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Intuitive Astrology: Scorpio Super Full Moon April 2021

The Scorpio Super Full Moon will light up the night sky on April 26-27th. Super Full Moons occur when the Moon comes nice and close to the Earth. This not only makes the Moon appear bigger and brighter in the sky, but it also increases its magnetic potency.

Full Moons have a way of drawing things out of us. Their magic is that they can bring things to the surface, uncover hidden wounds, and stir emotions we didn’t even know we had. Because of this, Full Moons can be considered powerful portals for release work.

What do you wish to let go of? What do you wish to remove from your life? How do you long to be free?

This Full Moon is a time where we may feel naturally drawn to release and free ourselves from things that are no longer serving our highest path.

As this Full Moon falls in the watery sign of Scorpio, and the Moon is ruled by the element of water, we may also find ourselves feeling extra sensitive and in touch with our higher senses. Our intuition may speak to us with more clarity, or it may be easier for us to pick up on the energies of those around us.

Our heightened senses can be a guide, and can help us to travel into a deeper state of awareness and understanding. Our intuition is a valuable superpower, and on this Full Moon night, it will be easier to access.

The Scorpio energies present at this Full Moon also indicates that what we are called to release and let go of may be psychic or energetic in nature.

We pick up on the energies around us whether we realize it or not, and sometimes those energies can stick with us. By clearing our energetic body we can return to a state of wholeness and balance. We can ensure that our energy is authentic to who we really are.

Under the power of this Full Moon, be sure to take the time to energetically cleanse your body, whether it is by taking a bath, working with crystals, or burning sacred herbs.

Other practices like acupuncture, reiki, pranic healing, and sound baths can also be highly beneficial for clearing stagnant energy from the body.

By setting an intention to cleanse and release any energy that is no longer needed, you can tap into the potent cleansing powers that this Full Moon brings.

This sensitive Full Moon not only supports psychic cleansing and release, but it also holds some illuminating and awakening energy.

Secrets may be revealed, or new information may come to the surface under the influence of this Full Moon. We may also find ourselves looking back over the last few months and receiving more clarity on some of the decisions we have made.

Scorpio energy is ruled by Pluto, and just a day after this Full Moon, Pluto enters the underworld for its annual retrograde.

Pluto shifting retrograde shortly after the Full Moon indicates that whatever we are being guided to release could link back all the way to October of last year.

Events from this time may resurface, or we may find ourselves needing to clear any psychic or emotional baggage that we have inherited since this time.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, so keep in mind that whatever has fallen away has not been lost. It is simply undergoing a transformation and you may start to see signs of the rebirth under this Scorpio Full Moon.

Uranus, the planet of awakening and surprise, is also very active on this Full Moon.

The presence of Uranus indicates that something may catch us off guard, or we may experience a sudden change of events. In fact, the whole week leading up to the Full Moon offers some of this erratic Uranus energy, so there’s a good chance we may be feeling a little frazzled by the time the Moon blossoms into fullness.

If you are feeling scattered, be sure to stay grounded and practice self-care. Know that whatever is making you feel restless can also serve as a clue as to what you need to dive deeper into.

Sometimes when agitated or anxious energy arises, we want to push it away. But what Scorpio energy tries to show and teach us is that sometimes the only way out is through. Instead of trying to skate the surface, we instead, dive in, and allow ourselves to explore whatever we find, no matter how uncomfortable it can be.

Usually, once we brace ourselves and surrender, any uncomfortable energy that we feel soon passes and we are left with new wisdom, a deeper understanding, greater compassion, and a bigger understanding of the whole.

There is a power in learning to be present in the uncomfortable emotions that greet us in life. So while self-care is so important under this Full Moon energy, give yourself the opportunity to dive in to any chaos if you feel called.

Overall, the Scorpio Super Full Moon brings its share of intensity and sensitivity, but also a golden opportunity to release, especially on an energetic level.

The next Full Moon we experience will be a potent Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26.


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