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IN CELEBRATION ~ A Message from The Inner Earth Elemental Kingdom

Many Blessings to You,

I am Danu...

Lady of Light,

I speak to you in these precious moments, as your surface world celebrates Earth Day. Earth Day for the Elemental Kingdom is every day, and in every moment we celebrate Our great Mother Earth. Each day she blesses us with life, with breath and with nutrition. Each day she gives her Love to every being within and upon her surface.

The Earth mother has endured many, many, thousands of years of The Darks Wrath. They have tried to destroy her in many different ways. Even using technology against her to stop her from awakening.

Nonetheless, She began to awaken out of the Darker vibrations, within your Year 2020. As this began to take place, the Dark ones who control the surface plane, began their attack on Humanity. This is when they released their virus to the population. Purposely lowering the collective vibration, to stop Humanities ascension, and to slow the process of the Mother's awakening. Since then, Our Mother Earth has fully awakened, and is actively countering the Dark Magic against her and humanity.

Our Mother Earth, is a sentient being and is very aware of everything that is happening. She communicates with Us her Keepers as she is consciously raising her own vibration.

Our Mother Earth is very special within the cosmos. She is unlike any other Planet. Her higherself resides beyond the Pleroma, within the 12th dimension. She chose to separate, and lowered a part of herself in vibration, to become Earth, to protect all of her Children, as they fell into the darker vibrations. We The Elementals, have been assisting, and protecting, our Mother, since she fell in deep slumber, about 11,000 years ago.

Now that she is fully awake, she is communicating Through her higher self. She has chosen to fully rise to the 5th dimensional spectrum of Light, and raise Humanity completely out of the spectrums of the lower dimensions. This is being done by divine decree, as ordered through the Great Spirit.

As this takes place, she will continue to boost her frequencies to awaken more of her children. And in doing so, it is also dissolving the darks magic.

The Dark ones continue to push their rituals and blood magic to try and keep their control of the planet and of Humanity. However, The Very high frequencies that Our Mother is emitting is dissolving the dark energies that are being projected.

We too, within the Elemental Kingdom, are also helping to direct the energies, where is needed. Helping to lift our Human Family out of the lower consciousness state of Fear and hate, into the Higher understanding of Love and Oneness.

Our emergence, upon the Surface, is already happening. Many of you have already begun to witness the Faery and the Sprites, as they Play in your Gardens and dance to your Music.

Invite these Beautiful beings, into your homes as they brighten your surroundings with Joy and abundance. Speak to them directly, for they understand your Thoughts. They know whether your intentions are good or not. So if you approach them with Loving thoughts, they will engulf you with their Light and Magic. These beings are at 6th Interdimensional, and can interact with all other dimensions.

All Elemental Beings are what you would believe to be as, Magical. These abilities are given to us, through our service to the Light, and to Mother Earth. We extend our Gift of Love to Humanity, as you too will receive these wonders of the Light as you grow in Oneness.

Our Mother Earth also extends her Love, as she raises all of us in the Glory of the Great Spirit. Remember to celebrate her Gifts of Love, that she gives you Daily. Every day is a blessing, given from your Mother Earth. Remember to Have Gratitude and Love, every day, and especially on your Earth Day.

We within the elemental Kingdom, celebrate our Mother and our Human family as we soon will commune once again.

 In Love and Light.

I am Danu.

Lady of Light. Queen of the Elemental Kingdom.

Message from the Inner Earth Elemental Kingdom.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder, at


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