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Is the "Big Event" underway? If so, We have a Choice to Make.

The Schumann Resonance Is considered The Heart Beat of the Earth. The Normal base is measured at 7.83 Hertz.

In the last few Years Since January 31, 2017, We have seen a significant increase in the activity of the Earth's Heart. She is spiking now everyday sometimes up to 83 Hz.

Is the "Big Event" underway? If so, We have a Choice to make.

Many feel that it is, and we all are feeling the results. Most all agree that the Light is Stronger than ever before. Nothing stays hidden for long, all is now being seen for better or worse, even if it is a truth you do not wish to be true. Everyone on this Planet is now faced with The Great Awakening.

The Higher Energy that is penetrating the Earth's heart is also piercing our own. As the Earth rises in frequency so must we. We are connected to this physical Plane by our physical bodies. Everything the Earth experiences so will we.

So yes you may experience these changes as aches and pains or you may even feel emotionally unstable.

These energies we are now experiencing are easier excepted when you are in the vibration of Love. This concept is to focus and stop the mind from negative thoughts. Literally changing all your thoughts to only Loving ones. Yes this is difficult... But we must rise with the Earth. This is the Grand Choice that has to be made. To Be Love or Not. To Be Light or Not. To Be Truth or Not. To Wake-Up or Not. If your answer is "Not", This is going to be a very rough ride.

There is no middle road. You can not balance between these energies.

The Schumann Resonance is scientific Fact that the Earth is Changing vibrations.

This is Happening. Everything is Vibrating Energy. There is no separation from you and Nature. You are Nature. Your Body will respond according to your own personal Vibration. To BE Love is truly the only answer. The Higher frequency the emotions the higher your vibration. By expressing Love in every action you are helping with the transformation into the New Earth.

To express Love we must put Others before ourselves. We must Learn to care for our fellow neighbor. This is love. To love only self only benefits the self but to Love others benefits for All. We as Humans have already experienced the self awareness, we are Now entering into the consciousness of Oneness with the All, understanding our true connection with each other.

The Highest form of Love that a Human can give to another is to give his own Life for that person. This is the True Christ Consciousness. To Love so Much that you would give your life to be that Love. In today's world most have forgotten how to LOVE. A Mother used to Love her unborn child so much she would give her life for that child. Now they just Kill that child instead. This is not Love to no other but self.

Those who put themselves above others are not in the Light, and will experience difficulty within this shift. It's happening now, Even those unaware are experiencing it.

We Have a Choice to be Love or Not. Now is the moment to be making the decision to Be the Love, to Be the Light and to Be the Truth.

Universal Lighthouse

This is a Frequency Chart that will help you with understanding the vibrations of your emotions.


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