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It's Time to Stand In Your Sovereignty

Much Love Dear Family of Light,

As the Light gains more ground, those who wish to cause harm, deception, and world control, are being exposed for what they are. They are very cunning and have tricked many into believing their agenda is what is best for this world. They continue to push the narrative of hate, fear, separation, and chaos. However, the Light has a different plan. It is bringing with it, Love, Peace, Unity, and Understanding. For those who are entangled in the emotional dramas of this world, holding onto the vibrations of the lower emotions, will become much harder. The Universe reflects our thoughts, words, and actions much faster than we have ever experienced before. The ones in control of the darks agenda know that if they have the masses fight their battles for them, they don't have to worry about receiving the negative energies back, like those who have actually done the physical actions of harm. This has always been done through their wars. We have always fought in their battles for control, causing our own negative karma, life, after life. Now it is up to us, to turn away from the controlled narrative, they wish us to follow and step up and be the change we wish to see.

We have a choice to be a follower or to be a leader.

For as long as Humanity has been in existence, we all have been slaves to the same system, that keeps us trapped in this game, some call the matrix. It is time to finally burst free from those chains. However, this is not about racism or politics at all. It is about who has been the controllers who have enslaved humanity all along. It's about standing up for our rights as Humans before they take all our rights away. They wish us to follow the narrative of a racist movement or political stance. This is where those who are not awake to their truth, fall victim to the elites controlled agenda.

The Dark has trapped us all in an Illusional world where everything that is needed to survive costs money.

Our importance is not measured by how full our pockets are.

But this is the world that we live in, and has become excepted by most of humanity. The elites are trying to make it about color or religion or what political point of view you have. But that's the big Lie. In truth, the way this world is run, your importance depends on how big your bank account is. This makes the very rich in total control of what happens to the rest of us, and it makes them free to do as they wish, without ever seeing a jail cell. They do not want to lose this status over us, so they make up false and fake events to control our thoughts and emotions. Keeping us separated and fighting ensures that they still have the control.

What needs to be done to change this?

We can't just get rid of money and we can't just make everything free all at once. But something does have to happen to change this illusion. Everything that has been against Humanity and this Earth needs to be removed or redone.

Yes, that sounds extreme, But the old must fall away before the new can ever begin. The Very rich are afraid of losing their wealth, which in the world at the moment controls everything. Big Money has become the lawmakers of the world, especially in the USA. We have become a world where a person who has enough money can do whatever he or she wants with no consequences for their actions. This has to stop and those who have been a part of this illusional control system must be held accountable.

Humans must rise together and stand in our Sovereignty, and say "NO," I refuse to hate my fellow Humans. "NO" I refuse to have fear of their controlled viruses and paid for chaos. "NO" I refuse to separate myself by political stance, race, or religion. "NO" I refuse to believe that violence and chaos are the answer, to anything. "NO" My importance is Not measured by Money, Race, or Beliefs. I am One with All Things, "I Matter." And "YES," It is my Right To say "NO", I choose to be a leader, not a follower.

Many of us are tired of playing the game and are now claiming our sovereign Divine Rights, No longer being controlled by the dark's negative agenda.

This means that We stand in our sovereignty, not as a political stance, but a Human Stance. We are the keepers of this planet and each other. We Choose Love, Peace, and Unity. We stand holding the Light High, shining on all darkness.

In Love and Light


Universal Lighthouse


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