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How to Remember Your Natural Magic

Humanity has forgotten that we ALL have Natural Magic.

What do I mean by "Natural Magic"? I am referring to our natural human gifts that are in many cases hereditary, passed from generation to generation. Many of us, had a grandparent or Aunt that might have been a little psychic, or just knew things, or could see things. However, within the last several years there has been a big push to null the natural gifts of humanity, or at least our awareness of them. Through many control systems and technologies Humanity has been programmed into thinking that they are nothing, when the fact is, we have everything we need to See and Know all things within this Universe, right within our own consciousness. Many of us have gifts of precognition, telepathy, and other psychic abilities, not to mention astral traveling and remote viewing as well. All These special gifts are humanities "natural magic". In this since Natural Magic is your connection to the Universal Energies and the remembrance of your Light.

There was a Time when people were much more open about their Natural Magic, but those who wished to control, helped us forget by demonizing it and covering it up.

The ascension energies brings the Light that's needed for this remembrance back to our ancient awareness, and beyond to the higher Light.

Today almost all Magic except for fake stage magic is demonized through the Church.

But there is a big difference between the different types of magic.

Black magic is energy that is created by pleasing negative entities, and bidding their assistance to achieve a "bad", evil, or "dark" Outcome.

Those of dark power, achieve it through trying to be the darkest, most evil they can be, literally doing everything they can against the Light.

White or LIGHT Magic is pulling Universal Life Force Energy or Source Energy within our own physical form and working with these energies only for GOOD, HEALING, or LIGHT purposes. White or LIGHT magic is the ONLY Thing that Fights against Dark Magic. The False light does nothing to remove the dark, if anything praying in "FEAR" to the demi-god of the bible, actually enhances the darks power. By pulling in the HOLY LIGHT of the Source within our form, we expel all darkness around us. Darkness can not be within our light field. Wherever we are at, we free that area from darkness. This is the Work of the Light.

Natural Magic is a little different, this is something that is special gifts that people seem to just end up with. This is our Quantum connection to the universe. I personally have what is referred to as "dream precognition". This is a hereditary Gift passed down through my Irish heritage. I am aware of it going back about 4 generations. Its known in my family as "THE DREAMS" and we all talk about them.

The More you Clear yourself from negative things in your life, and begin connecting with nature, the more your natural Magic will enhance. Nature is Sources energy in constant motion.

The Light is the Power of the Universe, While The dark works with negative entities, that work against the Universal Light Power and ALL things of the Infinite Creator and "Cause" of Creation.

When you stand within middle ground you are null to both the higher light and the darker abilities. Your gifts do not enhance either way. As you can tell I am not a middle grounder. I have always been a LIGHTworker.

How do we reconnect with our Natural Magic and Higher Light Abilities? It's much more than just the knowing of this information. it's all about the "Inner work" or the transformation of the self to the higher understanding of a Love based existence. The literal living, and being, LOVE, is what expands the consciousness to the height that's needed for the INNER Awareness or "remembrance" of your Natural Magic. LOVE is the Highest vibration we emit through our thoughts words and actions. When you are in this vibration you are in the frequency of The infinite Creator, this enhances us to our highest potential, working with the creator energy, instead of against it.

Many seem to think that it is hard or even impossible to become a loving being. That is just another way of rejecting Love, or feeling you lack something to achieve Love. Love begins with you. You do not need someone to Love you to become a Loving being. When you begin to express your Love toward others, that is when the Universe returns the favor and brings more Love into your Life. Expression of Love can be helping the elderly, caring for children, or even running a blog to help enlighten others. Being Caring and Loving is the Natural way of Humanity. But again it was another thing that was forgotten.

Many are now waking to the higher way of being. They are seeing that the old systems are no longer working for them. True Unity, Sharing Love for One another, Caring for this Planet, and Abundance for All, is what is becoming important to most. This is the way of the Light.

When you begin to truly become a loving caring being your natural magic will blossom. You will begin to see and know how to connect automatically without being taught, it just happens. The Light returns your inner remembrance.

The Dark has pushed a false light that nulls your natural Magic by demonizing it as something evil.

Our Natural Magic is something that is given to us through our heritage and sometimes just because, from Creation. How could that ever be something evil or negative. Embrace your Greatness. WE are a Fractal of the Infinite Creator. WE CAN Do Anything through Love and Light. We are Magical Beings.

In so Much Love and Light,

PS. I do understand that I have a very different perspective of things, but this is because of working to become in total awareness. I do have other Natural Magic abilities, than the DREAMS, and one of them is the knowing of many of my past lives. By having this, I am shown everything from many different perspectives. The first Life I remember, I was of the Shining Ones or the "Elves" at the 6th to 7th dimension, It was on this Earth before she fell into darkness. This was a Life before the distruction of Atlantis and Lemuria. I fell into the lower dimensions but in many of my lives I was of the Faeid races between Germanic and the Irish heritages.


I do Not need to Channel other beings, even though I do, My Remembrance is my Own Higher Light.



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