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Knowing Truth

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Knowing Truth.

Blessings Family of Light,

  Intense Energies are flooding this planet through this 11 11 11 Portal. and it's just going to get more intense. The Light is Here, and it’s spreading to every nook and cranny in this earth. Nothing is going to escape this pure divine intent. All truth is to become seen. This is the unveiling of all that's been hidden. The ones who wish to control are trying to give us only partial disclosure or stop this event all together. But Nothing they do will stop full illumination of the truth.

As this occurs, remember to stay in the heart space of Love. Truth isn’t easy. It Can be tough to listen to, because of the severity of the crimes against humanity. Forgiveness is Key to transforming this energy. We should not allow lower emotions to be the judge, through anger and hurt, but We Should only allow Love to be the Judge, through Mercy and Forgiveness. By releasing old belief systems, and egotistical patterns of behavior, you allow yourself to flow much more easily with these higher vibrations.

  We can see the effects of the light everywhere we look, Some people seem to be becoming much nicer, more generous, and loving in nature, While there are those who seem to be growing even darker than before. this is the Light, showing the true essences, of each person. We will know each others real truth. This is also our natural abilities of discernment and intuition becoming activated, through this transformation. Those who wish to stay in the lower vibrational emotions of fear, such as anger, hate, and control, will be found out for who they really are. They will find it harder to con or deceive those truly awakening to the Light. Their tricks no longer work. Their magic is nullified.

 We are now seeing the Truth, and we are beginning to know when we see this Truth. We can now, sense a lie, a mile away.

This is the Light showing us Truth.

What happens If a person is still blinded by belief in doctrines and religion?

 Each Person is creating there own personal realities, so if that person is still blinded, they may not see the truth the same way, as a person who has released that programming. Their point of view will be that of what their beliefs will allow. So for example: An Extraterrestrial could be considered an angel, or demon, depending on what they are witnessing. This is how many religions began in the first place. They were misunderstanding what they were witnessing. When we understand that there are intelligent beings out there in the universe, that have nothing to do with being a demon or an angel, you break that controlled programming that doctrines and modern religion want you to believe. This causes a domino effect with truth, once you are willing to let go of being the only ones in the universe, you open yourself to more truth.

 Truth will effect everyone, even the ones who wish to fight it. The ones who fight it, only make it harder on themselves.

How Will I Know Truth?

 Each person on this planet is connected to each other. Through this connection, we feel each others emotional body. If you are being Love and Light vibration, your frequency, effects those around you. In this process, they can not hide their true emotions, this showing you, their true feelings. This is why when you are trying to be positive, others will seem to attack you for no reason. This is because they can not hide their true feelings and emotions in your presence. It’s not something you are doing wrong, but actually doing right. When you are Happy, others seem to want to bring you down, this is their lower vibrations being forced to the surface. Showing you their truth.

 When it comes to knowing truth that's being disclosed in the World, hold discernment for everything, and take nothing personal. It’s Important not to get caught up in the dramas of the world. Nothing is as it seems. Most world events, are just an emotional roller coaster for the masses, to keep humanity in the lower vibrations. We Must know the truth, or we allow the lies to continue. But not all of humanity will see this truth the same way. By staying in the heart we allow the filters of Love.

How can I advance my intuition?

When we release the belief that we are separate from God, we allow the pure white light of Source to enter. By doing this you realize your true connection with The One that is All Things. When you make this connection, your natural abilities begin to become enhanced. Then you must learn to trust your own self enough to depend on your inner gut feelings. Plus Trust that You are a part of “The One.” We are naturally Connected to everything, we just need to “KNOW” it. This is having the knowledge, without doubt.

 We Love you and we are truly Honored to be the Light.

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