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Our Spirit, Needs The Light to Grow

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Our Spirit, Needs The Light to Grow.

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Do you feel it? Can you see it? Everything is changing within this Light. As within, So without. All that transforms within ourselves, also transforms without, throughout our world. Look in the mirror, see beyond the physical, deep into your soul, is it happening within you? Are you who you want to be Spiritually? Are you making the changes necessary in your spiritual growth? We remember to feed our body when its hungry, for Physical Growth, and we Feed our mind with Knowledge, for intellectual growth. Our Spirit also needs to be fed. Our spirit receives it's nourishment through Source Energy, or also what is known as Universal Life Force Energy. This is the Omni present Energy that makes up this Universe and what all things are made of. This Universal energy is What most know as God's Light.

When we do Things of Higher Vibration, we connect with the Light Energies of this Universe. These things can be our creativity, through our Many talents. It can be really connecting with Nature, by Gardening, or taking long walks. A Wonderful way to add good vibrations in your daily life is Higher Consciousness Poetry or Music, Write, Play, Listen, Sing, Dance, all is connection to Source Light. Many New Age Practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Chakra Clearing, and Prayer to the God within, can feed your Spirit and Brighten your Inner Flame. But one of the most important ways to keep your vibrations High is to Stay within the mindset of Care and Service to Others, we become the essence of the Source Energies, keeping the inner fire burning bright. In doing these types of activities we can Nourish our Spirit for its growth into the Higher Light.

If you can think of your Spirit or Soul Like a Flame, you can see when we ignore the fire it will dim and then eventually just go out. This is why it's important to kindle your Inner Flame. When we continually surround ourselves with lower vibration stimuli we ignore our Spirit. Our spirit Needs The Light to Grow. Our Growth is the ascension process. To achieve Higher Consciousness, we must feed our Spirit with Light. We must embody this Light to raise us to the higher spectrum's of existence.

So many are focusing their attentions on the worldly events rather than what is happening inside themselves. A Big portion of the population now has received the "V", I feel that no matter what the Dark is trying to do with this, it will backfire. Many even I, have made the claim that this "V" is dangerous, and is causing Disconnection from the very Source Energy, that Keeps your Spirit Alive. However, I feel that The Divine Light is intervening, in their Dark Plan. The Healing Light that we are receiving Now, is changing everything. I feel it will actually undue the damage the Dark is trying to Cause. This is powerful waves of Healing Light. which is reconnecting our DNA and regenerating our Cells much faster. The attack on the Blood from the "V", is being stopped by this Divine intervention. I know that many have Family and friends who have received the V, and are very concerned for them, because of all the insight to the Damage. I feel many will not be affected the way that is planned by the Dark. We must have confidence That Divine Light is in control not the Dark. The more we give energy to the Darks agenda the more we work against the light in the healing of Humanity.

The Biggest part of Humanity really do not know what is happening to them, they are totally oblivious to all the Darks attempts of stopping this ascension. Most don't even know that the ascension is happening or what it even is. Humanity has forgotten their truth, We are not this physical form. We are the Spirit that is an Eternal spark of the Infinite Creator. That is our true essence. Our Spirit Is our Light and is a piece of the Consciousness of the Infinite Creator and Needs the Light which is It's Essence to Grow into Higher states of Being, or growth back into the Light.

It's not good to ignore any part of yourself. The alchemy or the Purification of the Human is through the Balance of the Body, Mind, and Spirit. The ones who wished to control, knew they must control all aspects of Humanities growth to stop this ascension. They took almost full control of all food sources. The organic food was replaced with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) based foods processed with low vibrations. Then they took control of the education system and taught nothing But Lies and fake History. Then they replaced True Spirit Teachings and our Nature, with fake religions that taught people that they are nothing but low sinners rather than the Gods that we truly are. But you see, none of that worked. Absolutely Nothing that the dark has tried so far, has worked against the Light. And nothing ever will. They still are trying their last minute attempts at stopping humanities awakening into their Truth, but again The Light has a divine Purpose, and will always win. The Light isn't going anywhere, it's here to stay and its just going to get more intense. You make the Choice in every moment of where you wish to be in this ascension. By feeding your Spirit, you Brighten your Light, which raises you into the higher Consciousness. Your Spirit is hungry, Give it the Love it deserves, The Unconditional Loving Light of the Infinite Creator.

In so much love and light,


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