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New Earth HUman: Divine Light Embodiment ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

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New Earth HUman: Divine Light Embodiment

Message of Light from Lisa Transcendence Brown

As the Evolution of HUmanity continues to accelerate, the old continues to surface/become visible for FEELing and observing for expanding and shifting Consciousness... This process of transitioning out of the old world's ways, moving beyond the mindsets and limits previously accepted as "real"ity... takes time (years/eons), as awakening out of immense illusions and dreams and into a whole new dream space/reality/experience challenges the very foundation and fabric that "realities" were built upon and held as "real" from deep within..... Awakening is just the beginning for us all... being deep deep deep asleep in the waking state without any realization of "how", the emerging from under a blanket, a fog.... wiping our eyes to see ... literally a different dimensional version of "reality" that we would not believe existed, because it completely "went against" everything we learned/were taught/understood/believed before... yet did know, deep deep deep inside... and forgot. To literally EMBODY THE DIVINE, the Divinity that WE EACH ARE... we have to be able to FEEL this, from our very CORE.... the Pure Divine Essence, the Purity, the Beauty... emanates from the depth of our PURE WHOLE SOUL... our own Light... as it ignites, the God-Source Spark... to continue to burn bright... The Three-Fold Flame of Divine Love, Diving Wisdom/Intelligence and Divine Creation, a birthing process that takes place within our bodies... as our bodies/WE RE-evolve as Light. ☼ Through our Light, our LightBodies, we are able to experience this Divine Sacred Union (Remembrance) within. We are able to experience NEW Earth .... a Living Unified Field of Consciousness that emanates out from within.... and expands as far as we allow it to and as far as we are connected and are able to hold/EMbody... Through our Divinity, our Purity, our Light ... our physical bodies constantly undergo a rapid transformation process of "reconfiguration" through the induction of "Light Codes" that present all new realities as we tune our consciousness to them.... Through our Divine Connection, our LightBodies, the Light within our Physical Bodies, continues to expand and grow.... Through our own deep sacred connection with our own Divinity/Divine Aspects/Selves... we undergo an immense "change/shift" inside... and become something completely different than we were before.... No longer separate, no longer bound by an individual identity, the limitations, the personas, the illusions all fall away/dissolve.... and WE, as a Consciousness of ONE... emerge... and the LIGHT BEING that WE ARE, replaces all that we once "thought".... HIGHER SELF EMBODIMENT... this is different .... as it's full ego surrender so that the Light can literally take over our entire body-being and we can fill with Divine Light/Pure Source Consciousness and start to SEE and Experience all through our Higher Hearts/Higher Mind Consciousness... which literally opens up a "whole new world" not visible before... because our hearts were closed, our minds were fixed and we were holding on so tightly and wouldn't surrender to ALLOW our own Light Selves/Aspects to 'take over'... (fear). Yet once we do, nothing is ever the same ever again... A Whole NEW WORLD is born within. A whole new ENERGETIC World opens up. Inner-dimensions not accessible before, because the portals (StarGates) were still sealed... due to survival modes, coping mechanisms and invisible fears... All of a "sudden", a multi-dimensional world... presents clarity and confusion for awhile. It's challenging to tell which is which, what is real and what is not... yet there is a knowing, a feeling, a resemblance to something we each forgot.... which grows stronger the deeper we dive, the deeper we delve into this "abyss" that unlocks the keys and codes to NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS.... and presents the old world to become visible/seen for what it actually is/was... an illusion of reality once believed.... The transition is challenging to our ego aspects, yet simple through our Divine Light. For simplification, we have 2 aspects at first (many more, yet not going there yet)... Our Higher Self and our Lower Self... which there are many describing names used that can convolute or trigger all as it actually is.... as the human ego aspects gets attached to the words, identified with the words and misses the whole point... THE ENERGY, THE CONSCIOUSNESS of each and how these correlate... For the sake of observing duality and polarization, we compare so each can see/understand.

  • Ego/Dark/Shadow/Small Self/ Individual I/Lower Self....

  • Divine Light/Light/Pure Love/Divinity/Source/WE Consciousness/Higher Self or Selves....

We each must choose which aspect we decide to BE, which aspect we allow to "run the show", which aspect we ARE in every exchange and this dictates which experience we create/allow/have... The more we HOLD OURSELVES AS LIGHT, the more we hold the constructs of our new reality in place, the more we transmit LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS OUT ... the more our external reflects NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS back... The "challenge" for all at first is to be open to see through our hearts, to be open all of the way and stop allowing the "old" to occur. Being presented with an experience where each has to choose.... Old Earth or NEW.... Higher Consciousness or Lower.... Divinity or Ego... which we each allow to lead, which we each decide to SHOW UP AS and LIVE AS... determines the "outcome", the experience.... The challenge is to EMBRACE our own Light and the Light of all... without needing to be broken or forced. To Embrace this beautiful place within us all and see this within all that we come into contact with as well.... and to consciously bring this forth, instead of the old ways before. The challenge is only for the ego aspect... as it's not a challenge when you EMBODY DIVINITY and live from this place/space inside. It is the SIMPLEST thing there is.... and it's just a choice, a decision, as to which reality/experience each are going to ALLOW... for it is what we each accept and allow.... First we must accept all as it is and then REMEMBER OUR ABILITY to BE THE LIGHT, BE THE DIFFERENCE, BE THE CHANGE.... and to show up as this... AS PURE LIGHT. Our NEW WORLD EXPERIENCE is relative to the Light that we each hold and how we show up in the world... Do you REMEMBER YOURSELF as a Divine Creator, as Creator Consciousness and that you create all realities from within? Do you REMEMBER that you are THE ONE at the CENTER of your REALITY, the Universe, your Universe.... and when you are fully connected with/as your whole Universe/Universal Aspect here? Do you realize that you hold ALL OF THE POWER AGAIN? .... for everything that you let occur, everything you accept as real/reality, everything that comes to be... is relative to that which you allow/remember/hold/transmit out and believe.... The external only holds power if you give it this.... That "out there" reflects back to each one of us... that which we hold within.... That out there is a "test", if you will... to see what you will choose/do/allow.... Every "experience" is one to observe and see the power that you/we each HAVE to completely shift/change/transition the entire EXPERIENCE to one that's highest aligned and serves HUmanity as a greater whole.... We each have the power/ability to align every reality with Pure Love, through Divine Harmonics, through Purity Consciousness, through Unifying all as ONE and then making decisions that serve the greater whole, serve all of humanity/Gaia, instead of separating off into an "individual human ego aspect" and acting from this place instead. We each just have to CHOOSE (Decide) which aspect we are going to BE and then "do it"... We each have the ability and anyone saying that they "can't" isn't trying, isn't open to this, which means the heart and mind are closed.... which means that old earth/3D is being held as the Consciousness one is functioning from an din order to shift this, intentional heart-mind opening must occur.... Divine Alignment: The Entire Planet is being realigned to/through this. REturning to our Divinity through our own separation/programming and exiting 3D/Old Earth Consciousness from deep within. With our bodies, which is how Soul Embodiment occurs. The Divine NEW Earth HUman is each one of us as we embody the Divine, the Divinity that we each are and Live this way.... anchoring the codes of Heaven within us, unlocking them and applying higher-heart wisdom/knowledge to how we live every aspect of our lives... NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS = DIVINE LIGHT/LIVING DIVINITY/NEW EARTH HUMAN (EMBODIMENT) We must anchor and fully integrate the codes within. These are LIGHT FREQUENCIES that are much higher frequencies than our carbon-based bodies and human aspects ... and it takes every ounce of us to do this part, as full vessel integration and then entire body-field realignment processes must complete. These are continual processes that occur every day. Every SOULar Flare, CME, Comic Ray Influx and Star Gate Opening occurs within the body and releases immense encodements that literally "rewrite reality" as all of us once knew it to be.... This is where each DECIDE. This Multi-Dimensional Earth Experience offers infinite possibilities/realities for all. To DECIDE is to choose a NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE by allowing your own Light to come forth from within you. Your own Higher Self aspects. Allow for your whole body to undergo the immensity of this energetic and vibrational consciousness shift. To DECIDE is to choose and commit yourself to living this fully from within you and "not going back" to the old ways of before. To CHOOSE is to commit yourself to anchoring the codes, living the Codes and transmitting higher dimensional frequency codes out from within... Your Love, your deep sacred connection, your divinity, your remembrance is what shift/changes everything.... We are all choosing constantly, which dimensional version of Earth to experience and ACCEPT as "real"ity... We are all choosing constantly, which dimensional version of "reality" we are transmitting out that creates a vibrational/energetic RETURN... We are all choosing constantly... by that which we are BEing in every moment and exchange... WE are all choosing constantly:

  • to go small and continue to accept the old is a multi-dimensional option/experience. There is little/no awareness the these realities dissolve/collapse/get reconfigured because they are not aligned on a Soul/Divinity Level...

  • to open completely up to higher self guidance and listen to/honor this 100% in order to consciously re-align our own realities as Light ... which anchors NEW Earth REALities in as all is fully embodied.

NEW Earth Consciousness/REALities/Experiences fulfill service to humanity/Gaia and all from a deep sense of inner-connection and Sacred Remembrance of all as ONE. (Living Oneness). NEW Earth is achieved as each "leaves" (Transcends) old earth consciousness from deep deep deep within and allows Light Consiousness to rewrite all by way of activating where the Codes for Higher Consciousness are held/housed within each's DNA/Cellular Body and Body-Matrix-Template. This is where the human template is upgraded/rewritten as each's Divine Template. Each holds an intricate Energetic Matrix/Lattice/Gridding System within their physical bodies. The transition process is a very physical, emotional, mental and energetic one. It is continual and constantly accelerates through processes and cycles relative to each's personal LightBody phases. 3D Carbon-Based bodies operate at a 3D Level of Consciousness. This "holds" the 3D reality in place for as long as is aligned for each's "earthly experience/experiment", which is/was determined by each's Soul/Light Self prior to incarnation/taking physical form here. 4D unlocks the "emotional realms", where all was suppressed before. By living a 3D mental reality, the mental overrode everything and the body housed all of this compromise and discord UNTIL it can no longer and it's "time" for each to begin their physical body transformation/transition process (which takes years). This is where the "Dark Night of the Soul" aspect emerges, yet often without full/any awareness because of how it presents and due to deep conditioning is perceived as "something else" completely. This is the dimensional realm/experience that each occupy while much occurs. Immense "healing" of deep wounds, the release of immense fears/trauma created by living in 3D, as well as all existences that become "visible" as each's heart starts to open finally. 4D is where all start to CHOOSE ... while working through/out every unconscious program (subconscious) and the body raises it's vibration high enough for enough Light to be activated for new vision/access to open up/begin... this begins a passageway that continues until each has fully transitioned OVER to a NEW Earth reality/experience, by choosing to surrender the ego aspect to the higher self and what I call "follow the leader", where the higher self is allowed to lead the way and the ego doesn't get any power to make decisions/act anymore.... 5D (Density/Light Ratio) is a frequency bandwidth/dimensional realm that is accessed from deep within the body and experienced through each's Plasma Field and Crystalline Consciousness (Christed Light) that unlocks a NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE from within. Reconnecting with nature and falling in LOVE with Gaia (achieving Gaia's Consciousness with our bodies/LightBodies) is a necessary part of this process for us all. 5D+ frequencies are felt as the subtle realms at first by tuning our Whole Consciousness and bodies to these frequencies and allowing them to emanate through us and out. Coming into presence and Zero Point Field Range... we bring our Consciousness back inside and allow the outside to fall away. This is where our vision shifts that which is in our focus and peripheral vision... as everything starts to invert/flip. This flipping/merging process is our LightBody Mer-ka-ba, our own whole Universe that we BECOME and our perspectives completely shift from outward to inward and we start to realize/understand everything on a whole new level and "how all is created" and allowed to "become" physicalized... AS WE EACH ACHIEVE this RETURN .... through our own Sacred and Divine Connection as ONE, as Pure Light... we start to understand/realize that our reality is now up to us to RE-CREATE. This re-creation is through Pure Source Consciousness where all is re-aligned vibrationally and energetically with "the Divine" (on a Soul/Higher Self Level instead of an ego aspect one). This is a reality where all is Divinely Guided. This is where each realize that unless they are CHOOSING to allow their own Light to Lead, that their ego aspect is in charge and that this decision/allowance alone is what dictates "reality"/experience (i.e. dimensional/density realm). Every time one fully surrenders their ego to their own higher self aspect (Divinity/Light), their body is allowed to fill with more Light, because the ego aspect is not in the way.... The human ego aspect will not choose this, because of how it perceives all and believes all to be. This alone maintains separation and creates a reality/experience that "requires" that mindset be shifted, broken down, dissolved... so that resolving all through surrender/Light can occur. This is where Pure Love is allowed to flood through and the beauty that we each are can be FELT and EXPERIENCED again.... That moment, that space, where the Divine is allowed to come through the whole body and fill every cell.... and vibrate the body out of the old and into all "new".... The entire planet (entire species) will go through this immense transition. 2020 kicked off a 3-year process for this. We are deep in the middle right now... where each is faced with "choice" as to what they will accept/allow and call forth as an actual experience... by which aspect each is BEing. Each's WayShower must be embraced and allowed to emerge. This aspect SHOWS THE WAY "back into the Light" if you will.... This one forges the path, Lights the Way and opens portals from deep within and re-creates "reality" in accordance with Light. Everyone has a Wayshower inside to embrace and become here.... as the Wayshowers are the NEW LEADERS as humanity transitions... and where "Leadership" is not like the old ways. It's through Unity Consciousness as Divine Aspects, where all are taking responsibility for their current behavior/actions and making sure that they are coming from their highest place instead of their "lower" ones... Zero Point creates a Template Wipe. This rewrites the blueprint/template for all. This is the passageway point of crossing "the Rainbow Bridge" out of old earth to new (by way of each's Rainbow LightBody Vortexes and Template)... and where every moment is Zero Point Creation, where all are equal and where all is for everyone, restoring balance and harmony to/for all. This template wipe occurs within the body, with every new "up-leveling" of Consciousness that occurs. Transitioning from a Linear existence to a Quantum ONE is the transition with the body to "NEW Earth". NEW Earth exists through the Quantum Realms and Quantum States of Consciousness held. This rewrites everything.... and how all works as well. The whole body must achieve this, which is why all "appears" to take "so long". As each fully surrenders the physical body to the LightBody for the "merging process" to take place, the body will undergo immense reconfiguration processes that require all of our support. NEW Earth is held in place through ENERGETICS... so it will take every ounce of each's CONSCIOUSNESS to "do" this. To HOLD the Consciousness required, a massive shift within must occur. Priorities completely shift/change. Where we function from completely shifts/changes. Our Value Systems completely shift/change and we start to BEcome that which we once sought... The physical body is the form all chose to occupy. The earthly vessel that must be purified and cleansed, constantly and continually, as Higher Light FREE-quencies are constantly bombarding/coming through for integration (Embodiment) for the next new DREAM REALity to emerge/come through/forth.... Society/humanity created 3D ... Society/HUmantity is WHO RECREATES REALITY ALIGNED WITH DIVINITY/THE DIVINE.... This is each's NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE... the one that replaces Old Earth, because it was a level of Consciousness.... that focused on the physical/owning/control from a place/space of separation/lack. A forgotten state that dissolves as the veils of amnesia within dissolve..... as Light is allowed to come through.... Old Earth is where all of the fighting ensues for "control" and where immense manipulation tactics are utilized to maintain a GRAND MATRIX SYSTEM. The 5th+ Dimension of Consciousness is where each awakens through and takes their own power back and starts to stop playing in those realities and starts stopping allowing those realities to continue to play out. This is where a large population of humanity are right now... The precipice.... Each has their own matrix that is housed/held within the body (muscles, glands, organs, skin, eyes, flesh, blood, heart, brain, all).... As the Crystalline LightBody is activated, the 5th+ Dimension is activated/opened up within through heart-portals that unlock/open as each opens up/embraces this..... As the body literally goes Crystalline (crystals can be seen under the skin and crystallization can be painful until these crystals break down and disburse throughout the body/bloodstream) and the body acclimates to function at these frequencies. The body has an operating system that we equate to a computer system, because of how all correlates/works. This undergoes a massive reconfiguration process with every Light Upgrade process completed. The body is where each's Merkaba is built through. The LIGHT-BODY activates and builds all from within the physical body and starts to re-write/re-work everything, in accordance with Light.... Pure Light is Divine Intelligence and a Living Library that we each hold/unlock. Divine Light is our Pure Essence, our beauty... and our Light Body is the Light of our Soul and Pure Source Consciousness. Sleep State/Waking States: Flip and merge and the "dream space" is a portal to the NEW EARTH DREAM REALITY that we each reconnect through. The waking dream and the dreams in the sleep state flip and become one and the same, yet different, as they represent different things. Sleep is non-linear, as is the waking state. Open eyed and closed eyed offer different realities as we learn/remember how to access and utilize each. To literally bring "Heaven to Earth", we literally unlock the frequencies/code of HEAVEN and FEEL these fully from within and with our whole BEing/Body and then re-create/create that which represents heaven to each one of us to actually LIVE as our experience here. This takes our dedication, commitment and refusal to accept old earth as reality anymore. This is done through our Highest States of Consciousness, as our ego is old earth. We do this first within us and then in our own personal reality and then we unite with others to accomplish this as a whole planetary experience here. It takes us ALL to DO this, which is why each must step forth/up into fulfilling these immense service roles and support HUMANITY with the transition, as each's heart is truly open/ready to accomplish/live this fully here. A Split/Divide will occur where the ego-mind aspect is involved. This is where lower selves/ego aspects "act" realities out until all of that energy is "done/gone" and an inner-shift can occur, which means a heart portal opens up so that Light can finally come through and begin a transformation process aligned with each's Light/Soul. Much of the planet is right in the middle of this part.... opening up to recognize the ego aspect and ego created realities allowed to exist before.... which is huge, as the more start to see, the more Conscious Choice/Decisions as a Divine Light BEing can finally occur. This is an immense process, so be patient, kind and respectful, while holding your NEW REALITY in place. When you hold your own Highest as the Light BEing (and Pure Powerful LOVE that you are), you hold your new Crystalline Matrix in place and that which is perceived as REALity can be reconfigured with new constructs, energetic ones aligned with NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS.... BE THE LIGHT, BE THE EXAMPLE, BE THE LOVE, BE THE LEADER that you are... as A DIVINE LIGHT BEING with a FORM HERE.... Let all experience your Light, your beauty, your purity, as this will reflect theirs back to them so that they can feel this and see this and realize this too..... and come to live/hold this fully as they decide/choose too.... As Wayshowers, we hold hands... we do this together as Light and as the Pure Love that we each are. As Wayshowers we hold the new, we hold the codes, the templates for NEW EARTH WITHIN US and we each bring these forth with everything that we are/accomplish/do.... Our entire Life and very existence is Service to HUmanity, Gaia and all, yet not as human aspects would perceive. As Embodied Light BEings/Star BEings, we are guided through our deep Soul/Pure Source Light Connection held strongly/firmly in place from deep within. We "do" as we see, as we agreed on a Soul Level.... and we do this daily through our own Pure Divine Presence by being the difference and showing the way, as Guides and Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers here. We assist in various ways and we work together, as each is ready to do their part as Higher Aspects/Selves, in beautiful cohesive harmonics and union, in a symbiotic relationship of higher/highest consciousness ... where WE are the Unified Field of Expanded Quantum Consciousness.... p.s. In conjuntion with Gaia, we are completing a template re-writing process that has been underway since July 1, when the July 3-4 Sirian Portal opened up for those codes to come through for all. This is also a culmination of many previous gateways/codes/phases converging into this every now. We are right in the middle of the next inversion/flip that will currently take 3 days to complete. July 15th is an important tranitional marker point, where we move into the next phase of increasing Light influxes and NEW Earth Template Light Codes important for planetary transitions underway, with the 2nd half of July ushering in more as we continue this powerful transit through the Lion's Gateway... While I've not published writings/sharings these last few months regarding the immense codes that have activated/released, I'll work to do so in upcoming sharings, as I have many still to complete. Here are just a few from the last few months:

  • Leadership comes into focus. Who each allow to lead... This will apply to everything on a Multi-Dimensional Level and every "reality" inside and out there.... (Note: The ego will go one way while the higher self aspect with choose a completely different one/path/route).

  • Divinity Codes: Are powerful and so very pure. The Sirian Gateway increased these by opening up access to NEW Earth (Heaven) within all fully open to this. These shall continue to bombard/flood through and re-write "reality" from within.... July 1st blew more of these wide open and continue through the amplified Lionsgate Stargate, facilitating a massive Consciousness shift throughout various collectives). (More Powerful Sirian/Lyran Energies Unleash)

  • Energetic cycles continue to increase in how fast all cycles through. These are visible in different patterns. The weather is just one of these.... (and will correlate to each's inner climate).

  • Higher-Mind Consciousness now at the forefront, this has a huge impact as inner-vision to see and create/build/construct new earth realities emanate from this... (Each's Higher Self-Heart must open and come online first for this...).

  • Physical Body Upgrades and Re-writes: These grow stronger daily as the influxes increase the amount/strength of the Light Frequencies/Codes that we each are integrating. Where the body holds density, this can be quite intense. Self love, self care and supporting our physical body vessels as our Lightbodies integrate/merge (higher self/soul/source codes) will assist with easing the affects. Where deep wounds, hurt and programming are still housed, then the body has immense tuning to do. Resistance, tension or judgment about this (and need to know first) will create resistance in the muscular system (gridding system) and increase the amount of discomfort/pain experienced. Suffering is of the mind, so shifting perspectives and how we greet all is beyond important in how we experience all). Relax, breathe, honor, support and surrender to be bathed in Light, flooded with Light as your Lightbody knows how to do all of this for you. Just listen and see what your own inner guidance is for this.

  • Be open to all new and be ready to "do" as you are guided/see/are shown... as your higher self guides your lower self back to wholeness/oness and a new earth existence where all truly is pure love. This is something we each must embrace, honor and allow to come forth/occur....

  • There will be lots of maneuvering ... as each is un-weaving an inner- woven matrix system that was housed within the phyical body form and field. This un-raveling can be quite intense at first/at times, as "the new" takes form as the old "dies/dissolves/is dismantled/dissolves"... and balancing all of these high frequencies, stabilizing and expanding all out requires each's Master aspect to come forth. Weaving a whole new reality is through Light and Light Codes as they are unlocked from deep within and utilized through Expanded Consciousness Reality Creation. Holding all in place is by way of each's highest and most expanded (Quantum) Consciousness state.

  • Brain-wave states are beyond important when it comes to Multi-Dimensionality and accessing/Living Expanded Consciousness. The whole body must achieve a higher brain-wave state. I have an entire article dedicated to breaking this down that I'll publish when it's complete. These Ultra-High Frequencies "intentionally" disrupt the lower brainwave states so that Higher States of Consciousness can be accessed, activated and achieved. The waking/sleeping states and flippling/merging of realities (dream/illusions/timelines) correlate to functioning brain-wave states. The higher the frequency the more the body is tuned to this, completely shifting ones functioning state of Consciousness.... This is also where all of the sleep state changes take place and awakening through deep sleeps and lucid dream states assist with shifting too. In and out of linear/non-linear states are continual until one can acclimate and learn to function differently from each. Much rest is required, body movement is different when integrating and how we use our energy changes/matters more too.

  • The human ego aspect will have to be worn down continually because programming is so deep/strong. Re-writing of the body template occurs easier when the human aspect is no longer in resistance/control.

  • Gamma LightBody Brain-Wave State: Sirian is each's Higher Self Aspect that unlocks 6th Dimensional Frequencies within. These then unlock God Consicousness along the way, with the purpose of clearing out huge distortions (obliterates the old through Power and Love) and lays the groundwork for NEW EARTH TEMPLATES realities to be constructed/built. Because we have entire collectives embracing these aspects of themselves more and the influxes of codes activating these levels of consciousness stronger, a powerful collective shift is underway. Sirian is the aspect that "gits all done" and sitting on the sidelines goes out the window, as each steps forth to Consciously fulfill much higher service roles through immense inner-power and new levels of Soul Inegrity that were not there before. These are the opposite of the human aspect's beliefs/ways..... They reverse polarity on purpose and with immense power/ease as well. This 6th Dimensional aspect activates each's merkaba to be built through Higher Consiousness ACTs that reset reality from a new baseline (6D+), while anchoring higher dimensional codes through physical acts. This kicks off higher dimensional realities to start to come forth as each's Merkaba/physical body ascension is complete. This template takes much time to build, as every ACT is what activates/builds it. The LightBody does this, so ego resistance surrender is necessary, as is consciously reversing polarity of each energy still holding disortions within it. Sirian = Dog Star. Activating and utilzing these specific Stargate codes, the DOG code will reverse and become GOD Codes... activating God Consiocusness once immense distortions of all timelines/existences are cleared from this one and the physical body vessel/template too. These God/Source Consciousness codes activate each's ability to create all new realities in accordance with this...

  • Convergence Codes activate and culminate "faster" into each Zero Point NOW.

  • Remember: All of this is an organic process, one that happens naturally as our Universal/Pure/Higher Heart opens and our body starts to come online with our higher states of consiocusness... Our Lightbody will do all the work for us. It's up to us to re-prioritize and honor our Lightbody/Soul/Higher Self Guidance as it presents. Our physical body, being our earthly vessel is where we first experience Heaven... inside. As we tune in and allow ourselves to FEEL and HEAR the Pure Divine Harmonics of NEW Earth, our bodies will start to constantly tune. Honor this immense process. It will be challenging to your human aspect for awhile, as your Divine Connection builds/strengthens and you build a new relationship of trust/listening/honoring from deep within... with/as your higher self/Universe... all. Your body will always be clearing programming, yet "how" will change along the way, as your body is able to hold more High Frequency Light. ☼

More are realizing that it's the Higher Self Aspect that lives NEW Earth Consciousness and the lower self (ego aspect) that lives Old Earth Consciousness and that in order to shift vibrational/energetic timelines, a complete inner-shift must occur where all merges into ONE (Divine Inner-Union/Unification), which then creates/facilitates the external/outward experience to be vibrationally/energetically re-aligned from/to/through this... Remember:

  • First access Higher States of Consciousness (meditation, connection through nature, sacred space, other ways that work for you....)

  • Hold the vibration/feeling long enough for your body to be able to function from this frequency with greater ease... (Rest/nature/sleep/alone time or down-time may be necessary for this).

  • Live By this Expansive Awareness/Consciousness fully...

  • The Light/Soul Energy Body will do what it needs to recode and rewrite/repair/recalibrate/re-tune and re-harmonize all according to higher frequencies so that the body functions differently and more algined/in-tune than before. ♫

As always, there's always tons more, yet I feel this is enough of a book/writing/sharing for now. Immense love, appreciation and heart-expressed kindness to you and all for your dedication and Divine Presence here. ♥ Lisa Transcendence Brown ∞ p.s. Because we all created/allowed/lived in deeply unconscious realities before, there will be challenges all along the way to choose differently and to start to create completely different realities/experiences than those. This will challenge the human aspect to its core. It's supposed to. We all must transcend the judgments and separation programming that created/allowed 3D to BE. We all must take responsibility for our energy and behavior in this now and what we are contributing to and creating through our highest states of consciousness instead.... Our old earth aspect created/lived old earth. Our Higher Self aspect will guide us "out of that" if/when/as we are ready/willing to listen and live this fully from deep within. ♥ All new parameters, all new ways, all new everything... becomes visible when we surrender our ego aspect fully and embrace our highest aspects fully instead.... and we SHOW UP AS OUR HIGHEST ASPECT SELVES... to live/create/accomplish and BE NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS/DIVINE NEW EARTH HUMANS HERE. Divine Light Embodiment is how... ♥ Since we all see differently and from different places and spaces along the way, it's important to see all and feel that which resonates/speaks to us energetically and move beyond anything that does not. There is so much available for all... when our hearts are wide open and we are embracing all through love and ready to shift everything to a different reality/timeline/experience through our own Expanded Awareness/Consciousness.

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