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Merry Christ Consciousness

Merry Christ Consciousness and Namaste',

Well, We're Here, The New Age. Through the Next 1000 Years on this Planet, we will increase in Frequency to a peak then decrease for another 1000 Years. This is the Cycle of the Light. During this Shift, it is our Chance to Step up into Christ Consciousness.

What Is Christ Consciousness?

Putting all Dogma aside, I was raised within the Christian Belief. As a child, My Mother told me that the way to tell if you were walking with the Light, is to stop and think "What would Jesus Do?", in that situation. Those words made me stop and think in every situation. Even if I chose to do the opposite, that Question would always bring me back To The Path of Light.

What WOULD Jesus really Do?

In The Western world, we are very familiar with Jesus and his good deeds through the Short account of his Life, according to the Book we have been given. However, Throughout recent history, We have discovered Other accounts of Jesus (Issa), during his Travels, which we know as the Lost years. View Book Here: The Lost Years of Jesus: The Life of Saint Issa, Translation by Notovitch

Plus The Nag Hammadi Texts and Dead Sea Scrolls. View The Nag Hammadi Codices Library ~ Full Collection for Research and Study

With this newly uncovered information, it gives us more of an Idea of What Jesus would have really done in any given situation.

What DID Jesus Do?

Jesus was in Total service, Healing, Teaching, and Loving humanity everywhere he went. When even confronted with his own death, was still doing for Others. He Fed The Hungry, Gave Water to the Thirsty, and Healed the Sick, and even Raised the Dead, in several cases. He taught that we are to Love our Neighbor as ourselves, and If you were blessed with abundance you were to Give to Others. When he witnessed wrongdoing to his fellow peoples he stood up for them. As far as his service to others he even went as far as Washing the Feet of Strangers, just to Share his Service. NONE of this was ever done for MONEY or Prestige. When he saw the Dark taking over his people, he warned the people and chased the Bankers and Money changers out of the Temple. Jesus wasn't political at all and was Literally a Fugitive from the Law at the time.

With just these few Situations we can see What Jesus Would Do. This way of thinking and being is The Christ Consciousness we are referring to. Jesus was Trying to Awaken the peoples of his time, to a Higher way. In today's Dogmatic religions, and How I was Originally Taught, we never heard about What Jesus actually Taught, or Preached about. We were only taught about His Death and The Blood Sacrifice that the Dark put him through.

The true Intentions of the Higher way of Thinking and Being, Is of Love, Giving, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Helping One another, Respect for Eachother, And Living in Harmony with This Earth and all her inhabitants. This is The Christ Consciousness we are now entering into. This raise in awareness is the Next step in our evolution into the Higher Light.

Are We There Yet?

Whether you celebrate or Not during this Holiday season, the Real Christmas Spirit (Christ Consciousness) is Here to Stay. Christ Consciousness is Here if you are willing to Change your Mind and your Heart to The Higher Way of Thinking and Being.

As The Light continues to Increase in Frequency, the Higher Way of Being is the only way we can be. The Lower Vibrations of separation, greed, hate, selfishness, and disrespect, will disappear.

Those who choose to stay within the lower vibrational emotions and actions will find it very hard physically and mentally in these moments of Change.

During this Holiday season, I have seen unusually good cheer even behind the dreadful masks. Even with the Dark trying to restrict us from Contact, we can still Feel the Love from One another.

Love and Goodwill aren't Just for the Holidays, It's The 5th Dimensional Way of Being.

In Love and Light & Merry Christ Consciousness to All,

Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse


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