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The BIGGEST Shift Yet... is this The Grand Finale?

The BIGGEST Shift Yet... is this The Grand Finale?

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being guided to disclose a major event that is about to take place very soon. This Event will Change everything.

The chaos in the world is a reflection of what is within the very mindset of humanity at the moment, There are many stuck in fear, hate, and violence, this dropping their Vibrations down for them, spiraling them out of control. As The frequency Raises on the Earth, those who choose the Lower Emotions, will begin to have a very hard time coping with all that has erupted around them.

We must remember that we make the choice of what vibrations we are in during every moment. Even when faced with loss and turmoil we personally decide how long we wish to grieve and stay within the lower emotions. It is important to pull ourselves out of these lower states of being. To stay within these lower vibrations we literally destroy our own bodies. However with that being said, with all this built up Energy that humanity is harboring, it has to be released somewhere.

The Deception runs very deep at all angles, especially throughout all main stream media. The more they get you to focus in on one direction, the more they are manipulating your perspective on everything that's happening in the Other direction. Humanity is experiencing "Brain Drain" at its darkest point. They have literally forced compliance on "Medical Topics" which have proven to be false, which in turn has caused many to lose all of their immune system due to High Spike Protein Damage from the injections. This blocks their brains from fighting anything, even causing them to become more compliant with whatever is thrown at them. The Control of the Narrative they want you to believe has also become a suppression of Truth. It has lately even become almost illegal to express and share truth of any sort.

I am being shown that All this suppression is about to cause an eruption of Humanity, that will totally change this Earth. The Final Wave of this Awakening is about to take place. When this happens, it will be the long anticipated Grand Finale. Many of you may be feeling as though something big is about to go down. This is our Source connection gearing up for this something Big, Our intuition is taking hold.

I am being shown that as the ropes tighten, more are breaking free from what has kept them bound. Humanity is being pushed back into a corner at the moment, and there is only one way to break free and that is to awaken. Those of us who have been through the last waves of this awakening, have had a very difficult journey the last several years, trying to wake up as many people as we can. However, with all the Cosmic events happening, we have been getting showered with Love and strength to move forward in this ascension. As we are gearing up for this big burst of Energy, understand that it will come from Humanity itself. Humans are about to make a lot of Noise. The ascension Process as much as we all would love for it to be over in a day, takes time. This Earth is Now ready for her full transformation, and so are we. The Biggest change in this shift will happen within our own Consciousness. With the next wave of awakening ones coming on to the scene, things on this Planet will be transformed much quicker than ever before. What this burst from within the Collective will bring with it, is our Freedom. Even though many who have been doing this work a while feel the need to be peaceful, the rest of humanity will be making lots of Noise. This is just as important as our peaceful work. Humanity needs this Jump start out of this Illusion. We must remember we are a whole species that is evolving into a Higher Frequency of Light. Yes it is an individual Journey, But we are doing it together.

As the veil gets thinner, its becoming much easier to see through the illusion. Those who are just now awakening to see the control and deception will begin to want to break free from the Chains that have bound them Life after Life. I am seeing this year as a Full disclosure Movement. This is Humanities Last Chance to take back their Birth Right of Freedom and Choice. Once this takes place, things will be able to change much quicker than before. Humanity must take control of this Planet away from the Extraterrestrial Interference. The dark influence must stop, but Humans must first be aware of who is in control over them. It's not the puppets that blow the same horn, control comes from beyond what most can even understand. While the veil vanishes, all will become visible. As we raise in Frequency and break free, the blindness that has covered our Eyes, will be healed. All of what has been long hidden will be Exposed for all to see. Once the Veil is totally lifted, Those who are here to assist us will make there presence Known. It's been a very long Journey for humanity, But we have made it.

and so it is and it is so.

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia, Christos, and the Karistus, The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance. @


The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

Part 7 The Karistus - The Ones Known as the ANGELS

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