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Navigating Our Multidimensional Journey - #Paranormal #Supernatural #Spirituality

Navigating Our Multidimensional Journey

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Today I am being Guided to Disclose the Truth of Our Multidimensional Existence. This information comes from my own Multidimensional experiences.

My Multidimensional Self began exposing itself to me at a very young age. The first memory I have of it, was the result of the Trauma I had experienced as a child. I was an only child raised in the back woods of Indiana. My mother was very involved with the Church, and my Father was very abusive. I at the very young age of 4, knew that what was happening to me was wrong, and wondered why God would make me go through such a thing, so I prayed about it. Well, my prayer was answered in a very strange way. One night, right before falling asleep, I was taken into the astral realm. While there, I met my Spiritual Father. He told me that all of this Earthly experience was just a dream and he was my true Father. As a child, I did not see the difference in the realities. So I was very angry with my Mother. I went to her at the age of 4 and asked her who my real Father was. She of course was baffled by my questions and insisted that My Father was the man she had married. After having the encounter with my Celestial Father, I was determined to understand what I had experienced. Growing up in a very Christian home, I wasn't sure who this celestial being was. It did not match what I had been taught to believe.

Then about the Age of Thirteen, I experienced My Grandmother coming to me after she had Passed on. She was in a full-body apparition, literally Glowing Like and Angel. Again the Church denied this and It was my imagination.

Being so involved with the church, made me very naive about everything. I had been deeply programmed as a child in the Christian Beliefs. This incident and all others I had experienced throughout my life, would be considered all Fantasy within their Belief system. From the church's point of view, I was making it all up.

I learned very young to not trust the church and to find the truth within myself. I feel I begin to actually wake up to the truth of our reality at that very young age, because of the rejection from the church. In a way, it was like I got pushed out of the nest too young, and forced to find my own way, and had to learn how to fly spiritually all by myself. Being so engulfed in the Church as a child you really do not see the real world beyond the walls.

Even with the rejection from everyone in my life, the experiences continued.

During our teen years, David and I had our first Strange Experience together. We were 17 and we had decided that morning that we were going to go for a walk up the Creek that was next to my house. Well at some point we decided to cross over the creek. He took my hand as we crossed helping me as I stepped on the loose rocks. He never let go of my hand from that moment. We continued to walk into a cow pasture, where we had stopped. We Noticed it was still early in the day before noon. The next thing we both remember is walking at the edge of a corn field next to a road, and it was beginning to get Dark. We could see a house down the road with lights on. We went to the house and told the people we were lost and they drove us back to my house. which ended up being 30 miles away. David and I to this day do not know what happened to us. We had Lost about 5 to 6 hours of time. All we know is we were still holding hands when it was all over. One of the really strange things was, No one even noticed us being gone.

Then about a year after that, I went away to a Christian College. This was where I really saw the Truth of the Otherside of the veil. One of the courses I was forced to take was a Demonology course. My roommates and I were discussing the class when all of a sudden the water in a glass on the dresser began to spin like a tornado. Just as we saw the water, a light bulb in the lamp on the dresser blew, and it was not plugged in. All three of us girls started screaming and ran downstairs to the lobby. The lobby had 3 big fireplaces with mounted animal heads above their mantel. We sat down on a couch in front of one of the fireplaces. We all saw the head above the Fireplace, turn from a deer to what I can only describe as a Demon. We all took off screaming and ran back towards our dorm room. However, the halls were packed with people, and I started getting singled out by the entity. As I ran all the Lights above my head would blow out exploding glass everywhere. I fell to the floor and covered my head, still screaming and crying. I could feel this dark entity literally sucking my fear at that moment. Next thing I know I was picked up and carried to a room, when I opened my eyes I was sitting in front of the Dean of the college. He gave me strict orders to never speak of the incident again, And told me it didn't happen. Again denied by the church.

After becoming an adult, I delved into different ideas and beliefs to find as much information and knowledge as I could on the Unknown. Throughout my life I had experienced what I had referred to as, Ghosts, demons, Ufos, Extraterrestrials, Faerie Folk, and Celestial Encounters. I Even started a paranormal investigation team Called Back from the Past to document, understand and help others with clearing and releasing wayward spirits.

Not only was I experiencing interaction through the veil, Which showed me of our Multidimensional Reality, but I also begin to experience My Own Multidimensional Self.

At one point I began to witness experiences that were not my own in this Life. I had been diving deep into Faeidism, which is working with the Energies of the Nature spirits. One day while meditating, I witness myself being burnt at the stake, literally looking through the fire at the Ones accusing me of witchcraft. The vision was quite long, and showed me a life starting from the end and moving backward, ending in the knowing that the people and the activities I was currently participating in, I had all known and experienced before. This was my first full memory of a Past Life. This experience is not something that I went looking for, this happened to me as a random occurrence. But it continued, and has continued throughout the last 20 years. I have now remembered, for sure, 10 Past lives on this planet, and I still continue to remember more experiences that I just can't place yet into what life. It seems to happen when I experience a similar event in this Life.

David has been with me in at least 5 of my lives, maybe more. This is what makes this particular Life with him so important. I have seen where we end up if we do not choose to work on the spiritual stuff within this relationship. It has made our journey a little easier knowing what to expect if we go in a different direction. He does not have the same remembrance that I do, but he does understand that it is part of my experience, and he has supported my gifts. Along our journey, he has had the Gift of the pure connection directly with Nature and full intuition.

This is what has led us to where we are now.

Throughout my entire life, I have developed My Multidimensional Understanding. I begin to understand that everything is connected, from meeting my Celestial Father to remembering all the Past lives. It all stems from one understanding, We are part of a Multidimensional Existence, That can not be explained by Science or by Religion. It really can only be understood through experience.

I know that I have a higher part of myself that exists within a higher spectrum of vibration. That part of me is the One connected to the Celestial Father that I once met as a small child, And guides me through the different Lives to learn the lessons of my Spiritual growth. This life is my multidimensional self experiencing this reality of matter in this Human form. I Know This body is not my true form. I am an immortal Spark of the Infinite, Experiencing, Learning, and evolving my Consciousness to Higher Understanding.

I would never have come to this conclusion by staying under the old belief systems of the Church and society. I was forced to spread my own wings and find My own spiritual way within this Multidimensional Journey.

And to think, It all started with a simple child's prayer to find the truth.

and so it is and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and channel, of the Aeons Sophia, and Christos, and the Karistus. The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance. @


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