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I LOVE YOU, From Mother Earth

I LOVE YOU, From Mother Earth

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

There has been confirmation of the quarantine of Planet Earth, through the Council of Planets. What this entails, is Mother Earth is now awake and aware of her ascension. So no more is lower vibrational entities or extraterrestrials allowed to interfere with Mother Earth's or Humanities ascension. From what I am aware of the Earth has been in a Slumber or Sleep for the Last 11,000 years of our Timeline due to the dark controllers influence, by keeping her vibration extremely low. Allowing for the lower vibrational Entities to reside here, and abuse the Earth and Humanity. This is now being stopped by Divine Will and through the direction of the Higher Light Councils, and by the Ancient "Seats" of Earth.

Now that Gaia / Terra has awakened fully she will be much more active and responsive to our Intentions as Humans. Without having any physical influence from negative forces, it will be much easier for Humans to make choices for themselves. But, From what I understand, Mind Control is taking place in these moments, upon this planet, that was left behind by dark extraterrestrials that they used for their control system. So, Some Humans have been using this technology for their own Self- serving and Controlling Purposes, however, it is beginning to backfire and more are waking up to the Big Deception.

We as humans are now in control of ourselves. Who we let represent us must be inline with Mother Earth, and Not trying to control other Human beings, or harm nature.

All those who play in the darkness will be subjected to the removal by Divine will. Every single person is Now in control of there own actions. If you react negatively towards Others and this Planet, She, will respond to you. The Dark kept her asleep so they could use her for Dark Purposes. Now she is aware of this and is Transforming everything that has been Done back to Light. How this will look I personally am unaware of, But, she will clean and clear her body from the Darkness. I am sure we will see more storms, Volcano's, Earthquakes, and other natural events with Nature, even the Animals will respond to us positively or Negatively depending on your intentions towards the Earth, Nature, and Other Humans. We forget that we too are Nature. You too, are also protected and Loved by Our Mother Earth. So now not only do you have Karma from the universe at play, but you are standing on a conscious being who is now aware of your every intention. This Earth will also respond positively when we show Love to her and Others, in the since of Service through Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Giving. However, when you do harm to anything or anyone on this planet, She will also respond accordingly.

The Elemental Kingdoms are rejoicing, and are excited that Mother has awakened. She has been Long Missed. Now the Faerie and Other elemental will be able to surface, and be seen by the Humans once again. Of course, this will take time for them to know you personally and how you are reacting to them and this Earth. But none the less, they are here, and everywhere there is Nature. So if you Bring Nature into your Homes, they will come in as well. This is a very special Time for Humanity and this Earth. We are heading in the Direction of Peace and Heaven on Earth Once again. Soon we will begin to witness many higher vibrational beings that have been hidden from our Eyes. As we raise our vibration, they can then show themselves to us with much more ease. The higher way of being, is formed by Love. Love for this Earth, and all of Nature, and the Love for your Fellow Humans. This will be hard for those who wish to stay within the 3D reality that abuses this planet and others. Really Stop for a moment an open your eyes to what you have been following. Does your chosen narrative, involve harming this Earth, Nature, or other Humans? If you are following anything of the 3D reality, then Yes. Everything in this 3D world is against Nature. From Big Tech, to Big Corporations, to Big Pharma, to Big Oil. They are what is in real control of the United States Corporation. and every bit of it is against Nature, Humanity, and this Earth. So much must Change to truly step into a higher conscious society. But, now we have Mother earths Full assistance. Plus the Divine will is on our Side. Things will begin to change much faster now. More will become awakened due to Mother Earths raising and awareness in the Light.

She is very aware of You, and She Loves you very Much. You are her child, we depend on her for nourishment, Shelter, Growth, and even our Breath. She is the Womb that keeps us safe and protected. She is the Divine's Consort. We need to remember to give her the Respect and Love she deserves as our precious Mother.

and so it is and it is so.

in so much Love and Light,

Channeled By Chellea @


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