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Our "JUNK DNA" is Now, Activated, By Order of The Divine

Our "JUNK DNA," is Now, Activated, By Order of The Divine.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

In All of the creation stories from around the world, Humans are the ones being used, abused, and controlled.

Throughout our history, Humanity has been Controlled, Manipulated, and Genetically altered, by more advanced beings one way or another. Every war that Humans are Placed in, is also manipulated from behind the Scenes by One extraterrestrial Species or another. This has been done throughout the entire time of our evolution. There has been an Ancient War for control of Humanity. This War has been happening going back and forth for eons. and Yes, I do mean for Control over humanity. Each side dark and Light, wanted to control us, because of our DNA. As with every war, the victor, gets to change the story or history to suit themselves. And on top of that, they have all added their genetics to our own. This has happened with the Anunnaki, the Reptilian, the Pleiadian, the Sirian and many Others, who wished to add their DNA to our own for whatever purposes. In many cases it was just for the purpose of raising humanities frequency level, and so Starseeds and Wanders could reincarnate into a Human form.

We as Humanity are a mix of many different species. In a since, we are the Peace Contract for this Universe. We are the Children of All of the Stars. This is why we are so special in the Eyes of the Creator. We are a Mix of many species, this also giving us the DNA or the Junk DNA as its referred to, of all of those Other species. What this means is we have the abilities of those entities within us as well, hidden behind our dormant DNA. However, I am being Guided By the Light to disclose that, All of our supposed Junk DNA is now, Activated by the divine Order, Giving us the Power of our hidden Truth. This is a Cell and DNA remembrance, of our personal soup of Creation.

This will begin to awaken many dormant abilities that we never knew we had.

We know that everyone of us have Reptilian and Anunnaki, within our Genetics, how much depends on your personal hybridization. Which by the Way, I do want to clarify the Anuannki and the Reptilian are very different species, that get mixed up as though they are the same, They are not. The Anunnaki were more Water based Creatures resembling Humans, but much Larger who came from the Heavens or the Stars, while the many reptilian species were evolved from Dinosaur type beings, that supposedly evolved on this Planet, and were more land Based then Water based. They did,more than likely, worked together, in the control of humanity. But they are not the same species.

Anyways, they are just a couple of the many different Ones that we know for sure, has had a hand in our history. The Point is, with having such a wide variety of Genetics, This is why it has been so important to stop us from our ascension. I see that Since we made it to the 4th dimension our personal powers has become Activated. Their attempts to stop this ascension has failed.

I am seeing that they are on their last attempts to cause fear by using the virus, vax, and control system. But it too has failed. The Light is exposing everything around their agenda, waking humanity to the deception. Once enough are awake, they can no longer, push their agenda of control. The higher we raise in the Light the more powerful we become within that Light.

I see that All is in Divine Order, and has shifted to the Timeline of the New Earth of Light.

We are set free from all those who wished to control us. We as Humans now have the reigns of our own evolution. You personally are choosing and creating your own Reality that you wish to be, by the Vibration you choose to stay within. You are the creator of your personal outcome. As we now move forward in the Light, We will begin to see The World Shift to True Peace on Earth, with NO over control of a government or World Order. Plus, there will be Prosperity and abundance for all with no More Hunger, no more Poverty, No More Homelessness, No more hatred, and No more Disrespect to your Fellow man. This will take a while but we are on our way. We will move forward in Pride of the New way we have become as Totally Sovereign Beings who are in Service to Others not the self. We must let go of the need to be Above Others, we are One Family of Humanity, that is Now considered to be, a 4th Dimensional Species, raising higher in the Light.

There will be no more War for the benefit of Another species at the cost of Humanity's Universal Rights of freedom. We are now protected and guarded by The higher Light Councils, stopping all interference directly with our Race. I see Even the Mind Control Systems of the Dark has failed. They do not have the Control that they once had, they are losing more and more people everyday to the Light. Those of the higher Light who have been pushing for Humanity's Freedom, are rejoicing in these moments. We are Stopping the Darkness. For the first time Humans are being recognized as our own Species from the Galactic Stand Point. Throughout our history we have been given the Genetics of the Gods, but have been held back in our evolution. I am seeing that the hold back was from Both sides Light and Dark, The Light Side Held us back due to an overload of "Bad" Genetics from the Reptilian Species. The Reptilian held us back for Enslavement purposes. So even the Light has kept us in the lower dimensions, until enough of our genetics had been shifted to Light based DNA, where we can withstand holding more Light.

Once we hit the 4th Dimension, whether you are Light or Dark, you can go either direction from this Point. The Light wished us to be Firm in our vibration until we can personally make the choice to Jump ourselves into the Higher Light Densities, Virtually Leaving the Darkness behind. Now, we are being given the freedom to evolve and to be considered eligible for advancement as a higher Light Species. This is a Big Deal for Humanity, This is the first time Our species has been eligible for the ascension. But, you personally must make the choice to become Service to Others and become of the mindset of Love based intentions toward Others and this Earth. You are the One who makes the Jump to a higher Way of being, or to choose to stay under the control of the Dark. We are so much more than this physical form, but, this physical form is pretty awesome as well. Let's advance this Form into higher light.

And so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled Through Divine Light By Chellea @


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