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The 7 Stages to Spiritual Enlightenment

The world is full of different cultures, traditions, religions and languages. People from all around the world are in a constant search for spiritual enlightenment and the spiritual experience itself. Spirituality, unlike religion, is universal and gives you freedom to choose your path and experience.

"Throughout history, people have yearned for a spiritual awakening because real revival helps you comprehend things differently; it enlightens your experiences and strengthens your senses. It is a spirituality that gave Buddha the peace of mind, heart, and soul. It is the spirituality that gave Muhammad and Jesus the power to lead people and perform miracles." Ela Ferra

The whole concept of being spiritually enlightened is having an ability to completely comprehend The All that is, This is the total understanding of your connection as a person, to other people, this earth, and this universe. As a being with knowing you will experience full Oneness with the All. You do not need to follow any religion to understand this concept. This is Knowing you are connected with the Ultimate Consciousness that is The One.

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you; none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your soul. – Swami Vivekananda

The Stages to Enlightenment

1. When we first begin to awaken, many times it is a shock and awe experience that causes it. This can cause many emotions to surface, high and low vibrational. At this time in your awakening you will engulf yourself with knowledge. This is where we search for answers and truth. Your Emotions are everywhere, not knowing how to stop them, you can spiral out of control becoming very angry and hate filled.

2. Truth of your spirituality begins to awaken. Through your research you begin to see that everything is connected one way or another. This is where you realize you are a spiritual Being or "Light" having a human experience.

3. The ego and fear begins to show itself for transmutation. On this journey we are given special experiences that allow us to either be egotistical and selfish, or to be Loving and giving. What you choose to do with these situations, determines your level of spiritual growth. By letting go of the ego which is judgement and control, we allow ourselves to transform into a more Loving and giving person. Our Fear runs deep and can be hard to clear, the one thing to remember is you are a powerful being of Light. The Higher vibration you are the Higher your Light. If you are in fear you are not allowing your light to shine, you are actually smudging it. Fear overtakes our light if it isn't transmuted. To transform fear into Love one must face the fear. Ask yourself these questions... What is it that is scaring you? Why is it scaring you? How can you get rid of the fear? Each person is different and have different fears. Fear mainly is a result of being unaware or ignorance. Fear is just lack of Knowledge. Once we learn why we have the fear we can gain the knowledge needed to get rid of it. Love and Fear can not exist together. So we must make the choice to either stay in fear or become Love. This is where many get stuck in their spiritual growth. they are unable to let go of the Ego and the fear. Only you can do this for yourself. No one can change you but "You". Many people will be in the 4th stage while still entertaining their egos and fears. But they will never move forward if they choose to stay unaware.

4. You begin to understand the actual reality of things. Your focus is now more on raising your vibration. This is done by excepting Love as guidance. This step never really goes away you will continue to grow spiritually and raise your vibration for eternity. You will find yourself connected to the environment; be it other human beings, animals, or trees. In this juncture, you will feel like your soul is merging with the soul of nature and will find happiness in every little thing. You begin to use your powers of manifestation to create desired outcomes. This is also the stage you start to go within to find your answers and truth.

5. You see your oneness with the All. there is no separation from you and your neighbor, you are the same light in different bodies. This is the Pure Love of others, Unconditional and One. This is Nirvana, Total peace and tranquility. All negativity is dissolved.

6. When we reach the 6th stage in our spiritual growth we will be in the process of ascending to the higher dimensions. At this stage you will have full access to all your once lost abilities. You will Be connected directly to Source energy and are able to receive information from the grid. Your multidimensional self is able to manifest instantly your desired space. You are telepathically connected to the whole Universe.

7. Although stage 6 is magical it's not the end. We will continue to grow and advance in the light, raising ourselves to higher levels of vibration, moving up through the dimensions. Until we merge with the One. This is an eternal Journey.

Our spiritual growth is like a fractal it never ends.


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