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New Study Suggests Consciousness is a Attribute of the Magnetic Crystals in The Brain. (w/video)

In a recent Article published in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, it is suggested that Our consciousness is a result of Millions of tiny Magnetic Crystals in our brain causing a magnetic field.

The “hard problem,” the question of the physical basis of consciousness, finds a solution in the hypothesis that consciousness is an attribute of magnetic fields, and that complex consciousness (which can include ‘self-awareness’, intelligence, or social interaction) is based on the integration of the brain’s magnetic field (originating from its rich population of magnetite crystals) with its neural electrical system.

This hypothesis simplifies the local vs. non-local question, redefines “mind-body” dualism, as well as possibly resolving the anomaly of unpredictably sophisticated behavior in anencephalics. One of its consequences is a rejection of behaviorism and solipsism. Difficulties in falsification and approaches to corroboration are discussed, as well as challenges that face a rigorous working definition of the phenomenon,essential for experimental validation.

Read Full Article here. Solving the “Hard Problem”:


It’s widely assumed that consciousness is the phenomenological correlate of a specific process or processes in the brain. Resolving the problem of how consciousness, which we mean as the capacity for subjective experience, appears as a result of brain function (the “hard problem”), is one of the defining questions of contemporary neuroscience. Here, we propose that consciousness is an intrinsic property of magnetic fields. This implies that even a single common magnet would possess a rudimentary consciousness. A natural corollary is that cognitive complexity relies on structural or functional complexity in the magnetic field that supports it.


"What does it feel like to be a magnetic field, coming from millions of magnets? It feels like awareness. That's how a new theory explains the physics of consciousness."


SAN FRANCISCO - PrZen -- In a research publication released 11/19, Todd Murphy suggests that consciousness is an underlying property of all magnetic fields, including the one in the brain (with its five million magnetite crystals per gram). The brain's magnetic field, coming from these microscopic magnets, "sees" the brain's electrical activity, letting us know what it's doing. The many positive and negative poles of the brain's magnets serve as in/out feedback channels, essential for awareness, allowing our brain's complex magnetic field to support vast feedback mechanisms.

Prof. Todd Murphy points out that electrical currents in brain cells also create magnetism (Maxwell's Equations), influencing the fields from the brain's magnetite. Its magnetic field (consciousness) "picks up," or resonates with, information encoded in neuronal electric pulses, coming from emotions, thoughts, and the senses.

Consciousness is what the brain's inner magnetic field, with its many sources, feels like. Living things are aware through their senses because the brain's inner magnetic field, produced by its millions of tiny magnets, receives all its electrical sensory information. The neural magnetic field broadcasts all of it throughout the brain, at a fraction of the speed of light, instantly combining all ongoing experiences.

Todd Murphy, associated with Laurentian University's Neuroscience Program since 1998, also suggests that simpler magnetic fields support simple consciousness, as in animals with rudimentary senses (such as eyes that are only aware of darkness or light). More complex consciousness, like that of humans or other primates, require more developed nervous systems, and much larger numbers of magnetite crystals. Their greater nuances of thought and emotion give people more to be aware of.

Proving it will be a challenge, because science can't prove that anything is conscious. The only way to know consciousness exists is through subjective experience, which isn't admissible as scientific evidence. However, Murphy suggests several tests that would help support his theory.

Murphy's paper, "Solving the "Hard Problem":  Consciousness as an Intrinsic Property of Magnetic Fields" appears in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research. He's published several journal articles,and three books in neuroscience. (Source)

Todd Murphy can be contacted at: His author page can be seen here:

End. Murphy, Todd "Solving the "Hard Problem": Consciousness as an Intrinsic Property of Magnetic Fields" Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, 2019, 10(8) p. 800-813     Link:


The Brain Crystal & The Orion Nebula (HD 1080p)


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