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** Important Disclosure Happening Now ** Light Brings Truth ~ The Andromedans

Greetings in the Light and Love of our Infinite Creator,

Humanity is about to undergo an extensive amount of Disclosure, that will bring the changes that all of us of the Light forces have been anticipating. There are Those of you who have been waiting for many life times for this massive event.

Many of our Wanderers have been here for thousands of your Earth Years to help bring forth this Timeline within your Space Time Reality.

The Light is Here. There are many ships that surround you, and they are directing the Energies evenly throughout your planet. And as this is taking place, Truth coming forth will be one of the first things you will notice. You can say that the Light Brings Truth. Light is truth, it will force all truth to be exposed. Even if you do not want to see it or believe it.

The following information we are about to give you, is only given because this Channel has already become aware of the true dynamics that underlines your Planet. Not all channels would receive this type of information, due to the beliefs they still hold onto. We can only offer what the channel can receive. This information is one of the most hidden deceptions that is taking place.

The Extraterrestrial Dark Forces have all been removed from your Planet and from the entirety of this solar system.

However, this does not mean that all issues have been dealt with. The Dark ones who are left on your Planet, are still pushing their chosen narratives. These Dark ones are very ancient Fallen Souls, and they know exactly who they are when not in their Reptilian Human hybrid bodysuits. They have full memories of their true form. When incarnating or walking into their Hybrid forms they can continue with the same agenda that they had the life before. This was a Big advantage against the Humans, who are wiped of their memories from life to life. And even though their counterparts are no longer here, they are still working very hard on their agenda of keeping the Earth and all of Humanity in Enslavement within the lower 4th density.

But Humanity is waking up to The Big Deception, The truth of The elite's shadow Government and their Space programs will be exposed fully. These elites are the Big Corporations that you would refer to as the Military industrial complex. These corporations have back engineered every extraterrestrial ship that they have knocked out of the sky. All of these Corporations, are the ones who are funded by the black budgets of the United States. And make a massive amount of money through having War, and selling weapons to both sides. These corporations have secret Militaries, including navy, Air force and Ground Teams on the planet and many space programs, cloning Programs and Hybrid Programs going on.

As we are communicating with this channel, The hidden information of these dark corporations is being given to those on your Planet that can start the process of exposure and Justice. These Dark ones will be forced to stop all illegal and Diabolical things that they have done to Humanity, This is including the Massive Human Trafficking and mass Murder on an unbelievable scale. They use cloned soldiers and hybrids as their Military. And have been working secretly under the radar of all the governments and the regular Militaries of the world, since the 1940s or before, of your time space. They have held all technologies away from public knowledge that could better humanities and the Earth existence. All of these inventions and information will be given to Humanity. These corporations and Elitist, will all be held accountable for their actions.

Humanity is about to be totally freed from enslavement. Humanity has been under one of the most extreme truth embargoes, where everything that you have ever been told has been nothing but Lies. So When faced with real Truth, this will be very shocking to some. Some may even become very angry. This is normal for you to feel betrayed and used. As a Species, Humans have been enslaved for Thousands of your Earth Years by these Lower vibrational beings. As this becomes exposed for all to see, The Dark ones will have nowhere else to hide.

The Earth and all of Humanity is being engulfed in The Light of our Infinite Creator, and Nothing can stop the Divines will. All of this earth is receiving this energy, and all of humanity is as well. No one can escape the power of our Infinite Creator.

It is within and surrounds everything, and knows and sees all, with infinite knowledge and unbounded wisdom. When the divine makes a decree, it must be followed.

As Humans rise in the Light, they too will undergo many changes that will take them from a species of being totally controlled, to having absolute freedom within the Higher Light. What this means, is humans will be engulfed with the Love light of the 5th density vibrations, within this vibration nothing of lower vibration can exist. Only the Vibrations of Love, peace, compassion, giving, forgiveness, oneness, and other positive emotions can survive. So even if you become angry, it's only for a moment, then it passes, and you can forgive. You will no longer be able to hold onto any of the lower vibrations for very long before you will need to release it.

Soon the lower emotions of Fear, hate, greed, and selfishness, will disappear. All That is left will be the Love that you are all made of.

As you go through this massive transformation, know that we are here with you. And know that you can call upon us at any moment you wish too. You are our Family.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromedans.

Channeled By Chellea, at


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