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How to Spiritually Heal Yourself

Every Cell in Your Body Has a “Clock” in it. This is How to Wind those Clocks Backwards!

There is a natural healing force within you. It is your most powerful weapon against disease. Your body is a miracle of nature and has an extraordinary talent to heal itself.

The following information is perhaps the most revolutionary ever to be published on healing. The results are so spectacular, and the evidence so overwhelming, and the methods so critical to healing yourself, that we must start by showing you clear proof that spiritual healing is something you can do right now to heal yourself of any disease. By the way, this information has nothing to do with religion. Please keep an open mind. The practical application of these healing methods can produce instant results with minimal effort.

Spiritual healing should not replace your doctor’s medical advice. Always seek medical advice from a professional before trying any of the techniques given on this page.

Do not stop any medication or medical treatment you may be having.

A Scientific Study by an Eminent Doctor that Proved Spiritual Healing is the Quickest Way to Heal Yourself

Gloria Gronowicz Ph.D. has worked in cell biology for 27 years. In 2008 she experimented to test the effectiveness of Therapeutic Touch (Healing Touch). Doctor Gronowicz used controlled experiments that could be meticulously analyzed using statistics. Before the experiments Doctor Gronowicz doubted the effects of Therapeutic Touch.

The experiment went as follows;

Human cell cultures were divided into three groups.The first group was treated by a trained Therapeutic Touch healer.The second group was treated by untrained students.The third group was ignored.Scientists then studied the cells.

To the amazement of Doctor Gronowicz the cells treated by the expert healer were stronger and grew much faster in comparison to the other cells that were treated by the untrained students and the cells that received no treatment.

Doctor Gronowicz said that healing touch stimulated cell growth at statistically significant rates. The cells grew twice as fast as the untreated cells.

The conclusion is that there is compelling energy that can be transmitted through a person’s hands to influence cells, cure disease and relieve pain.

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Doctor Gronowicz’s results were published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and The Journal of Orthopedic Research.

Body Meridians – Your Energy Pathways

Your body has an energy field. This energy field is called your “Aura.” Sometimes due to the trauma, we experience “Negative Energy.” Negative energy creates blockages and stops your natural healing ability.

Energy flows through your body along lines called meridians. When you are healthy this energy flows easily. If your energy flow is blocked then you may become unwell. Spiritual healing removes blockages along your energy paths. Once these blockages are removed your energy starts to circulate freely and you feel renewed.


Self-healing always starts by removing negative energy blocks. Doctor’s looks at your body, diagnose a problem and give you medicine. They don’t always take into account your emotional and spiritual state. Your emotions can’t be seen but play a huge factor in self-healing.

Stress and worry will eventually affect your body, so spiritual healing takes your emotions into account. The reason you are sick today is probably due to a build-up of negative emotions. The effects of worry and stress may not show up today, but at some point, they may arrive as an illness. You won’t know this and may look for other causes which can lead you to take medicines you don’t need. All medicines have side effects.

Is there a quick, easy way to self-heal yourself? Yes, there is. Self-healing used to be regarded as a gift of the few, but in fact, we all have this gift. You don’t have to spend years suffering to heal yourself. The following steps have worked for millions of people worldwide. Scientific evidence follows.

Natural Healing

Natural healing identifies the underlying source of your illness. Modern medicine deals with symptoms, natural healing understands causes. Negative energy is present in 99% of people living in modern society. It’s there for the following reasons.

Stress – Fight-or-Flight

Fight or flight is your ancient survival mechanism. Without knowing it most of us activate this device over 30 times daily. Fight or flight suppresses your immune system. Why? Because in moments of stress your body thinks it will need all its resources to deal with the situation at hand, so it temporarily shuts down your immune system. That’s bad because now you’re not protected against the disease. What’s also bad is that when the stressful situation is over, it takes time for your body to switch back on its immune system fully. Your blood pressure and sugar levels also rise during fight-or-flight.

Trauma Impressions

Any suffering you may have been through will leave an imprint on your body’s meridians. You may not be aware of these impressions, and that is why they are so harmful. Trauma imprints may also be there because of the pain or harm you caused others.

Negative Thoughts

Thoughts carry energy through your body. If your thoughts are negative, then blocks are created along the lines of your meridians. The most common negative thoughts are worry and fear.

How to Heal Yourself

Remember, healing starts by removing negative energy blocks along your body’s meridians. If you don’t do this first, everything else, medicine, exercise and therapy will be diluted. Disease happens when your body is out of balance., so how can you heal yourself and restore balance to your body? You start by removing your energy blocks.


Put yourself in a state of deep relaxation. Breathing deeply is the fastest way to relax and reduce stress. Don’t breathe too deeply, just enough to relax. You can also do this by meditating. Imagine a gentle waterfall of pure water falling on you, cleansing your mind and body.


Identify the traumas that you have been through during your life.

Identify traumas that you have put others through during your life.


Replay the traumatic experiences in your mind. Face your feelings head on. At this point, you may become emotional; this is a good sign. Crying and feeling guilty are essential parts of the healing process, this helps you let go of all the pain at a deeply profound level.


Forgive those who hurt you. You must forgive to move on; it’s hard but necessary. Forgiveness releases you from the trauma of your past.

Ask for forgiveness from those you hurt (do this in your mind and mean it). Saying sorry sends a message to those you hurt and allows them to forgive you and move on with their lives.


Now give your soul permission to release itself from all past suffering.

Feeling Lighter

Imagine yourself feeling much lighter now as all your negative energy blocks disappear.


You may have made promises that you couldn’t keep. We all do. It’s not your fault. Your intentions were good, but for whatever reason, you couldn’t keep all your promises. Allow yourself to be released from these obligations. They can also create blocks because of guilt. You did your best, now let go. It’s time to start again. If you feel that you made promises in a previous life and didn’t keep them, say sorry and you will be released.

Genetic Blockages

You may have inherited bad genes. Again, this is not your fault. Your cells can recreate themselves.

Ask your ancestors for permission to heal your cells.

Now Re-imagine Every Part of your Body in Perfect Health

After removing all your blocks, this is the most important thing to do – Re-imagine every part of your body in perfect health. Take your time. This is where the healing happens. Have complete faith in your body and the universe. Once you have completed the above, you should now feel relaxed and peaceful. All the pain and negativity will have left your body.

You have now cleared your energy blocks. Energy is flowing freely along your meridians. Healing will now be stimulated and accelerated. Your body’s natural healing ability is now unrestricted.

The next step is to re-energize your body.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is about “The Whole Person,” not just the ailment. Every part of you is connected. You are a whole being, and all your organs are interdependent. Energy healing accepts that your body, mind, and soul are inseparable.

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Here are three powerful steps to unlimited energy.

Step 1

For your mind to control your body, it must first be calm and quiet. There is an easy way to do this.

When you breathe, breathe in deeply. Inhale and slowly exhale. As you exhale, breathe out a bit more. This will empty your lungs of any stale air. Now take your first real breath.

Step 2

As you are breathing, say in your mind, “I am breathing in a healing light.” At the same time, imagine a pure white light covering you. You are now full of pure spiritual energy. Don’t force anything. Let it happen naturally.

As you exhale, say to yourself, “I am breathing out all my stress and pain.” This will cleanse your energy field, your “Aura.” Thinking of a pure white light surrounding you will also raise your vibration.

Keep doing this, slowly breathing in and out. Breathing in a pure healing light of energy and breathing out impurities. Be calm and relaxed. Don’t overdo it otherwise you will become light-headed.

Step 3

After doing this, you will feel balanced. In this state, keep imagining the white light covering you, and ask the universe for happiness and calm in your life. Ask for love for everyone, everywhere. Remain calm and focused. Don’t ask for money or material possessions, ask for peace and love. Everything else will follow.

Say, “Thank you” for what you already have, and all your wishes will be granted. All the powers of the universe will now assist you.

Doing this will change your life. Imagine having pure white light protecting you everywhere you go. You will feel beautiful. There are people all over the world who do this daily, and it gives them so much joy.

Here are the three steps again.

Step 1. Start with gentle deep breathing. This relaxes you.

Step 2. Imagine a pure white light covering you.

Step 3. Ask the universe for happiness and peace in your life.

After you’ve finished, imagine yourself protected by that pure white light. This is incredibly powerful. When you are calm, and covered in a pure white light of love, and ask the universe for help, your body starts healing automatically. Your thoughts are powerful, and energy healing affects your body at a quantum level.

Healing Touch

You can heal yourself, but if healing is new to you, a trained spiritual healer can help accelerate your healing using Healing Touch also known as “Therapeutic Touch.” Nurse Janet Mentgen founded Healing Touch (HT) in 1989. This a method that uses “Attunement.”

The healer using his or her hands just above your body acts as a channel for transferring healing energy into your body. Healing Touch unblocks your meridians and cleanses your aura. Spiritual energy is directed through your Chakras.

Healers don’t have to make contact with your body using Healing Touch. The healer is receptive to your energy field. The healer identifies issues in your aura, then supports your immune system so you can heal yourself naturally.

Distance Healing

Distance healing, also called remote healing has the same effect as, a healing touch. You permit the healer to help you. The remote healer links to your aura and imagines you in perfect health and sends you healing energy which flows through you. The healer will also visualize you in good health in the future. All healing is based on the law of universal natural energy which can be shared with anyone.

This type of healing is not faith healing. Remote healing is a way of transferring natural energies to others through visualization. It does not matter how far away your healer is from you. Thoughts transcend time and space.

Can everyone be healed?

All diseases can be helped by spiritual healing, but unfortunately not all people. You must be receptive to healing. Believing you can be healed is the key. If you are skeptical you create blocks.

If you don’t appreciate something, you won’t benefit from it. You will have a much better experience of something when you admire and respect the methods used. This article will help you see why spiritual healing is the foundation of all healing.

Spiritual healing may cure you completely. It is rare for a person to receive healing and see no results. Miraculous cures happen all the time. By being open to being cured, you are unblocking all your natural energy paths.

Psychic Vampire

Psychic vampires are of course not really vampires. They are very negative people who suck away your mental energy. They can overwhelm a positive person who is recovering. Your aura is affected by those around you. If you are a sensitive person, be careful. Negative energy is like a virus; you can catch it around negative people.

Psychic vampire’s thoughts linger in your mind even when you are not with them. There is an after-effect from mixing with them. Wait until you are mentally and physically strong before mixing with those whom you know to be negative.

A psychic vampire will delay your healing progress. Do not take chances with negative people.

Withdraw your Energy

Try not to come into physical contact with those whose energy you know is harmful. Do not look into their eyes. It can be difficult, but these are the most common ways in which energy is exchanged, through the eyes and by touch. This is why in some cultures they bow instead of shaking hands.

Psychic Attack

Sometimes you have no choice but to mix with negative people, like in the workplace. A psychic attack is when a person or persons direct very negative energy towards you. This is very real.

You can block a psychic attack by directing good energy against the negative energy. Do this by imagining a pure white light all around you. This also helps take away the evil thoughts of the person involved in the psychic attack.

Another way to defend against a psychic attack is to bring a “Spiritual Bodyguard.” This is a person who is very loving and kind. They are challenging for negative individuals to harm, and you will be under their protection.

Spend Time in Spiritual Places

Visiting spiritual locations like parks or museums will have an enormous magnetic influence on you. The positive energy of these places never goes away. The positive vibrations of the people who are linked with these locations are still there.

Start to develop your unique aura. Be aware of your own magnetism. This is of vital importance. Feel your aura surrounding yourself wherever you go. Imagine it encapsulating you. Then expand your aura to include others who are close by. People will be attracted to your positive energy, and you will repel negative individuals.

You affect others with your magnetism, and they affect you with theirs. Mix with spiritual people. When you do this, you increase the energy of everyone involved.

Spiritual Healers

Spiritual healer’s themselves benefit from healing others. They do not lose energy; they gain energy. Healing energy is not in limited supply, it is infinite. Spiritual power is generated by a spiritual healer using good intentions, love, and kindness.

The method spiritual healers use is the intense targeting of illness by directing universal energy through your unblocked free-flowing energy paths. The effect is total healing.

In simple terms, if a person has no belief and has blocked meridians, they are not allowing the healing to take place. However, if they clear all the blockages and accept the healing process, there is an immediate effect.

Belief opens the door and releases universal energy, which then circulates within you, restoring harmony and balance to your body. Your body knows how to heal itself.

This will then continue to support your body’s natural immune system as well as inducing deep relaxation. Being in a relaxed worry-free state prevents future ailments. Spiritual healing is perfect for removing stress during difficult times in your life because it relaxes you at a very deep level.

Spiritual energy has two ways to express itself. Giving and receiving. To heal yourself, first, you need to receive, by absorbing spiritual energy.


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