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IT'S A TRAP ~ Don't Fall for It

IT'S A TRAP, ~ Don't Fall for It

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I am being guided to disclose more truth of the deception and Traps that Engulf this reality. There are some people like me, who do share the truth about the real control structure of this Universe and particularly about what is happening on Earth. But all of that isn't what is important at this time. There is something really big taking place, and if you don't see it you will be trapped.

Many want to hear about the darkness but they don't want to hear about how to counter and defeat that Darkness.

Within the series The Extraterrestrial Interference I disclose the Control structure within this universe and how it is manipulated by other species to control Humanity. However, My information is not just about the disclosure itself. I go much deeper into the Spiritual aspect as well. The reason for this is it has been ignored and even pushed aside. Our spiritual aspect is what is at stake here and that seems to have been forgotten. Our soul is the Prize, that the Dark Ones, the extraterrestrials and multidimensional beings known as the Archons, are after. They have laid many traps that have been set up to fool Humanity into falling into the darks agenda. These different narratives or Traps take control of the Mind, and spin it away from any truth that you may encounter. This causes you to have blinders on and only see one narrative, the one they want you to see. Those who have fallen for the traps can be shown the truth, but they constantly have to revert to what they are told by society to believe, or they revert back to the old programming. They don't do any real research for themselves and depend on mainstream media to give them their facts. Plus they will continue to believe in whoever or whatever they want the truth to be, and ignore what the real truth is. This isn't discernment, it's ignorance and choosing to stay blind. We are taught to have Faith and to not look and discern the Information that's given to us. We are told to just believe, to just Follow. If you are Following aimlessly without using your own inner guidance, You are still Lost, and have fallen into the Trap. Whatever is causing you to look outside of the God within, is a Trap. The Dark Ones want you Entrapped or Enslaved within their Illusion, so they can keep their control over your soul, for the rest of eternity. They want you to focus your attention on everything that is happening outside of you, and Not what's happening right Now within your own consciousness. There is something very magical taking place that only those who are aware of it are feeling. The Connection to our Infinite Creator is being activated and if you are stuck in the Traps you will miss it. If you are focused on the world's Darkness and the Lower vibrational Emotions of Fear Hate and greed, you will not experience this Magnificent Connection and Boost within our Consciousness. During this Time the Dark ones are Pushing Disease, War, Famine and Death, because they are trying to bring in their Prophecy of the apocalypse which is the dark agenda. Or should I say their version of the Story, in which you Create by staying in these lower emotions. This does not have to be the narrative.

We do have a choice of how we wish this world to become. If you haven't heard already the BIG SECRET IS.... WE CREATE THIS REALITY. The Narrative of the Dark is that of Suffering and turmoil. Don't fall for that Trap. Is That what you wish for this Earth to become? By continuing to Blindly follow the chosen Narrative, you are creating The destruction and total control of Mankind. The Dark are Scattering around trying to Bring in this Horrific outcome for Humanity. They literally are pushing for WW3. It's time to wake Up to what you are creating for our New Earth.

Yes we do need to see the darkness, because if we don't, we do not know what to project the Light toward. But we do not need to wallow in that darkness. Our focus is what is important, what you put your energy towards you create. The Dark has pushed their narrative of a doom and gloom reality for centuries through The church. This has created a timeline where their narrative could very well play out if they can get enough energy and focus towards their agenda. This is why the big push on creating new Diseases to attack humanity, Wars where only the populous suffer, Famine that's caused by the deliberate destruction of the food supplies and death from all of it. These are the 4 horsemen of the ancient Prophecy coming to life. However, The dark ones are the ones actually breaking the seals.

Their prophecy does not have to happen. The Light is already here and the battle for our souls is already taking place. We do not have to follow a prophecy just because it was written in the past.

There is something really big taking Place, and that's our ascension. This is the Rapture or the rising of our spirit to meet our creator, we are rising in the Light. This is the purpose of focusing on the higher vibrations of Love. These vibrations include Gratitude, Forgiveness, Compassion, and Oneness. They are the Highest Vibrations this physical form can emit through emotion, and when we act upon these intentions we are embracing and embodying the higher Consciousness of our infinite Creator. You will feel this through the need to create and be expressive. You will begin to feel more compassion for others and this Planet. We will feel our consciousness rising beyond the vibrations of this physical reality, and beyond the vibrations of the ones who wish to control. Don't Fall for their Traps. You choose what you wish to believe and focus on, what you put energy towards, creates your reality. Let's choose to be Love.

and so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos and the Karistus, the New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

Part 9 Putin Said, They are “NOT EVEN HUMAN”

Part 13 Our Alien Essence & Our Super Natural Abilities - Part 13 of the Extraterrestrial Interference

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