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The Battle of Two Wolves ~ A Message of Cosmic Light


Blessings Family of Light,

The Planet Earth is experiencing, an incredible uplifting in vibration. Every being and this earth is transforming in this higher frequency. The shift is happening within our very being, physically mentally and spiritually. Everything is Morphing to meet this new vibration. To transform with ease, one must surrender into this divine energy. It is pure White Light energy, directly from Source. Many are aware of what happens when vibration meets water or even sand. This is happening to this planet, and all of her inhabitants. We are transforming. This transformation can be easy for us if we surrender into this beautiful Light. Or it can be difficult, if you wish to stay within the lower vibrations, of anger, jealousy, greed, and all other egotistical emotions. “There is a battle of the two wolves inside us all. One is Evil, it is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, lies, inferiority, and Ego. The Other is Good, It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and Truth. The Wolf that wins this Battle? Is the One you Feed.” Cherokee Proverb. This Ancient Proverb sees the struggle of Spirit. When we feed the darkness of ourselves, We become that Darkness. If we Feed the Light of ourselves, We Become Light. No matter what your journey is in this life, everyone, makes the Choice to be one our the other. This is our freewill. This is what all the Ascended Masters, Speak of. This is how they all become the Light. When One Chooses to Walk the Christ Path, One Chooses to Change their Mind. We must look at what is causing the lower emotion, and Fix it. It is our responsibility. No other can change your mind for you. Only you can change your own mind. When you feel these lower Emotions arising, Stop before Reacting. Ask yourself why you are having that emotion. Is it because of your own insecurities? Is it because of your own ego? Are you allowing yourself to be victimized? Assess the situation. Then look at it through the Eyes of Love. When you do this you Change your perspective of the situation. When you Look at things only through Love, it becomes a Totally different experience. We All make a Choice of what wolf we wish to feed, or what Kind of Person we wish to be. There is no right or wrong choice. But we all know what it is like to be around someone who made the choice to be a liar or be greedy. These qualities in a person is very undesirable. Many will Stay in the Lower dimensions at this time. This is a Soul Choice for their own Spiritual Learning. As we Enter this new space, the Frequencies just keep getting higher. This is not going to Stop. The Cosmic Light Hitting the earth, is getting Stronger. It is Source intent, or the Divine Will for this Planet and Her inhabitants to Shift to Higher Light. This Is Pure Unconditional Love Energy. Absorb it into your Being. Fill yourself with the Divine. We Love All and we are Honored to Be the Light. The Cosmic Light – Universal Lighthouse.

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