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Humanity has A BIG SURPRISE COMING ~ Message from the Inner Earth Elemental Kingdom

Many Blessings to you,

I am Danu...

Lady of Light,

It has been some time since our last communion of Love.

I speak to you from the Inner Realms of Mother Earth. I am the Queen of the Elemental Kingdom.

Our Realm is of the High 4th to 6th dimensions and will also ascend with Mother Earth.

We connect with this channel today, to bring forth news, of our emergence and the joining with you once again. In these very precious moments, our Earth has opened her Inner Realms to commune with the surface plane once again. We are the Faeries, The Elves and the Gnomes, We are the Brownies, The Sprites and the Dwarves, we are the Many Elemental beings of your Ancient Lore. We have always shared Mother Earth with Humanity.

Long ago, when the Earth fell into the Lower dimensions, as she entered her last cycle, The Dark Ones took control, of the Surface world. They used their Dark Magic to create an Illusion of Control. They attacked all those of Higher Light, forcing us to Retreat into the inner Earth Realms. This is where we have stayed hidden, from the violence of Humanity.

Our Dear Mother Earth, has awakened from her Long Slumber within the Lower vibrations, and is Now within the 4th Dimension, allowing for our emergence from the Inner realms. As Humanity rises in Light, We are able to walk with you once again. As more Humans awaken to Oneness and Love, we will become more excepted as your Earth Family.

This also has helped with the permanent sealing of the void, stopping the evil ones from their emergence into your reality. The Void is what you would understand as the Lower fourth dimension. The sealing off of this Realm was done by the Angelics, and is where the Dark ones have been imprisoned for many thousands of years. These dark beings once dominated the Earth destroying or enslaving every soul They encountered. These beings are known to Humans as the demons or Jinn of your old teachings.

The Dark Ones counterparts, who has controlled the Earth surface, has been using their dark Magic to open the Portals into the Void. They knew that once the Earth herself entered the Higher Forth dimension, They would have access to the portals. However, The Higher Forces of Light are in Control, The Dark Beings from the Void, are being blocked in these moments from Entering The physical Plane of Earth.

Our Dear Mother Earth, is helping also in this manner, allowing for our emergence to help defend her and protect her. We are Our Mothers Keepers. We are the Elemental kingdom of Nature.

All of us within the Inner Earth who are of Light, are also ascending with Humanity and the Earth. All beings of Light, as within and so without, are rising to meet our Source, the Great Spirit of Life. Many of you will begin to see The Faeries and Sprites as they can still stay hidden with much more ease. They are at 6th interdimensional Level, meaning they can traverse any, of the Lower Realms that are beneath them in Vibration. They can pop in and out of your physical reality at will. You will see them as Sparks and Orbs of colored Light. Faeries and Sprites are very joyous beings, and Love to Play and Dance. Invite them to join you while you listen to Music. As you rise in the Light, you will begin to experience the Magic of the Higher dimensions. You will begin to experience things you can not explain. Because you have been taught that all magic is evil, or is fantasy. The Magic of The Light is Love.

You are awakening to your Own Magic, you are awakening Your own gifts of Light.

Humanity has A BIG Surprise Coming, as you emerge from the darkness. The Magic Awaits you!

I look forward to communing with you Once again. In Love and Light.

I am Danu.

Lady of Light.

Message from the Inner Earth Elemental Kingdom.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder, at


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