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Is There About to Be a "False F..." Event? ~ December Cosmic Light Update

Is There about to Be a "False F..." Event? - December Cosmic Light Update.

Beware of False information and a mainstream Media push and Hype. Stand firm for what you know to be the truth.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

Our inner voice tells us things that our Angels and Guides wish us to become aware of. Many of us have become more aware of this inner Gnosis and have learned to channel the messages that are given to us. Most of the time this message is of personal nature to advance our spiritual growth. However, on other occasions, we receive messages that are more for everyone and sometimes it even comes as a warning. The energies that we are in the moment experiencing feel as though we are about to be deceived, in a big way. Many of us are feeling it and we even sense that there may be a false f attempt within the next few weeks. Big or small when we feel these inner nudges we do need to learn to become aware and take notice of what our angels and guides are trying to show us. Each and every one of us has the ability of intuition. This is a Natural gift given to all of Mother Earth Gaia Sophia's Children. Just as animals and birds, Humans have the ability to channel when there is going to be danger coming across our Path. When an alert is being picked up on by so many people we really do need to become aware of what our inner guidance is trying to warn us about.

Our Intuition is one of the First abilities we as humans were given, however as we grew away from our natural way of being we forgot this ancient gift. As Mother Earth raises in Light, this ability is now waking up on a more collective level. Many of the Awakened Ones know that there is something about to take place and it's not going to be what the mainstream is going to push. I am Being shown that Humanity as the Collective will see the false narrative for what it is. In other words, This coming attack could cause a MASS awakening to take place. But as we know in the process of the Dark Archons F F events, people usually lose their lives. There is really nothing false about these FF Dark attacks on Humanity that take place during these events. Whether they are trying to provoke fear or hate it's always the dark ones trying to divide and control. During these very important times of our ascension, The Archons also known as the Reptilian, and the ones we refer to as the Dark, are the Real Alien Interference, who wish to keep Humanities masses distracted. Through their distractions with these fake events that they themselves cause, they push massive amounts of fear and hate into the population. These are spells and rituals performed on a massive scale. You must never forget that there is a battle that dark ones chose to fight, and Your soul essence is their prize. They wish to keep you enslaved for the rest of eternity.

During this next month Listen to your own intuition not what you hear through media and trust your own inner guidance, other than what you hear from outside sources, we must learn to stand within our own inner knowing. The Light within us is our guide through the veil and beyond into the higher dimensions. Trust the Light within to Lead you through these unknown times. The Power is within you to Stop, Block, and Bind, those doing harm to the innocent. Our Angels have given us a sign to stand in our truth. We Must allow the Light within ourselves to become the beacons of Love and Protection, guarding this Earth and all of her Children. and so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, and the Karistus the Ones known as the Angels, the New Earth of Light, Full disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @


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