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NEW ELECTRICITY Created OUT OF THIN AIR - “Profoundly disruptive.” Claimed Forbes Magazine.


Americans spend an average of $10.7 billion on batteries every year.

But the world’s biggest electronic and appliance manufacturers could soon shock consumers…

When, as I fully expect, they announce plans to discontinue all battery-operated products…

For good.

All thanks to a new breakthrough device– recently approved by the FCC – that could make batteries obsolete.

This technology has the mind-blowing potential to run appliances like a TV or fridge from energy it accesses not from batteries or electrical outlets…

But out of thin air.

Forbes is calling this technology, “Profoundly disruptive.”

And it’s sparking the biggest manufacturing craze in a century as companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Canon, and Motorola – among others – work to fast-track this new technology.

Already $3 billion has been spent on the early stages of the build-out for this new electricity.

And at the center of this movement is a tiny company that controls all the critical patents…

This company is only 1/1,000th the size of GE… yet they have pioneered a miraculous new “electricity” that the Washington Times says, “Will change the world on a scale hardly seen in human history.”

We don’t want you to miss out on this historic opportunity.

You can get in on this stock for less than the cost of a pack of batteries – but not for long.

Thank you for Watching, Universal Lighthouse, in Love and Light.

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