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I AM RETURNING TO EARTH ~ Sananda Christos

My Dear Family of Earth,

I have spoken many times with The One you know as Chellea. Her connection with me is much different than most, because she sees me in total truth, She sees me, how she remembers me. However, She has not wanted to scribe my words due to, so many false claims, of who I was and who I am and What most humans believe me to Be. She also wants to be very cautious and very truthful when scribing the words that I convey.

On Earth, I was known by Many Names. But Most now, know me as Jesus. I have many names, from many different Lives, on Many different Planets. I am however, from originally beyond the 12th density, created by Divine Light, the Infinite Pair, Mother Father God.

For this Transmission, I will be using my Sirian and Angelic Names as Sananda Christos.

I begin coming to Earth Many thousands of your Earth years ago. I watched as Humanity grew into their spiritual awareness.

I came to you as a servant of Light, bringing truth of the One infinite Creator. The Father/Mother of Creation.

The First Time I came to Earth, Humans were still very primitive, living under the rule of the Dark Overlords. The Dark Ones had made their presence known on many planets, and Earth was no exception.

At that Time, I knew that Humans were much too young to understand their truth. But I still left signs and writings of the Teachings of the Infinite Light.

The second time I came to Earth, Humans again were not ready for their truth and were still far too young to understand your connection to The Oneness of the Light. But Again I left writings of My presence there. Once those in control, found out who I was, The Teachings that I had Left were quickly hidden from Humanity by the Dark Rulers, and were only used by the elites who only stumbled over the teachings and Never truly understood them. But they were completely taken from Humanity, and the masses were blocked from ever knowing their truth.

 The Third time I came to Earth, I made Sure that My Memory There would still exist. This Time I did not get erased. The Dark Rulers, of those times, had tried to remove my existence on Earth, in many ways. Long before the Dark Ones put me on the Cross, there had been many attempts at removing me through poisoning. When that did not work, they knew they had no other choice, but to make my removal a public skeptical. I knew that if I was killed, that my Time there on Earth would have all been in vain. My resurrection became imminent. I lived another 11 years on Earth, after my Time on the Cross.  I also lived within an ascended Human form and I taught my closest followers of my Truth, and how to achieve the ascension.  

Because My Previous 2 attempts at giving Humanity Truth, had been to no avail. As soon as I became aware as a Young Child and remembered who I was, I began to have scribes write down everything I did and said. Most of those teachings and writings have been manipulated or destroyed. But Many were hidden in caves and other places for Humans to later discover. But while I was here on Earth at That time, I soon discovered another issue that took forefront.

The Dark Rulers or Archons, had Damaged Most of Humanities DNA, by splicing their own DNA with the Humans, resulting in What you might Understand as Dark Blood, or Dirty DNA. Which totally Blocked Humans from ever ascending. When I discovered this it became a priority and a Divine Decree, to Upgrade the Human DNA so they could make this ascension into the Higher Dimension. Releasing Humanity from the enslavement by the Archons.

So, I also instilled my essence of Light within the DNA of Humans, in Those times, conceiving 3 Children. 2 Girls and a Boy. Resulting in the Negative blood types you know of today. So yes, I do see you also as My Children, because my essence of Light livs within many of you.

Then, to also resolve this issue, many Star Nations decided to add their DNA also with the Humans to help reverse the Archons Manipulation of the Human Genetics. Since then, Humans DNA has advanced Greatly and is Ready for The Transition into Higher Light. As a result, as well, their Consciousness levels are rising very Quickly now that they are being introduced to the Higher rays of Light of the Alcyone Star.

Many may ask, Why was it so important for Humanity to remember me. Who I was personally was never important. I wasn't The Only one who ever brought Humanity Truth. However, Humans had been blocked from ever knowing their truth, Even through DNA manipulation. Humanity would have been a totally enslaved Race, If I had not brought the truth and The Essence of Light That I and many of your Star Families had offered, when we did, Humanity would not be ascending in these moments.  

Our Essence that we offered Humanity was to cleanse your Race from the Dark Manipulation and Control. This is why we all see you as actual Family.

As a result of the Divine intervention, Humans are now able to make the ascension that is currently upon you. You are awakening to your truth. Turn your focus within to find your remembrance. You will remember you are Also Children of the Divine. You are My Brothers and sisters. You are my Children, through Essence, and you are Precious within the presence of the Infinite Creator.

Throughout the many thousands of Years, I have watched you. I have walked amongst You, as your Brother. Humans Still know my Truth. They still know that I came as a Beacon of the Light, Bringing Love and Oneness. This is what you remember, This is what is important.

I am Returning to Earth, But I will not come as an incarnate as the 3 Times before. You will see me as you remember me. You will know me. I will come again to bring Truth, to bring Light and to bring Love. I will be there to lead you into the Higher Light. I am calling upon the Many Angelic's and your many Star Families, and They will also be there. It was Once said, that I could Have Called 10 Thousand Angels, To destroy the world, and set you Free. But this is not Truth. I couldn't have never called to harm anyone or Anything. To Harm any, is to harm yourself because you are Divine Light. But I will, Call upon all Those of higher Light, To Embrace you and Love you, as you enter the Higher Light of the Divine Spectrums of Creation.

I Love you so Very Much, And I look forward to walking with you once again.

In The Light of The Divine,

I am Sananda Christos.

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