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How To Shift From Your Head To Your Heart?

You must notice that the time you spend thinking is outweighing the time you spend feeling, you need to feel more and think less.

We were trained at a very young age to be good little thinkers. We were taught that our minds are very important tools, and we were often told that our feelings were unimportant.

So how do you shift from your head to your heart? How do you make your feelings more important to yourself?

First, acknowledge that you want to feel better, and then you recognize that how you feel will determine how you think.

Your feeling sand your thoughts will tell you about your vibration, but you have to make your vibration important to yourself so that you will pay attention to what is serving you and what is not.

Awareness is the key to it all because if you don’t have awareness of your vibration, you cannot do anything about it.

Yes, your vibration can be uplifted unconsciously without trying by doing something that you love to do, or by you treating yourself to something you want or a walk on the beach, even by watching your favorite comedy on TV, but you cannot always rely on outside circumstances to raise your vibration.

You need to pay attention to what’s going on inside of you.

All you need to do this is stop once every now and then and tune into what you are feeling at that moment. You can set reminders on your phones, in your diaries or you can put post-it notes around to remind you to tune into what’s going on inside of you.

You can also look at your thoughts and your current life circumstances and that will tell you how you’re vibrating, you have to also be aware you have a lot going on in life outside yourself that you will pick up from the rest of the collective, or from aspects of yourself from past lives, or perhaps you are just picking something up from a love done.

This is especially important to recognize what’s really affecting you and what you need to do about it.

This is learning how to raise your vibration and change the way you feel, the way you think, the way you live, and the way you relate to others and the entire universe.

All it takes is that stopping once and a while and tuning in. When you consider how this little task would change your life, it doesn’t seem like a huge thing to do for yourselves.


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