent, but the initial step is transitioning into the heightened vibrational frequency of the higher 4th dimension.

The Dimensions, as you perceive them, are divided into higher and lower realms; for instance, the 4th dimension includes both higher and lower planes of existence, with many Dark forces inhabiting the Lower 4th dimension.

Progressing through these vibrations allows entry into various levels within a dimension. While commonly believed to consist of 12 different levels of vibration or dimensions, the reality is that there are actually 24, each dimension containing two levels of Vibration.

As you navigate through these transformative times, it is crucial to understand that the shifts in consciousness and vibrational frequencies are paving the way for a new era of existence. The challenges and disruptions you are witnessing are part of a larger cosmic plan to elevate humanity to a higher state of being.

Embracing the changes and letting go of attachments to the old ways will be key in facilitating this transition. It is a time of awakening, of shedding limiting beliefs and embracing the limitless potential that awaits.

Each individual plays a vital role in this collective evolution. By raising your own vibration and aligning with the frequencies of love, compassion, and unity, you contribute to the greater shift taking place on a planetary scale.

Remember, the journey towards the 5th Dimension is not just a physical or external one; it is a profound inner journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. As you attune to higher frequencies, you will begin to perceive reality in a new light, free from the constraints of fear and separation.

Stay grounded in your truth, connect with the wisdom of your higher self, and trust in the unfolding of this grand cosmic symphony. We, The High Council of Sirius stand by to guide and support you through these transformative times, as you step into the fullness of your divine potential.

We Love you, and Honor you.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder at


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