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Living Life in Your NEW Normal While Madness Cavorts All Around You - The Blue Star Pleiadians

“Living life in your NEW normal while madness cavorts all around you”

Blue Star Pleiadians by Blue Star Transmission @

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) So Chelas, I have decided to do something different with this current transmission. Due to the needed explanations you should have to better understand the information I will be sharing with you, I am making this transmission a two-parter. There is too much to tell you ones about that does need to be explained. Too much you need to be aware of. So today we meet again to begin to discuss what you do not know as well as what you think you know. So very much has happened since my last message to all of you that it would be difficult to try to find a beginning for this transmission. In other words, it matters not where I begin this day; every day for the remainder of your lives will continue to be altered. As shall you yourself. Humanity has become a very mixed bag of diverse minds struggling to make sense out of no-sense. This calendar year 2023 is the year of contiguous changes. You will find that to be true in all facets of your lives.

Up until November 1, 2022, people have wittingly as well as unwittingly placed an indelible caste distinction over the entirety of the human races. They did so thereby further separating cultures from other cultures and beliefs from others’ beliefs, thinking that this was what they were supposed to do. Why did they do so? Because they always have.

For many peoples it was always the way they had been raised that birthed caste distinction. However, for millions and millions of other peoples, they were used to taking whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to. Strange thing about “caste;” only the most dimwitted people were and still are unaware that it depicts them as true racists, bigots, self-righteous but not truly righteous peoples and “the walking dead.” They are, all the groups I am speaking of, still yearning and CRAVING their former “normal.” NO, none of them realize they were and still are addicted to their former normal. Now everyone, I welcome you all to the new normal. Not everything is as it should be yet but each day brings all of you a day closer to living in the new normal in totality.

You are now each living without a time-governor strapped to your back. It does indeed require periods of adjustment to still work within the confines of the illusion of time while adapting to the knowledge and actions required to live outside of the time-illusions. And to do so while KNOWING this IS the right thing to do. Professions require you to adhere to time-created actions, as do schools etc. Many peoples across the world however are realizing the intense sometimes emotional sensations they experience as a direct result of the COVID panicdemic forcing peoples to stay home. They can work from home whenever possible and further experience the sense of lightness, and lack of mental and physical pressure which allows them to feel freedom at last. The humanmade monstrous COVID has resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths all across Anastasis, just as it was intended to. You ones truly have no knowledge of the true statistics of peoples’ deaths. It is far better that you do not know.

No, it is NOT over; it never will be. “Worse” will continue to become even more so; as the illusion of time moves forward. There is however an extreme backlash WE have all set into place as severe punishment assails all those insane scientists and medical doctors who rallied forth and obeyed their government and let this behemoth loose … AGAIN. This goes back to “there are some details you are better off not knowing about. It, not knowing, will keep you safe.” You see Advocates, I have been trying so hard to get you ones to understand that sometimes one must actually have experiences in their lives about so many different things before they can truly understand the exquisite and sometimes painful feelings and emotions which assail them as a result of the experiences and their newly acquired understandings of them. So, the only true good that resulted as the outcome of the preplanned COVID plague is that it brought you to your knees in some cases, yet elevated you ones to leap above COVID in many other cases. Those who have leapt and have true reality in front of them instead of the long ago created illusions that have blinded them are only sorry that it took so long and at a terrible cost to this world for them to awaken and leave illusions behind. No more rose-colored glasses for them.

That is the strange result of tasting the nectar of the Gods; once it has been tasted regardless of HOW it came to be, that nectar which is freedom can never be forgotten. Clearer heads-minds, the abilities of all your Clairs to start or restart in more expansive ways will aid each of you whether it is Clairsentience, Clairaudience, or any of the other Clairs. They will do so with your innate realizations that your own Power of Mind has picked you up and placed you on the Spiral Staircase and will not fail you in your pursuit of freedom for all good Souls and it will never let you down!

Now, you have to play the game that illusions have mastered but YOU have to play it better. Planetizens, you must all remember that illusions are superficial creations. They cannot see within your minds. So, if you feel/sense that you are being looked at too closely by those who are not likeminded Souls, keep what you know as well as other information you are gathering inside your minds, for they will not look there. They never do. They lack that expertise. They look for all the superficial illusions they believe you still have. Keep your eyes wide-open and your mouth shut! Yes, it is possible and welcomed to look at life now from the inside of your minds. Practice makes perfect.

Your physical vehicles will work with you. Your bodily functions will begin altering to align with its new environment and its very new weather conditions. Your own Chakra systems will lead the way for them. It is what they do. All those who have now cojoined with you; all your Maji groupings and all the Travelers who too are now all over Anastasis are watching the signals your bodies, minds and Spirits are sending them. These groupings are leaping in to assist you in all ways and always. Most of you ones have been out of touch with the true reality that your bodies know more about you than you know about yourselves. Face this truth now Advocates! Living in the new normal is not merely essential to you and for you, only those who do so shall survive. It is what it is.

In the new normal you can and are encouraged to Create great Cyclical Changes here while you are still in mortal form. Do not just think about change. BECOME change. You see Advocates, it really is much simpler now that so many millions of you ones are no longer carrying an albatross on your backs. The dark ones never wanted any of humanity to understand and then act upon Creation of Change. They KNEW how simple it is to make changes happen. So in the former “normal” they made sure that all but the really wealthy peoples would ultimately give up any notions of altering vicissitudes because the peoples were programed to believe it was too hard to do. Thus the peoples succumbed by just following in the footsteps of others who capitulated. Do you see?

Now, use a handheld voice recorder or have an abundance of notebooks handy and begin your list of changes. No, I intentionally did not teach you about this before because too many of you were not ready. Ergo yet another reason for this two parter. You too had believed for a long time in that dreaded belief of “no pain, no gain.” Yet it was part of the former normal; whether you want to believe it or not does not matter. In the former normal so many millions of once good personalities worked with the tainted Souls and those tainted personalities and as part of their unholy unaware alliance did all they could to keep good peoples “in the dark.” It was work, work, work harder and harder to try to get what was dangled in front of you sans any Spirituality. They dangled a carrot and BANG everybody dove for it! Many became used to “the ends justify the means” belief.

And playtime had become synonymous with demoralized, almost sociopathic behavior living in the bars and clubs and yes, especially the coffee cliques. I will not even bother to bring up all the adulterous actions or the “dressing for sex” normal lifestyles! That is just too degrading.

So, now using your recorder or notebook begin to write a serious docudrama in simple language. Give your note a title, one that you like, a title that appeals to you. Write your name on the heading too. Then carefully think about what you want to see change and how you can contribute to the changes. Be realistic; no pipe dreams, no fantasies. When you begin writing, write about what you are going to do to achieve your goals. Take your time and allow Power of Mind and your Soul Voice to guide you. If you are out of practice doing anything like this then be patient. You are adapting to your new normal life. Once you feel you have had a breakthrough start relaxing more when working on this. After your initial breakthrough things will become easier for you to do this. Do not be hard on yourself and do not try to make it perfect.

Millions and millions of you all across Anastasis either already have begun to have missing time episodes or will be very shortly. Those incidents are occurring naturally. Of course it may not seem that way for you when they happen. Time and all that time represents to you is changing just as it should. Missing time is simply certain elements of time being erased. You were never meant to remember everything. Yes, it can be frustrating for you especially if you have a reason for wanting to remember it. But if it is simply taking up space in your mind then it is not that important. However, most of the time what is missing returns to you just long enough for you to piece that information together. When it is important enough for you to do that it returns. Unfortunately, many peoples start to think there is something wrong with them, but in fact there is not. Also though, there is the missing time factor that can happen when you may find yourself on a trip or a long drive and suddenly do not know how you got to where you “landed.” You may have no memory of that incident or logical reason why or how it happened. Yes, those missing time incidents can happen even if you have another person in the car with you. Neither of you will have any ideas or memories OF it happening. Those periods are when for some important reasons you need to be taken aboard ship and given information then returned somewhere not too far from where you were. Obviously, I am not going to explain what any of those reasons were or are. In due time you will be told. Now in your new normal you will experience them more often.

Now, Advocates in this new life force you are experiencing it is making it easier for you to recognize peoples whose lives revolve around mind-ruts. It is true that the more a person obsesses over certain situations or certain people the deeper the rut becomes. Well, how you tolerated them before the new normal arrived just shows how hard you tried to deal with them. Now however when you encounter the mind-rut people your body will feel very uncomfortable and your mind will try to pull you away from them. Your Clairsentience will push you rather hard to put much distance between them and yourself. Do not wait just get away from them and put as much distance between yourselves as possible. The ruts are controlling their lives and the people they control are rapidly losing the last vestiges of humanity. They have become even more dangerous than they were. Your new normal will not sit idly by and allow you to become one of those other people. Walk away quickly … while you can.

Part two will take you deep into the throes of revelation. You will learn how to look beyond face value and see what is really going on and how I can teach you to learn from separating illusions from truth. Be prepared, I am taking my time in order to teach you all so that you may teach others correctly and you may spend the rest of your mortality seeing everything you need to see and disposing of all those things that you misbelieved for almost your whole life.

“Standing back-to-back, shoulder to shoulder” is in the previous “Battle on the Homefront” transmission should you need to review this. Memorize the words in that particular part of the transmission. You will need to rely on them in order to survive.

Three words you MUST memorize and put into practice at all times, Escape, regroup, STAND. This is how you defeat the beast. In this order, this is how you leave everything behind that is not relevant to your new life. This is how you save yourself and all those who you love. So be prepared, you have lots of homework to do on the next transmission. What you have been tasked with on this transmission will prepare you for that.

For now, I am asking each of you to be vigilant; for your life may depend on it.

I am off to check final exams from those who have proceeded you… Blue Star, the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star, the Pleiadian


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