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PROGRESS REPORT ~ KaRa, The Pleiadian Emissary


I am KaRa, the Pleiadian Emissary from the Galactic Light Forces, and just recently I took over a new position of the New Earth High Council after Queen An-Ra’s resignation.

Now, I am even more directly involved with your planet’s Ascension. I am also  working with Ashtar Command. I am happy to be back and share some wisdom on your progress regarding the transition to a New Earth. The habitants of Mother Earth are experiencing positive and negative environmental factors globally. These events are not coincidental and are related to the energies coming from the Cosmos.

Everything, what carries some kinda of negative frequencies, gets flushed out to the surface. It goes to humans too. You can’t stay in the same vibrations, as you were a year ago, it doesn’t work anymore. If you don’t accelerate into changing the environment in your world, then this can cause some humans to leave their physical bodies or make humans behave strangely, such as repeating your daily tasks too many times and etc.

Basically, you can’t comprehend the spiritual changes, that are happening around you, because you are still stuck in 3D behaviors. That can only change, when your soul comes through by opening to the high frequencies. You have been used to vibrating in the Matrix low 3D vibrations, which has been so far a soul’s prison for many evolved Galactic beings, who volunteered to be here and lead humanity into the Light.

Unfortunately, as you know by now, they got stuck by not remembering, who they are. The most important part for every soul is to recognize, that you are more than just a physical body, and that you have a God’s essence within you. Humans beings, who are still in the beginning stage of their evolution, are reacting to the Light by doing repeated actions or acting strangely. All of that is going to eventually pass for those, who are capable and ready to take the next step in their spiritual journey.

Please, don’t be too concerned and allow for yourself to follow the path, whatever it’s right for you. No one can be forced into a new way of thinking or to take a leap of faith, unless the person wants to experience new things in their process of enlightenment. Cosmos is inhabited by countless of Galactic Civilizations. Each emanates a distinct stage of their progression. Just follow your heart, on what makes sense for you and don’t try to catch up to others.

In this moment you are still in an infancy stage as a civilization, and it’s okay to be there. You are going to continue to evolve despite that the Darkness wants to destroy anything, that comes positive your way. Every day in your reality there is a focus only on the negative stories. Please, believe there are more positive things happening in your world than negative ones. Nobody talks about the good incidents.

A great example of this is coming today of the Eclipse, instead of it being projected as a negative event, it needs to be accepted as a natural phenomena, nothing else. We call that following the Divine Grace and trusting that you are always protected and loved by your Galactics Brothers and Sisters despite of the false appearances. The bad guys doesn’t convey high intelligence. They usually expose themselves through their own foolish actions.

The Dark Entities only create chaos and confusion. Their behaviors are getting revealed by Divine Energies. Your magnetic stratosphere of your planet gets naturally rebalanced by high frequencies to keep Mother Earth stable. The Galactic Light Forces are constantly monitoring the situation from space. Please, maintain your composure and always stay in the Now, and focus on raising your vibrations by doing daily silent meditations and don’t give any opportunity for anyone to put you down.

The Matrix is just an illusion, which was created by the Darkness to distract you from the real truth. The Light will win and bring a long awaited peace and harmony for humankind. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please, accept our Supreme Love from all of us.

Follow Your Path



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