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Nothing Can Stop What's About to Take Place ~ The Andromedans

Greetings in the Light, and the Love of our Infinite Creator,

Nothing is as it seems to be in the perspective of Humanity. In your limited 3rd Dimensional vision, you can not see what is standing right next to you. As the Veil Thins from your Eyes, many things will be a surprise to see. As you raise in vibration, you will begin to see all the spectrums of light that exist within this Universe. You will be able to witness many different types of beings From the Fifth and into the Lower dimensions that you did not know existed.

The Dimensional and spiritual spectrum also goes in both directions, you might say. Just as there are the Higher dimensions of Light, there are also the Lower dimensions of Darkness. Of course, it is all still Light, and as the spectrums get darker it becomes just the Lack of Light. Therefore, the Light which is the Consciousness of Creation and is pure Love, and Vibration is all that truly exists. The 4th Dimension is the borderline that divides the spectrum of this Creation.

You see a glimpse of the beauty of Creation, when witnessing your Rainbows. However, Even the Dark has manipulated the Rainbow on your earth to represent a sexual choice, so many of your people shy away from it, or they place it in a very Low vibration by their perspective.

Some even think it's something to fear, or thinks it's wrong or against God, just because it's used as a symbol in the dark's game.

We say this as it is nothing against any one perspective. This was done intentionally by the dark ones, to take away from its Beauty, and to stop you From Remembering.

What The Infinite has Given to you as a promise that you will all return to The Light, has been taken away from you in a manner of perspective.

Humanity is innocent, to some degree, because of the deception of the dark ones and the 3D Matrix. All that has been forgotten will be remembered as you move out of the grasp of the Dark ones.

Many of you knew when coming to Earth that it would be the Hardest Mission that you have ever taken on as Wanderers. You have done this many times before. But the Dark has really worked very hard to totally destroy the Earth and humanity. The majority of humanity is very deep in the game of the dark's matrix and do not wish to be awakened from it. However, That will not stop the vibrations they are about to receive. Their Higher selves have also made a choice. All have already made their choice to either ascend with the Earth or to leave. So the Ones who are still stuck deep in the 3D illusion, whose Higherselves have agreed to be awakened., will be abruptly shaken awake. The Ones who have chosen to leave will also do so. This, from here on out, will happen very quickly. The Earth is ascending herself very fast now. There is No stopping what is about to take place.

The Dark ones on your Planet also have made a choice, they will experience the Higher Light Vibrations the same as all of you. The Higher The Vibrations become, the Harder it will be, for those who choose darkness, to stay on Earth. Many are already leaving as we speak. Those Lower Entities and Elites who have done intentional Harm to Humanity, will be placed in Universal Trials, that will determine their Fate.

There are still many planets, like yours, who has fallen under the darks control. However, The dark use very underhanded tactics, that totally deceive a planet into slavery. They use the Universal Laws of freewill against them, through deception. The 3rd dimensional beings usually fall for the big trick and get enslaved by the dark ones.

However, Things have changed within this Universe, A divine intervention is now taking place. This is not just for this Earth but for all of the 3rd dimensional Planets and Beings in this Universe. The long battle that has been a continuous, is now over, the Light has Won. No longer will Darkness prevail in this Universe.

The Infinite Creator has heard the cries of all the wayward souls, and intends to protect them through divine decree.

This is why your Planet has been so important. Many of the Starseeds and Wanderers that have come here, knew thousands of years ago of how important Earth's ascension would be. It has been a very long mission. Which you have been very successful in completing. The Dark ones have been banned from this system, and now your Earth from here on out, will be totally protected from Dark Interference. As soon as the Planet is totally liberated, you will be formally greeted by your Many star families.

Nothing can stop what is about to take place. Your Earth, and all of its inhabitants, are about to cross the Threshold of Vibration in the spectrum of Creation, and We are so honored to be a part of this Grand experience. Look to your skies for The Rainbows that appear without the rain. We are Here.

Your Star families await you in joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromedans.

Channeled By Chellea, at


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