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The COLLAPSE OF THE MATRIX Has Begun ~ The High Council of Sirius

Greetings, we are the High Council of Sirius,

The collapse of the Matrix is beginning to awaken many. Most are grasping at every last straw they can, to hold on to the structures of the 3D world. Financial structures, Religious structures, Political structures, even your educational institutions and Science Must transform. All Things within the Matrix of the Physical 3D world, will change. Many of your world see these institutions as necessary or something that holds everything together.

But what these beings don't understand is that these control structures are the Walls of the Matrix. The only thing they hold up is the Lies and deceit of the Darks agenda.

Your financial institutions continue to push a Fake Money system that only benefits the wealthy. Your Money itself is just paper or data that you have put value too. And isn't worth anything at all. Your Religious structures, push separation, Lies, violence, and war, in the Name of whatever God they are claiming. Your Political Arena, is also a form of separation, and control, making you believe you have some sort of say in what happens on your world stage. Giving you a false sense of Freedom. The education systems are also based on a False History, and false Science, That continue to Push Lies.

All of these Institutions in your society are part of what we have come to call, the Matrix of the Controllers. The Dark Controllers of the Dark Anunnaki, Reptilians, and Tall Greys, have built the Matrix, in a way that humans, are totally unaware that they are being controlled and enslaved by these dark extraterrestrials. 

The Only ones who have become aware of this control structure are the Ones who have awakened fully to the deception. Not all of the Ones claiming that they are awake are truly awake or aware. By following the agendas of the dark many are still hanging on to these Things and refuse to let go. By doing so, they are making the choice to stay in the lower dimensions along with their Dark Counterparts. As Long as they fight to keep the Matrix, they will also Fall with the Matrix.

As The Earth Moves higher in the Light, all of these control structures on your Planet, will crumble. This frightens Many, as they depend on these institutions for many different reasons. This is also all that humanity has ever known.

So many may ask, When the control structures fall, what will take its place?

Because this shift is to raise you into a higher way of being, These institutions, if they do not serve you, will transform in a way that will benefit everyone. No one person will be above another.

As your financial institutions change, All will live in abundance and prosperity. As your Political structures change, All will have true freedom, to honestly choose your leaders, for their spiritual qualities and for the betterment of the all, rather than their wealth.

As the religious structures collapse, All will learn the Truth of your existence and your connection to the Infinite Creator, your connection to the all. As your Education Changes, they will begin to bring you the truth of your true history on this Planet. and Within your science, things will begin to shift out of the Box and into a quantum understanding.

Holding on to the way things were is only holding you back. Let go of all that is of the Matrix. The harder you hold on to these things, the more you make the Choice to stay within the Lower dimensions.

Anything that does not serve in Oneness, will transform. Do not fear the collapse of the old paradigm. As the Earth moves into the Higher Vibrations of Higher 4th dimension, All things must transform to higher Light, a Higher way of being.

Humanities Freedom, from the Matrix of the Controllers, is of Divine Order, and will be implemented. Once you are Free, Humanity will then be able to make the choice to become a Galactic society, interacting and communing with your Star Families.

We anticipate your arrival into The Higher Light. We celebrate you and Honor you.

We are the High Council of Sirius.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder at


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13 jun.

Extremely important transmission..but I noticed she said we are moving into the fourth dimension? I thought we were jumping into quantum leap of the fifth dimensions? What happened..some of us didn't make it I suppose.

Reageren op

We have already moved into the 4th dimension, but we are transitioning now into the Higher 4th dimension, it is a higher trajectory then just 4th. The Higher 4th is the preparations for 5th Dimension. in reality there are 2 levels within each dimension.


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