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Nothing Is Stopping Us Now

Nothing Is Stopping Us Now

As we spend more time in this supportive, revitalizing energy of the New Earth, enjoying the magic that it brings, we are noticing that we really feel less inclined to interact with the old world and all that it entails.

It continues to feel less interesting and more challenging. The frequencies are no longer a match. We’ve become aware of the ways we’ve invested in others and we’re making our withdrawals. It’s become very clear to us that we are moving into the next phase of our process, and we will no longer be carrying anyone else. Each person must now do their own work and create their own path into the new time.

Each works with their own soul guidance to follow the path they are choosing.

We move into the new with our intention, our courage, our focus, our knowing and our love. We commit our whole being and our whole shiny, emerging self to the new consciousness, one step at a time. And we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, nothing is stopping us now.

There are huge energies working with us now to create our New Earth. And each one of us can move into these energies to create. This is how it works: each of us does it.

The old world has so many rules and things to keep track of, like passwords. I just received an email from a provider of Internet service that my account number is changing, so thus I have to set up a new account. The 3D world loves busywork and time-wasting activities. And we feel done with this. We have completed this phase of our experience.

As we move into this new phase, we are seeing people make choices now about where they are choosing to be and go. They are making their frequency choices, which relate to their level of commitment to the process of transformation. The ascension process requires us to be all in, and to connect to our own divinity, and some are not making that choice. We have to remember, especially now, why we are here and what our roles are. There is much to do. It is time to step forward into action.

We are feeling the movement into the new: the endings and the beginnings. We are feeling things shift and change. The last lunar eclipse promised to take us deep into an old pattern, and it delivered. But it was quick. We were able to see the way we were still caught in those patterns and finally let them all go. We were able to see so clearly that we will no longer need to engage in that way again. We are very willing at this point to move into who we truly are, and to move beyond the patterns that created limitation. Our clarity is growing. We can see unspoken agreements that were in operation, and we no longer feel willing to abide by these. The new frequencies are blasting a beautiful path.

And because each day we push ahead into alignment with these new frequencies, we are moving ahead on this path. And we move further and further into all this newness. It is like nothing we’ve ever experienced on the earth. The FEELINGS and SENSATIONS and HAPPENINGS are otherworldly. 3D doesn’t have a way to describe this. It is new, it is different, and we know we want to be there. It is our new home and our new experience.

One thing happening, especially early in the month, our brains were shorting out and not staying focused. We had to pay extra attention to what we were doing. There were blips in time and space sequence. It would be 10:15 am and a few minutes later it would be 2 pm. Things that were lost showed up. You could see at times little blips in the flow of things taking place in 3D, as if the flow had been edited. But we are seeing this because we are aligning with a different frequency.

And after the eclipse, we moved even further into our divine power. I had an event to take part it, and I visualized what I wanted this event to be like--good weather, a great turnout, and enthusiastic participation. That is what happened, and more. I saw my role in creating, and other participants were saying things like, “whoever made the weather nice, thank you.” People were open and receptive to input and ideas, they were cooperative, they were engaged. This is what we are moving into as we use the holy creative power that has awakened and arisen within us.Article

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