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Link Fixed + Letter From the Editor ~ JOIN THE LIGHT FORCE

I wish to Thank All of you for sticking with us, through these rough waves.... As Most of you can tell, everything has been absolutely crazy the last 3 days. We have been sideswiped, but it has not knocked us down!!! Most of you know me, that I care full time for my Mother and Fiancé, So Life pulls me in many directions. The last few days have been very stressful, for me, trying to figure out what was happening. I have cleared my space, and Now, We Got this.

Please Join us...

In so Much Love Light and Joy

Ps. I also had an issue this morning in a paranormal since where I was recording the audio for todays video, and it was like "I" disappeared for 3 minutes, because all of a sudden it stopped recording the voice, and recorded silence for 3 minutes. I didn't even notice it until I was about to put the video on Youtube.I had already finished it.  so I had to redo todays video. It's mixing down now as I am doing this post. Pretty weird stuff happening trying to discourage us. But Nothing can stop the LIGHT FORCE!!!!

I Love you all so Much, Namaste'



Join The LIGHT FORCE, and connect with Other Light workers from around the World. Universal Lighthouse Light Force, are a Team of individuals, who actively are sharing and Projecting Love and Light with the Humanity and this Earth. This is a Private group, it is hidden and Only those with a Link can join. We share Posts and Videos, and chat about, Positive Inspiration, Spiritual Understanding, Channelings, Important Information on Disclosure and To Learn from One another. We are the Force of Light.

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