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Many Will Be Leaving The Planet - Master Kara of The Pleiadians

I am KaRa. I come to be with you at this time, these quite auspicious times that you are in now, times that you have been preparing for, for a long, long time, even before coming into these lifetimes, these lifetimes that you’ve been preparing for.

You knew one day, one day in the far distant future, in a galaxy far, far away, you were destined, destined to be a part of this high vibrational frequency and evolutionary shift in consciousness as it is occurring at this time. Destined to be a part of it, be a part of the first wave of Ascension preparing the way for those to come after you.

Yes, you are the wayshowers, or ones that indeed you have been waiting for. You yourself, not us, be the Pleiadians or the Syrians or the Agarthans, any of the other civilizations that are here assisting, in this planetary evolution, solar system evolution and even this galaxy evolution that is occurring.

We are all here to witness this, to watch this, to be a part of this in whatever expression that we can be part of. But alas, we cannot yet become too involved in your evolutionary process, other than to be here at a moment’s notice.

Let’s tell you now, that call is not that far off, perhaps closer than you might even believe it to be. We are in a waiting stage. We, those of us in the millions of ships that are here, we’re watching over this process again, assisting wherever we can. We have been assisting in many different ways, even to the point of allowing more and more energy to come into your planet.

We are a part of your consciousness here. Raising your consciousness is a delicate process, let’s say, will only allow enough energy, various times throughout this process, to be able to come into the planet, be able to be absorbed in your body, for your bodies, your physical bodies as carbon bodies, cannot handle the higher level energies.

That is yet to come in. So your physical bodies are indeed changing. Carbon to crystalline. That is in the process of happening. This, my friends, is why when you say here that there are going to be many that are going to be leaving this planet, that is why, because they will not be able to handle the entire energy. Their physical bodies, their central nervous systems will not be able to handle it. And they, many and many more yet, have chosen to leave the planet in various ways of exiting.

But that is not for you to be concerned about. You can only do what you can do. You cannot convince anyone to go against their path. For their path is their path, just like your path is your path. Everyone has the right to choose their path and where that path will take them.

So for you, each of you, the wayshowers, it is almost time, I say, for the movie, as you have been told to end. This is a movie playing out in front of you. But this movie coming to an end is not that far off. But it will be in stages or, as you have heard, various phases. Yes, indeed, you are in the process of entering phase two. Phase two will be a very quick phase, I’d say, compared to the earlier one. Then each one after that will be even quicker, might say time itself quickens. Time itself is speeding up. That is all purposeful.

But the time is ahead. Although, maybe somewhat rocky at times. They will be revealing the truth, the truth that has been held back in the shadows for so long, but not to be held back much longer. For the truth indeed shall set you free, not only you, but mankind that is ready for this evolutionary shift.

We are ready. The Galactics, we the Pleiadians, all of those other civilizations, we are ready. Again, at a moment’s notice, to be of more and more assistance. And indeed, our ships will be shown more and more over the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, leading to the culmination. I don’t exactly say when that culmination will be, but it is coming.

I am KaRa. I leave you now in peace and love and oneness. And know that I, as KaRa, will be here with you more often in the time ahead now. There has been the time off, you might say, where my energies were required elsewhere. Because of my connection with so many of you that are on this call, those that will read and understand these words.

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