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LOVE OVERRIDES ~ The Council of Light

Oh, how the world needs your light now! It is so vital that you show up inside of yourself every moment of every day. You have trained well for these times. As the tumult continues to rise, your counteraction of peace is always the best antidote. Stay calm, stay grounded, stay clear and remember all that you already know: there is a greater plan and it is working out!

You have been through many storms so that you are well-tempered for more to come in a way that ensures your ability to stabilize and thrive in times of change. And you know in your heart that this change is so critical, vital, essential for the positive evolution of your planet and all who inhabit her. You came here at this time to be an Earth Angel with great purpose: to hold the light of the world that it may release all that has held Her back from Her true magnificence. We have learned much on this journey, this wild journey of experience, that it is time now to choose, by greater wisdom, authority and creation, what serves the highest good for all. We can no longer be held back by ignorance or lack of foresight. We are powerful creators, and it is time to exercise our full capabilities!

The complexity of the gameboard is mind-blowing…but nothing is so for the vast chambers of the heart, which is the true leader of the new world. Nothing could prepare our minds to understand the vast intricacies of what has transpired to bring us to this point, but our hearts know the truth and what to do in each moment. That is all that really matters and that is all we need to know to navigate the storm. Keep checking into your pure heart. Keep asking what it would have you do. Do not allow an ounce of fear or mental churning to influence your navigation. The mind is only the processor of what the heart discerns. Make sure, in each moment, that you do not have your current reversed. You have worked long and hard to rewire to your true capacity, so don’t allow any defaulting to the old, confused way of navigating. That has been a primary method by which the enslavement took place, to invert the electrical pathways through the use of fear and manipulation. The way in which we maintain our immunity is by not allowing fear to embody. It is no longer welcome. We recognize it and block the charge. Love overrides all lower frequencies, and so now fueled by love, we navigate quite differently. Like the Master who is able to be among it all and not be harmed. It is time!

Unity is of great importance and power right now. Come together. Picture yourself in a large web of connection with those of like frequency. Power in numbers. Gathering of the tribe. Being part of a huge wave of love that engulfs the planet and reaches each heart. The gathering of the love tribe of many colors is the antidote to everything. Come together, recognizing each has a piece of the whole and a valuable contribution to make to cocreation of the true way of being. Everything that your heart has ever desired is possible to experience now, especially when the whole recognizes the universal nature of the heart. We all want freedom, we all want abundance, we all want peace, connection, magic, wellness, cooperation, harmony, family, meaning, belonging, love. We all want the same things and we will all join together to create a world, fueled by our commonalities that honors our uniqueness. The desires of our hearts will be met!

Nothing is clear externally while the storm is raging…so allow the winds to whip and the waters to muddy…all the while remaining calm and clear inside, no matter what. Trust that you will know, by the wisdom of your heart, what to do in each moment. Keep grounded and connected to your heart. Then, as the calm comes and the air clears, you will see greater truth revealed. The truth will set us free, so trust the process. Trust that you are well, no matter what appears outside.

You’ve got this, – inside!

Know that you are not alone and coming together with who and what you love is essential in staying in touch with the truth of your heart. It will guide you every step of the way.

With much love and giant beacons of light, we are,

The Council of Light Within.

LOVE OVERRIDES, Channeled Through


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