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The Deep State's "Secret Space Program" (video Interviews with William Tompkins)

Our First Space Force: Hitlers Secret Space Program That Became The Deep State Secret Space Program

The Deal That Hitler Did With Malevolent ETs In 1939 Will Live In Infamy. Six Thousand Years Ago A Disinformation Program Was Deployed Against Humanity.

William Tomkins (Recently Deceased) US Naval Intelligence, Aerospace Engineer And NASA Apollo Section Chief And Corey Goode, Secret Space Program Insider Reveal The Truth That Has Been Kept From Mankind For Many Decades.


Aliens Helped America Defeat Nazis With Future Technology, Says Navy Aerospace Engineer in New Book

It's no secret that the Nazis were into some strange, occult stuff, but some of the weirdest rumors about the Third Reich come from their supposed "miracle weapons," including a giant, bell-shaped device called "Die Glocke" (The Bell), which supposedly generated an anti-gravity field. According to author and former aerospace engineer William Tompkins, there was a lot more behind these stories than just occultism and rumors of superior German engineering—he says that the Nazis were being aided by a race of reptilian aliens.

In his book Selected by Extraterrestrialspublished a little less than two years before his death in 2017, Tompkins recounts his work on the Navy's secret research projects during the 1940s, the design of spacecraft for Douglas Aircraft Company, and his eventual contributions to the Saturn and Apollo programs. Things take a turn for the dramatic, however, when he describes what he supposedly learned from moles in the Nazi aerospace program:

"...Tompkins describes how the Reptilians helped the Germans/Nazis build underground bases in remote Antarctic caverns, which were located next to even larger caverns controlled by the Reptilians. According to Tompkins, the U.S. Navy learned of the existence of these secret Antarctic bases from their spies embedded in Nazi Germany, who found that the Nazis/Germans used these remote bases to launch space missions to the Moon, other planets in our solar system, and, most remarkably, to distant interstellar locations."

The "Draconian Reptilians," as Tompkins calls them, were the ones who were supplying advanced alien technology to the Nazis, including anti-gravity tech and beam weapons.

So how did the Allies beat them? With the help of a different race of aliens, of course.

Tompkins claims that the US and others were assisted by a race of aliens called the Nordics, who not only evened the playing field against the Reptilians, but also helped the US Navy to construct "deep space battle groups," including a "2.5km Naval Spacecraft Carrier and a 1.4km Naval Spacecraft Battle Cruiser," all of which began operating in the 1970s or '80s. Tompkins even says some of his coworkers and secretaries were Nordic aliens in disguise here on Earth.

Before his death, Tompkins claimed that the battle for Earth isn't over—he says the Earth has been under attack from Reptilian space armadas for years, with the human-Nordic alliance fending them off with the giant spaceships he designed. Unless the Navy bolsters its defenses, Tompkins says, the Earth will fall to the Reptilians. It sounds like a 1950s sci-fi B-movie.


Reptilian Aliens Helped Nazi Germany Build Secret Space Program in Antarctica

In the run up to World War II, German secret societies and the Nazi SS were guided to three large caverns in Antarctica by Reptilian extraterrestrials, according to former U.S. Navy intelligence operative William Tompkins. In his latest ExoNews TV interview, released today, Tompkins describes how the Reptilians helped the Germans/Nazis build underground bases in remote Antarctic caverns, which were located next to even larger caverns controlled by the Reptilians.

According to Tompkins, the U.S. Navy learned of the existence of these secret Antarctic bases from their spies embedded in Nazi Germany, who found that the Nazis/Germans used these remote bases to launch space missions to the Moon, other planets in our solar system, and, most remarkably, to distant interstellar locations.

Tompkins says that the Germans began moving equipment and supplies to Antarctica as early as 1913, which coincides historically with the Second German Antarctic Expedition from 1911-1913. This period also coincides with the increasing role of German secret societies in exploring remote global locations for occult knowledge.

The movement of equipment accelerated in the lead up to World War II. In his interview, Tompkins cites 1934 as the beginning of this acceleration, even though historical records point to 1938 as the launch of the Third German Antarctic Expedition:

The move from Germany to Antarctica was in operation from 1934 way before the war started. In fact some of the stuff went down in 1913.

In last week’s ExoNews TV episode, Tompkins revealed that secret agreements had been reached between Hitler’s regime and Draconian Reptilians. In this week’s episode he discussed one of the major elements of this agreement:

Large portions of equipment were sent down there. But right next to them were three tremendous size caverns which the Reptilians had. Not Grays, but Reptilians. Germany got two more, about a tenth the size of the big Reptilians [cavern]. They were able to … [go] down, usually by submarine. They built these flat submarines, these regular class, so they could ship all this stuff down.

Tompkins remarkable information is consistent with Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz who referred on three occasions to an impregnable fortress being built for Hitler in a remote location using Germany’s advanced submarine fleet:

In 1943, Donitz is reported to have stated

… the German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress.

The second occasion was in in 1944, when he revealed how plans were in place to relocate Hitler so he could launch new plans for his thousand-year Reich:

The German Navy will have to accomplish a great task in the future. The German Navy knows all hiding places in the oceans and therefore it will be very easy to bring the Führer to a safe place should the necessity arise and in which he will have the opportunity to work out his final plans.

Finally, Dönitz’s remarks at his Nuremberg war crime trial clearly suggest that it was Antarctica where Germany’s most advanced technologies had been secretly relocated by his submarine fleet. At the trial he boasted of “an invulnerable fortress, a paradise-like oasis in the middle of eternal ice.”

Donitz’s remarks were made plausible in 1966 by cartographer and artist Heinrich C. Berann for the National Geographic Society. In Berann’s depiction of an ice-free Antarctica, he shows underwater passageways that run throughout the Antarctic continent. This provided a plausible way in which submarines could travel under the ice for considerable distances to Nazi Germany’s “invulnerable fortress”.

Donitz’s claims are further supported by documents provided by an alleged German submarine crewman after the war, which described the instructions for U-Boat Captains to reach the Antarctica bases through the hidden passage ways. Below is an image of the document with the translated instructions.

In today’s interview, Tompkins describes simultaneous flying saucer programs that had been developed by the Nazis. One was in Germany, while the second was in Antarctica. In his response to a question about where Germany’s antigravity craft were being built, he said:

They built the prototypes in Germany. They built pre-protype, something which is ready for production, in Antarctica. They put this stuff in production in the countries all over Germany [Occupied Europe], and they continued to build similar vehicles in Antarctica.

Tompkins then shares one of the most astonishing secrets gained by the Navy spies embedded in Germany. With the help of the Reptilians, the Nazi’s Antarctica program had successfully launched manned missions to the Moon, planets, and even other star systems.

Now the question was asked whether did we ever get to the Moon? You see it was in some way, it was well known that the Germans had a number of vehicles that flew out and came back. One of the first ones, they got into trouble, they crashed and the whole group died. But that was almost all coming from Antarctica. Way before, four years before, the war ended, they were always moving all of this stuff out. And so the flights, almost everything came from Antarctica with the same people. … I don’t know if it was true or not, but it was stated by some of those fellows [Navy spies] that they had gone to other stars and come back.

Tompkins remarkable claims corroborate the testimony of secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, who claims that from 1987 to 2007, he had access to smart glass pads, which described the successful Nazi space program that operated out of Antarctica.

Goode said the Antarctica program was controlled by German secret societies rather than the Nazi SS:

As explained, the Nazi remnants that were made up mostly of Secret Societies that created a “Break Away Civilization,” kept the most advanced technology secret from even their highest Military and Political leaders, setup enclaves in South America and Antarctica. The locations in Antarctica were some ancient civilization ruins that had remained occupied by certain groups in thermal area’s that cause area’s similar to lava tubes and domes under the glaciers.

Goode goes on to corroborate Tompkins claim that the Nazi bases were built adjacent to caverns controlled by another advanced civilization, the Reptilians:

There was an underground and under glacier city complex that was already occupied and setup in a couple of locations and the NAZI’s renovated an area that was mostly crushed above the surface but had plenty of room under the domed ice, thermal underground energy and caverns (accessible via U-boat under the ice flows and openings that made it ideal for a hidden multipurpose base) that were perfect for them to secretly build out during the entire Second World War

What makes Tompkins claims difficult to dismiss are documents he has published in his book, Selected by Extraterrestrials, supporting his main claim that he participated in a covert Navy Intelligence program that disseminated Germany’s advanced aerospace secrets to selected U.S. aerospace companies, think tanks and universities.

Furthermore, documents, and statements by Admiral Donitz, support Tompkins claims that Nazi Germany had succeeded in locating and building underground facilities under the Antarctic continent. The long route under the Antarctic ice sheets, which the German submarine fleet allegedly took to reach these hidden caverns, gives credence to Tompkins claims that Reptilian extraterrestrials had provided the Nazis with the information necessary to locate the hidden Antarctic caverns, and the under-ice passage ways to reach them.

In the next episode of ExoNews TV, we will hear from William Tompkins how the Nazis used slave labor in their hidden Antarctic bases, and that the Italian government had also developed a flying saucer program headed by the famous inventor, Gugliemo Marconi that was secretly operating out of hidden South American locations.

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William Tompkin’s autobiography. Selected by Extraterrestrials is available at


Bad UFOs: Skepticism, UFOs, and The Universe

On May 21, 2017, William Tompkins spoke to San Diego MUFON, promising to disclose even more dramatic UFO secrets that are not in his book. Actually this was the third time Tompkins has spoken to that group in the past year or two. I didn't write about the previous times because I felt Tompkins was too marginal a figure, and his book Selected by Extraterrestrials too insignificant to even bother discussing. But Tompkins will be a speaker at MUFON's International Symposium in Las Vegas in July. He is strongly endorsed by Dr. Michael Salla of (Salla is also a speaker at the upcoming MUFON Symposium), and Tompkins'  highly loopy book is doing quite well on Amazon, its Kindle edition coming in at number 7 in UFOs. So I suppose we must acknowledge Tompkins as a significant figure in today's UFOology. Michael Salla's has this to say about Tompkins:

A former US Navy Intelligence operative and aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, has revealed that U.S. Navy spies embedded within Nazi Germany’s advanced technology projects during the World War II had learned that the Nazi war effort was being assisted by extraterrestrial visitors. The spies had reported to a covert Naval Intelligence operation, located at Naval Air Station San Diego, that Adolf Hitler had signed a secret agreement with representatives of a Reptilian extraterrestrial race. 📷 William Tompkins speaks to San Diego MUFON In an ExoNews TV interview, Tompkins reveals how “Reptilian consultants” were helping the Nazi SS develop advanced aerospace technologies: They had, if you want to call them, “consultants”, who are Reptilian consultants assisting on all of these different things that it takes to design and build these spacecraft carriers, and propulsion systems. So this is an extremely well developed program and documented like crazy. Getting copies of the documents was hard for them, hard for our spies. This was an open program in the upper level of the SS. The spies learned that the goal of the Reptilian plan was not only to assist the Nazis to win the war and achieve planetary conquest, but to build fleets of antigravity spacecraft carriers that could be used for interplanetary conquest in other star systems: Holy cats the thing went way beyond that [world conquest]. Again, what we just said about this was the tip of the iceberg of what they were doing. Already Reptilians were doing it to other stars’ planets all over this area of the Galaxy.

Tompkins arrived almost a full hour late for his scheduled talk, forcing MUFON hosts to improvise a discussion about him. We learned that the secretaries who worked for him in Top Secret UFO projects were in fact Nordic aliens, and very beautiful. When Tompkins finally arrived, he was amazingly spry for a man of 94, standing for an hour and speaking without amplification (albeit softly). Tompkins began with the so-called "Battle of Los Angeles" in February, 1942, which he claims to have witnessed in Long Beach. But unlike other observers who saw only one object, or a few, Tompkins claimed that there were 3,000 UFOs filling the skies. The Navy's Pacific fleet was anchored in Long Beach, as was its hastily-displaced Atlantic fleet. The Navy ships used up all of their ammunition trying to bring down these UFOs. Two were shot down, but he didn't know what happened with them. Other amazing "facts" shared by Tompkins were:

Every single war in human history, he explained, has been instigated by Reptilians, who have mind-controlled humans for 6,000 years. (The Reptilians are Bad Guys, while the Nordic aliens are Good Guys.)Hollywood has been mind-controlling people for decades, using subliminal messages.Some of the manuals delivered to those working on secret UFO programs were written in Egyptian hieroglyphics.He is a Remote Viewer. There are 28 different ways to Remote View. He has gone outside the galaxy using RV.The Reptilians gave Nazi Germany a small fleet of UFOs, ready to fly, to help the Nazis conquer the world. However, the Nazis tried to attach weapons to them, and thus could not get them to fly correctly. The Germans found Noah's Ark, took photos of it inside and out. In fact, there have been 15 global floods like Noah's flood. A few MUFON members challenged some of Tompkins' more obviously bogus statements, for example, "subliminal messages" have been extensively researched and found not to work. In each case, he would be unperturbed and just launch off into some other made-up nonsense, ignoring the question. On the whole, most of the audience seemed to take Tompkins' ramblings seriously.

No doubt many of these same claims will be repeated by Tompkins at this year's MUFON Symposium, whose theme is "The Case for a Secret Space Program." The title of his talk is, “What I learned in the Navy and How it’s still Secret Today.”  Tompkins is also participating in a "Private Speaker Panel" along with Michael Salla, Corey Goode, Richard Dolan, and Andrew Basiago. It requires a separate admission fee of  $39. The title of Michael Salla's talk is “The US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance." Andrew Basiago is the guy who claims he was secretly teleported to Mars, along with the young Barack Obama. The title of Basiago's talk is “Destination MARS: The hidden history of the CIA’s Mars Jump Room Program.”

MUFON claims to be dedicated to "the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity." But in light of the above, how can they possibly call their organization "scientific"? MUFON's executive Director Jan Harzan was recently interviewed by Kenvin Randle. Harzan spoke about balancing the needs of the organization vs. fidelity to sources and scientific accuracy. In other words,  MUFON needs to be kooky enough to keep the "unrealists" interested, while being credible enough to keep the "realists" from jumping ship. A very difficult balance! (Source)


William Tompkins -|- WW2, Nazis & U.F.O's - [2017] Disclosure

Bill Tompkins aka William Tompkins served with Navy Intelligence from 1942-1945 directly participating in intelligence debriefings of Navy agents embedded within Germany's most secret aerospace facilities.


WILLIAM TOMPKINS: What I Learned in The Navy ...And How It's Still Secret Today | MUFON 2017


When I was growing up in Hollywood, I had a remarkable memory that permitted me to have precise knowledge of the details of Naval ships in the Long Beach harbor. The models I made resulted in the Navy “drafting” me to work as staff to Rear Admiral Rico Botta in 1942. I participated in the review of over a thousand reports from German-speaking Navy “spies” or operatives for the next three years. They were telling us about the incredible things they were learning that Nazi Germany was doing and had done with high technology vehicles developed by German citizens as well as by an extraterrestrial race of Draco Reptilians, who gave them some completed craft. They reported the use of secret caverns in Antarctica that housed the German SS, which planned to control the planets and star systems with the help of the Reptilians. These reports, thought to be “incredible” at first exposure, were delivered by me as courier to many Naval and airplane company facilities, including the Douglas Aircraft Company. My talk will be a report of what I learned from as disseminator of aircraft research and information during these debriefings, how the recipients of the data reacted, and what actions might have occurred by all parties because of being exposed to this information. My subsequent employment at Douglas in a “think tank” was related to the information earlier provided, and I was asked to assist in the development of Naval spacecraft that were more than 1 km long. These designs may have been a precursor to the alleged Navy “Solar Warden” program.


William Tompkins Last Interview with Jordan Sather - MUFON 2017 Secret Space Program

July 21st MUFON symposium. Jordan Sather interviews Secret Space Program insider William Tompkins for the last interview he gave before his passing a month later on August 21st 2017 during the "Great American Eclipse"


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