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PREPARE FOR CONTACT & FULL REMEMBRANCE -- The 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal Activation

PREPARE FOR CONTACT & FULL REMEMBRANCE -- 8 8 Lion's Gate Portal Activation

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

It's that Time again, Every year between July 28 and August 12, the Lion's Gate portal opens as the Earth, the star Sirius and the Sun move into complete alignment with the pyramids of Giza in (Egypt). The Peak Day is believed to be August 8th.

What this very special alignment brings with it, is the Chance for Full Remembrance of your true Self, But it also opens a direct Line of communication with our Sirius Star Family.

Every Year we are given the chance to take a step up in our ascension by opening our Third eye and connecting with Sirius Star. This Direct Energy from Sirius was anticipated and honored by the ancients. They Even Built structures to recognize this Portal. In Ancient Times the Higher class of the Kings and Queens would preform Ceremonies during this Lions Gate Portal to awaken their Third Eye. This very special Gate allow for them to Connect with the Star People of Sirius, and to allow for the remembrance of their Souls Journey. This Gateway was enhanced through there rituals to be like a telephone of sorts. They could speak directly with their Sirius Star Families.

During this connection with the Star Sirius, We can have direct communication with our Cosmic Family. Our Brothers and Sisters from Sirius, can interact with us much easier during this Time.

Last Year on August 8th of 2021 I was visited by Little Blue Beings, They came to me in a dream. I wasn't for sure about what I had experienced, or who they were until The next Day when I told my Mother about my Encounter. She too had apparently been visited. She remembered the Beings as that of Unisex, not being male or female, and they were transparent Blue in appearance. At that moment I realized we were in the midst of the Lions Gate Portal.

Along with the Connection to the Star Sirius , These very Heightened Energies does a full Cleansing of the The Third Eye, This allowing for Full Remembrance.

This was very important for the ancients. By Having the Third eye completely Open you can see your full Truth. This includes Past Lives and Future events. This Gave the elites their Power over the countries and why the people seen them as Gods.

This very powerful Portal that we experience every year can give you the chance to Open you to New Understanding of Your Truth.

This alignment is thought to be like a yearly stepping stone in our ascension.

However, this years Portal is much different and more powerful then ever before experienced by Humans.

Many have already been receiving the Portal energies and have been in the remembering Stages of our ascension. What this does is brings forth Past Lives that may need to be cleared for some reason.

I begin to Have this remembrance several years ago. I realized that things that I chose to experience in this Life Time begin to remind me of Past Life Experiences. I would only get Mini Clips of a Life, but it would be parallel to my "Now", I would be experiencing in this Life. I seen this as a Lesson i Needed to Learn in this life that I didn't in my Last. But this was a very difficult Journey, I witnessed my many shadows. All of this had to be Cleared for me to move forward.

When you begin to remember, you will see your Truth. Not all your Truth will be Roses. There will be Thorns as well. Once this remembrance begins it will work like dominoes, One Memory after another. Knocking away all that is holding you back from your ascension.

In This Life I have remembered many experiences throughout many past lives. By Having this Remembrance you will see your truth in many different forms. But, it's Not about the different Forms you chose to be in, it's about the Lesson you may need to learn. In each Life we are put here to advance ourselves closer to the ascension. Every Live has given us wisdom, that can be utilized within this Lifetime. The lessons we learn life to Life Advances us closer to the infinite Light of Source.

Your remembrance may begin as a gradual advancement, small clips of something different or some place different, but some how very familiar. Once you realize that you are experiencing many of the same scenarios from life to life it becomes easier to understand what the lesson is that isn't being learned.

This is how we will advance forward in the Light with remembrance of our past lives. We will be responsible for our own spiritual development from here on out. It will no longer be controlled through reincarnation and the wiping of Memory. We will personally decide our future, and spiritual development. As a Higher Light being we will be in control of ourselves in all aspects, Body Mind and Spirit.

These next stages of our development, depend on your desire for becoming higher Light. Humanity as a collective is becoming one of the 5th Dimension. Other Races who have been here helping and Guiding us, are also advancing in their spiritual development as well. This is the Total Service to Others mentality, which is the way into the higher dimensions. The more selfless you become the Higher in Light you become. This is why the Karistus are in total Service to Humanity. Their total Service to Others Lifts them Higher in Light.

Many who have incarnated here on Earth at this Time, are Starseeds from Higher dimensional Realms. You may be a Pleiadian soul, Or an Arcturian Soul. But, we are all here and have made the choice to Help Humanity advance into the Higher Light. Our Sirius Brothers and Sisters are sending us Their healing Love through this Lions gate Portal. Are you ready to open yourself Up to it?

Your Spiritual Growth is Now in your own Hands. How much Love do you wish to become?

Our Spirit Desires to be Home with The Light. With Source, The Mother/Father of Creation, because that's where we came from. That's why we continue to advance in Love. The Infinite Creator at it's Core is Pure Unconditional Love Light Energy.

As you begin remembering, you will realize also that many beings in your Life now, was also in your past Lives as different Characters. These souls have been your enemies, and your Lovers, your Mothers, and your Brothers. We have all played every Part possible, to experience all there was to experience.

But What is the Whole Point of remembering? The whole point is to pull our self up from the darkness we had created for ourselves, through that forgetfulness. The Earth is a very hard school of learning, and so many are still caught up in the play of the 3D universe, they forgot it's all illusion.

Now, The Curtains are falling, the Play is Over and we are going Home.

As I look through my many past experiences, I can see where I was falling into the darkness, but in every Life I have remembered I would find my Way Back to the Light. I have always been very independent in my way of thinking in every Life. Even when I was the victim, I became the victor. I never fell for the dark's rule, and I still don't today in this Life. We are so much more then this physical form, as you remember your past lives and we Make connection with our Star Families, remind yourselves to have forgiveness of all that was. Forgiveness is one of the Highest forms of Love. This will also help clear all the old Karma for ourselves and Others. You are so much more then the many forms you have been in the past. You are a Spark of the Infinite Light, Growing in Love. It's a Beautiful Time of Celebration with our Sirius Star Family.

And so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos and the Karistus The Ones Known as the Angels. The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

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