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The Butterfly Effect ~Everything Affects, Everything Else

"The Butterfly Effect" refers to an idea that illustrates how small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time.

Nearly 45 years ago, during the 139th meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Edward Lorenz posed a question: “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”

Although this question is one of an extreme, everything is connected to everything else, one way or another. So yes, everything affects, everything else.

“No man lives unto himself; for every living thing is bound by cords to every other living thing."

" By the sweet breaths of God all life is bound in one; so if you touch a fiber of a living thing you send a thrill from the center to the outer bounds of life. And when you crush beneath your foot the meanest worm, you shake the throne of God, and cause the sword of right to tremble in its sheath."

The concept that our actions affects the outer reaches of this universe, is hard to grasp. The reality is that we are One with everything. Our thoughts, words, and actions vibrate the core of the universe, because we "are" this Universe. There really is no separation. All things are Connected, All things are one.

"The universal God is one, yet he is more than one; all things are God; all things are one."

This forgotten knowledge is now re-manifesting itself into the collective consciousness. The human spirit is one within itself, connected to this Universe and then to the Multiverse.


It's one thing to have the Knowledge of being one with all things, But is through wisdom that we "Live" the Oneness.

Knowing that you are connected isn't enough. We must learn to live the oneness.

Living Oneness

By living the oneness, we truly see our neighbor as a supreme spark of the Infinite Creator, the same as ourselves. We know that with every thought, word, and action, we are manifesting our reality and sending vibration outwardly to the whole of creation. So, by our thoughts, words, and actions we become Only the vibration of Love.

We are a part of the Grand Design that is infinite Conscious thought. What we do with our own thoughts, words, and actions, create ripples within the energies of this Universe, that return to us as life experiences.

Once you begin to live Oneness, you realize that what you do, say, or feel, impacts your own life and everyone's lives around you. When we send out Lower vibrations through anger, greed, lust, and hate we harm those around us. Lower vibrations can cause chaos within the body and can even cause health issues. So, when you are angry with someone, you are causing harm to them.

If someone is telling you it's okay to be angry or full of hate, they are actually telling you it's okay to harm yourself and others. We must learn to transform these lower emotions to something positive.

For example: You find yourself angry at someone, You feel that they did something wrong to you or your family. The way to transmute the anger would be to put yourself in their shoes, maybe they did whatever they did to you out of selfish reasons. You realize that in truth, they really did not know any better. They are still unaware that what they did to you, was actually them doing it to themselves. What we do to others we do to ourselves. It's hard to stay angry with someone, if that someone is ignorant of truth, and truly do not know how to be any better.

It's like a child. until that child knows whats right and wrong, they don't know any better way to be. That is no reason to be angry with them.

When we look at things through the Eyes of Love, we can see the person we need to be.

True Spiritual Work is working on ourselves to become better people. This doesn't mean that we strive to be rich or famous, it means that we become good to others. Helpfulness is the path of goodness. When we awaken to true Oneness, We become service to others. By serving Others we serve the One. By serving others we send the message to this universe of Unity and Love. In return this Universe sends you Love and Unity in your life. By serving Others we are actually serving our self.

When you choose to serve only the Self you send the message to this universe that you do not want unity and you are separating your self from the One. So this Universe sends separation and loneliness as experiences back to you.

If you serve only the self and No others you are showing this universe that you do not see others as part of you, therefore this Universe takes those who were around you, away from you. because they are not needed in your life. This creates the loneliness and separation that you are receiving.

The Butterfly Effect does happen in everyone's lives. What we send out as vibration, sends waves through this Universe, which in turn manifests our reality. By sending Love we "heal" ourselves, those around us, and this earth. Our Vibrations are a powerful tool for the change we need to witness on this planet. It's up to each and everyone of us to make the changes that is necessary for the betterment of all. The more who awaken to this truth the easier it will become to actively make the difference. The collective of Humanity is a very powerful force, that can transform this Earth into the Heaven that we all desire. By Sending Our Love to the outer reaches of this Universe we are bringing the Light to The Earth and All her inhabitants.


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