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NEW EARTH ASCENSION UPDATE ~ LIGHT WAY TO NEW EARTH ~ Goddess Energy has been Activated!


LIGHT WAY TO NEW EARTH ~ Hyperborea DNA ~ Goddess Energy has been Activated!

New Earth Energy Update

Greetings Cosmic Navigators of the Unknown Waters of the Eternal Way

Mother Earth continues to get flooded with higher dimensional frequencies from the Great Central Sun opening and expanding her Crystalline Heart Core Center. With these massive energies flowing in we had more white spikes on the Schumann Charts today at amplitudes of 33 hz, 55 hz and a big blast at 60 hz. We have gone through a major timeline shift over the last 24 hours into a higher, more positive realm preparing us for the magical mystical month of May.

The bejeweled throne of the Heavens has been prepared for our Divine Mother Goddess to take her rightful place among the Stars as Mothership 33 of our Universal Alliance of Light. Our 144,000 Elect are the Stewards and Ambassadors as Galactic Citizens to Star Nations to reunite and navigate the Divine Reunions with our Families of Light.

The Mother and Father Arcs of the Covenant are reconnected to the Dragon Song Lines of Pachamama as the Electrical Magnetic Potential is Rising with the Kundalini to Open and Activate the Crown Chakra of Mother Earth and in turn all her Children of the Sun. This is the Divine Coronation for one and all to usher in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment forever more.

The Sacred Land of the Eternal Spring is being Returned to Humanity through our Great Ascension Process as we comp-lete the anchoring of Fifth Dimensional Resonance into 3D to elevate and transform this realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to be…Aho!

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