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Preparing for The 11/11 Gateway ~ Be Patient, The Light is Here. Be at Peace.

The energies are always shifting and changing around us. During the important gateways, such as the 11/11 one coming up, everything is amplified. We are reminded to have patience, that the Light is working and clearing the way for advancement into a higher state of being.

Sometimes we tend to push ourselves to the limit, we have expectations of where we should be on this spiritual path. However, we are exactly where we need to be, in this moment of our journey. Once you choose the Light, you are shown the stumbling blocks in your way. This allows you to see your divine purpose.

The Energies coming into this 11/11 portal are very powerful, This can cause many to spiral out of control. We as The Light are being reminded to slow down, stop and watch those around us, observing without reaction. Do not allow yourself to be pulled down in others drama.

The Light is here, and it is your shield. Be at Peace

We are reminded that we can protect ourselves whenever necessary. Sometime situations can become so intense, that people can become violent and aggressive. During these situations try and remember to use your inner light to shield you from harm. The same Light within you, is in everything outside of you as well, so ask the Light to engulf you in the infinite Love and Light for protection of any sort.

Your Spiritual Journey is never going to be over, so get used to it.

This journey is eternal and will never come to an end. Actually in the grand scale of things, we are just newborns. So, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. There is so much more to come.

When we slow down and begin to go with the flow, everything becomes peaceful.


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