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Our Beloved Pets and the Transformation - The Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Most Humans In All Waking Dreams Have Enjoyed Beloved Pets!

There Are Loving Animals In Various Sizes, Shapes And Colors. All Animals Are Souls In Form With The Intention To Love You Unconditionally.

With Care And Nourishment, Animals Thrive And Move With Joy! When Not Treated Well, They Leave The Body Form And Change Densities As Their Sacred Soul.

In This Brief Communication, I Will Share Aspects Of The Soul's Journey Of Animals.

All Living Creatures Have A Soul Of Being With The Eternal Essence Of God.

Many Souls Reading This Message Are Starseeds From The Higher Realms. Many Of You Are Loved By Pets In This Waking Dream That Are Also Your Beloved Pets In Your Origin! Decisions Were Made Before You Arrived To Allow Your Most Beloved Pets To Follow You! Some Of You Enjoyed These Pets Earlier In Your Dream And Said Goodbye Before The Moment Of Now. Many Of These Souls Returned To Your Home Of Origin And Others Have Remained In A Vibrational Frequency Unseen To You!

The Galactic Federation Created A Beautiful Haven Of Light And Comfort For All Animals To Live, Play And Receive Wonderful Interactions. The Soul Of Each Animal Is Able To Choose To Remain Here Or Incarnate Into Another Body And Be Born. Most Animals That Are Received Into The Haven Of Light Are Homeless Or Abandoned Without Human Families. They Were Born In Captivity As Well As Circumstances Of Litters Of Puppies Or Kittens Born. Not All Animal Souls Have Starseed Owners. Some Earth Native Souls Have Also Had Animals From Their Created Moment. The Light Haven Between Their Human Incarnation Allows Them To See All Animals In The Light Haven And Choose Many To Incarnate With Them Into Life On Earth.

Animals In The Higher Realms May Choose To Incarnate As A Different Animal. A Large Lion May Telepathically Agree With The Owner-Parent To Incarnate As A Tiny Dog. A Flying Horse With Wings May Be Born As A Tiger That Is Loved And Cared For In The Consciousness Of Ancient Dreams.

Life Is Unlimited And Stretches Far Beyond The Pinpoint Of Your Current Level Of Awareness. Travel With Me Now In Expanded Consciousness As You Find Comfort In Knowing That No Soul Is Ever Lost!

Some Beloved Pets That Leave The Body Form On Earth, Choose To Remain Very Close To Their Earth Family. They Sleep In Your Bed, Run Through Your Homes And Watch Lovingly As You Live Your Life! All Pets That Have Died In Body Form, Will Unite With You At The Grand Shift. All Pets That Are Alive As The Earth Shifts, Will Be The Same Pet In 5-D With An Upgraded Body That Circulates Light With A Crystal Heart!

Animals In The Higher Realms Are Telepathic And Extremely Intelligent. Many Agreements Are Made With Loving Owners And Families To Become Spirit Guides During Waking Dreams. The Animals Live Unseen In A High Frequency That Can Be Felt By Each Soul That Has Chosen This Agreement. Telepathy Operates The Same As In Guidance From Other Souls. The Animal Soul Is Wise And Vigilant With Abilities To Clear Energy And Stand Guard Against Unseen Dark Entities. In Astral They Manifest As Powerful Animals As Darkness Vanishes In Their Presence.

Walk-In Animal Souls Activate And Arrive To Enter An Animal Body That Is Dying And The Starseed Parent Has Arranged To Have Their Beloved Pet For A Longer Period. The Walk- In Animal Soul Is Known To Them And A Loving Agreement Has Been Met As The First Soul Returns To The Home Of Origin.

Another Loving Aspect Of Animal Souls Is The Choice To Die In Body Form And Enter A New Body Of A Pet Being Born To Their Owner-Family. Many Of You Recognize The Same Eyes And Personality Of Your Current Beloved Pet And The One You Felt That You Lost!

No Relationship Formed In Love Will Ever Be Lost! All Bodies Change, Leave By Death Or Ascend To Higher Realms!

This Is Your Dream Of All Gifts You Have Longed For, As The End Of Death Will Shine As Infinite Life In Upgraded Bodies Of Eternal Majesty!

Love One Another As You Become Aware Of The Great Number Of Souls That Live With You In A Frequency Unseen!

I Love You So!


The Pleiadian Collective through The Family of Tay-geta @ The Family of Tay-geta on Twitter

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