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It's Not Called "Climate Change" or "Global Warming"

It's Not Called "Climate Change" or "Global Warming".

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

In today's society the Phrases "Climate Change" and "Global Warming" is a Far Left concept, that Most everyday People really don't know anything about. Most don't even know where those Phrases originated from. Well, I personally know the Family of the Man, that originated these Terms. His Name was, Maurice Frederick Strong. He was The ‘NWO Father’ Of "Climate Change", "Global Warming", and Agenda 21. I met his Granddaughter, right after he had passed away, in 2015.

Why am I disclosing this information? For my entire Life, I have always been shown the Darkness that needs to be removed or to be cleared. Many of you who follow my writing know that I do this clearing on all levels of reality, this includes My Higher God Self occupation or Job. When coming across this Family I had no Idea who I was talking too and becoming "friends" with. I think what is so strange now, is that they were very normal people, just extremely rich. But the grand daughter was very humble and Kind in the way she lived, and in the way she presented herself. Looking back now at that experience, I know that I was shown Darkness at its deepest level on this Planet, but I also seen a Beautiful positive nature deep underneath it all, that was hidden behind the narrative. I know I was intentionally shown both sides so I can understand the Dark Agendas clearly for transmuting.

The concept of "Climate Change" and "Global Warming" was created as another form of control and to make BIG Money.

The Elites or the Illuminati, as they are called, Know that the Earth is going through her ascension in these times. They Know the Earth is a Living Breathing Being. One side of the Dark Pushes the agenda of the Earth being just an object to plunder and rape. The Far Right Agenda is just that, they want to KILL the Earth and Stop her ascension into Higher Light. They are the side who want to control us through Money, the Industrial complex, and Big CORP. While on the other side of the coin they want to control by enforcing extreme rules and regulations against those Big Corporations, under the disguise of Climate Change, but at the Same time Make their BIG BUCKS. THIS IS THE GAME. By playing either side you are playing in the Dark's illusion that they create for you.

There is a Major Crisis happening on this Planet at the Moment, But It's Not Called "Climate Change", or "Global Warming", It's Called A LIVING PLANET. Which is conscious of your every thought towards her and her other inhabitants. This Information and knowledge, comes from the ancient Judaic text of the Torah, and has been hidden to Push the different agendas of the dark.

This truth, will change the way we look at this Earth.

Our Mother Earth for the Last 11,000 years has been asleep, in the since that she was not in her full awareness. But as she raises in frequency, as shown through the Schumann Resonance, she is Now AWAKE. This information has been recently confirmed by the Judaic Mystics "Seats" of these modern times. This Ancient Knowledge is Feared the Most by the Elites, Because with the Earth being aware of the Darkness, she will remove it herself. This is happening all around this Earth, through Storms, Floods, Volcano's, Earthquakes, and even everyday stuff happening in your personal Lives. These events and situations, are a reflection of your personal Intentions towards this Earth and her inhabitants.

Now that This Earth is Awake, she knows your personal intentions. That will scare many who just look at her for her resources. Our Personal Level of Respect for Her and her Nature, will determine our Future existence. She is removing all that is against her and Source Light who will show all truth.

Many have prophesied these end times as the Armageddon, the time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil. This is very true, But Both sides we are being shown is Not the Good. The Good Side is this Earth and Divine Light. Anything that goes against Nature Goes against the Infinite Creator. If you are actively working against the Earth, you are working against The Light.

To move forward into the NEW EARTH OF LIGHT, we must become aware of the very nature from which we came. We must rise in the understanding that we are part of the Infinite consciousness that is this creation. This includes the Consciousness of Mother Gaia. The Natives around the World have kept this Sacred Knowledge, and today are voicing this Knowing to the rest of Humanity.

You personally choose what agenda you wish to follow or Not. Whether you are for or against Climate Change issues is not the Point, The BIG QUESTION is, Are you FOR or AGAINST This Living Planet?

She knows your Truth, and will respond to you accordingly. When you become consciously aware that this Earth is a Very Ancient Being, that is very ALIVE, this changes your perspective of how you begin to Treat her and her nature.

Humanity has a long way to go to reach the 5th Dimensional Consciousness. But Mother Earth is about to Push us much faster towards this higher Understanding. It will begin to become much more obvious as we move towards the Higher way of Being, Which is Service to Others and this Planet.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,


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