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The Disintegration of the Deep State and the Emergence of Nova Earth

The Disintegration of the Deep State and the Emergence of Nova Earth.

Two narratives are going forward with lightworkers at the same time.

The deep state is being exposed and dethroned hence the military preparations, and the public is waking up to their horrible plight. An evil organization, actually is trying to take over the world.

This is not science fiction and it’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. And a nightmare that we are going to wake up from.

Meanwhile, lightworkers are at work expressing a new philosophy based on love, truth, and peace, building new social capital and new cooperative ventures, and awaiting the start signal.

I’ve compared it to riding two horses. (1)

Watching the deep state let go satisfies no more than, at best, strong interest.

But the love, truth, and peace that I know goes with Nova Earth, now that’s an entirely-different matter. Each of those has a tremendous impact on me.

Love? If you haven’t tasted higher-dimensional love yet, you’re in for a surprise. It’ll fulfill all your dreams. Sell that château in the south of France. You’ll find that love is what you’ve always been looking for. But real love, not what passes for love in everyday life.

Truth? I think the maxim “the truth will set you free” has been a theme throughout this blog’s existence. At one end of the spectrum, the truth of your upset will set you free from it and eventually your vasanas. (2)

At the other end, realizing the truth of who you are will fulfill the purpose of life: That God should meet God in a moment of our enlightenment. (3)

Peace? Peace as a divine quality is, like love, unimaginable to a 3/4D mind. (4) I recall that, when I was in the space of real peace, I felt immovable. I now see where Gandhi’s strength came from.

A feature of dissociation is a kind of trembling uncertainty about who you are. – who’s speaking? Who’s acting? But not in higher-dimensional peace. When I’m in it, my stance is solid, firm, unmoving.

When I’m in peace, it’s like the flock of pigeons has settled back down to Earth and all is still again. Entirely-different capabilities are accessible when the mind is at peace, when we have an absence of evil intention, and when the heart is open and attentive. That space opens doors.

Satisfy those three and I imagine you’d be creating balance and unfoldment. But I’m not a spiritual teacher; just an inquisitive writer.

So we switch back and forth between the two narratives. – the disintegration of the deep state and the emergence of Nova Earth. If we hold our actions to those three standards, – Is it loving? Is it truthful? Is it peaceful? – that should allow us to weather the emotional part of the storm, which is and may continue for a while.

We already know that the Mother’s Plan is to return Earth to a Garden of Eden where her angels (that’s us) (5) can come and enjoy the physical experience of love. (6) And we know she wants us to stay, not leave. (7)

We just have to avoid, if we possibly can, the thrashing tail of the dying cabal. In that we have the Company of Heaven’s help and protection. (8)

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