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Mother Earth is Ascending NOW! We are Entering The Stage of Purification.

Mother Earth is Ascending NOW! We are Entering The Stage of Purification.

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

In these Moments Many shifts and changes are taking place around the world. Many are of Light, But some are the last minute attempts of the dark to cause fear and other lower emotions of hate and vengeance. Don't play into the dramas that is being caused by the media, and other fear based outlets. All of it is the Dark trying to Sway your emotions and attention off of what is important in these times. Many will have issues with the increase in Light, because of the Lower emotions. Let Go of ALL old programing, It will not be a part of the Higher dimensions. Remember all is in Divine will. What is out of balance on the Planet will be balanced by that will. The Light is helping the rest of Mother Earths ascension into higher light. She has made the choice, and so have you. What you are seeing as far as the Earths recent movement is a cleansing of the Old energies. We must allow for the cleansing to take place. As she releases the Old, the Higher Light can replace it. She is freeing herself from the bondage of the 3D reality, transforming herself to a higher 4th dimensional Planet. Mother Earth is Now Ascending. All the Old will fall away as she moves into a Higher frequency. She will change and shift to heal and rejuvenate herself. It is a Time of celebration, but the dark, has blinded even many Lightworkers eyes. They can not see the Light intensifying, all they perceive is all that's crumbling. We must change our perspective to That of the Higher Consciousness. As we Raise in this awareness, things must fall away, that is not of the Light. Most do not understand the full aspect of Reality, they see devastation or destruction of something they do not wish to let go of, and they see it as something negative. Almost all humans, especially here in the United states, have grown accustom to the darks control systems of Government, Religions and restricted Education. This is where we can change our perspective of Things. As we see the Old System of Control Fall we can begin to see that We, and this Earth are being Freed from the darkness that has bound us. When we stay focused within the false systems, which is the Illusion, we don't see our freedom. We don't see our sovereignty. This Is where our perception should be in these Moments. Truth is coming out everywhere, But you will be Blind to it if you are still bound by the Darkness. When you do not let go of the Old Programing the Cleansing will look like destruction, when instead it is A releasing to become of Higher Light. The Earth Must go Through The Stage of Purifying to Become a higher 4th Dimensional Planet. Even we as Humans Must shed the Old to Become the New. We must let go of All of the things that are not of Light. This is a personal Goal. We each must do our part in raising to the Higher Light. We Know that there will be those who don't raise in vibrations or are not ready to make this Jump into a the Higher dimensions, they too will leave the Planet. You must understand the higher Perspective of This, if you see things through 3D glasses, you will see Lots of Loss. If you see things from the Knowing that we are Eternal Spirit, you will see things as growth in the Light. No not everyone will see things this way, because of forgetting who and what they are. But those of us who have chosen the Path of Light and Service to Others, See and know our connection to all, and if you don't you soon will.

The Light is Now in Total control of This Planets Ascension. Wherever Darkness resides on this Planet, she will transform it. How you see this is your personal Level of Awareness. If you have created a destructive reality within your own mind, then that is what you will experience. If you have created for yourself Peace, Higher Understanding and The New Earth, then this is where you will be within these times. We are where our perceptions are.

And so it is and It is so.

In so Much Love and Light,

Channeled through Divine Light By Chellea @


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