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How To Connect With Your "Spirit Team"

You are not alone on this journey, not only do you have some support from spiritual teachers, gurus, and mystics, but you have angels, spirit animals, and spirit guides as well. They connect and communicate with us offering guidance, and leading us on this path of Enlightenment.

Everyone has their very own Personal "Spirit Team" that is there to help us and cheer us on.

This "Team" is patiently waiting for us to notice their signs and synchronicities that they place on our path, that show us the direction to go.

They will not force themselves into your life, You have to become aware of them, and ask them for their enlightenment. They very rarely communicate directly, although some people experience telepathic communication. Most Guidance and communication is very subtle and is usually in signs and synchronicities. They often speak to us through cards, numbers, music, animals, and reoccurring themes and Phrases.


Things that can interrupt your connection with your "Spirit Team".


The Lifestyle we choose to lead can hinder our communication with our "Team". If you are not spiritually aware and consciously working on clearing the negative vibrations, you will not be able to actively receive open communication with your Angels and Guides.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

As Within, so without, As Above, so Below.

When the world around us is full of clutter then so are we inside. This can greatly affect how we feel personally and how connected we are to our "Team". As we learn to clear the inner self, we need to also clear our homes and living space. With everyone being at home right now, it is an awesome chance to do some major clearing, within and without.


The Ego is judgment. The Ego is expectations. The Ego is impatience. The Ego is Self above Others. The Ego is Self Righteousness. The Ego is entitlement. The Ego is anger, hate, greed, and control over others. When we indulge in the Ego we are not clear conduits for communication from our "Team." As we release the ego we clear the way for a pure transmission.


Fear is the most common reason for lack of connection with our "Team". We have been taught to be afraid of the unknown, or what we don't understand. Not to mention that there are darker energies that try and Manipulate us any way they can. Most of the Time when something unexplained happens to us, we often revert back into fear. When we awaken to All that is, we begin to understand the Energies around us, and no longer fear them. When we open ourselves to being contacted we must remember to protect ourselves with Light, and by asking the higher Source to not allow negative entities within our field.

Food and Drink

Everything in this Universe Consumes energy of one form or another. What vibration of Energies you choose to Consume and surround yourself with will affect your health physically, but also your spiritual health as well. First, we must understand that Gratitude is the most important vibration we should have while consuming any other energy form.

I am not going to get into a debate here on whether to eat vegan or not, because that really is not the true issue here. Even though Veganism seems to be the better and more humane way to be, all things in this Universe is the SAME energy just vibrating at different frequencies. Even a Tree has been proven to have a Heartbeat and is a Conscious Sentient Being that shows emotion. The Issue is the Vibration of the Food you eat. You can eat totally vegan, but your body will be still full of Toxins and Poison from the processing of the foods. The more processed the food is, the worse it is for you physically and vibrationally. The fresher and more alive the food its the better it is for you vibrationally.

Alcohol and Drugs

There is a Reason why Alcohol is called "Spirits". In all other cases when Alcohol is introduced to a substance, the essence of that Substance is removed.

The Essence of Our being is our Spirit, when we choose to consume Alcohol, we are literally extracting our spirit allowing dark "spirits" to enter and control us. Many other Drugs do the Same thing by altering our thinking and allowing dark energies to take over and control what we do. It is thought that when you consume just one drink it can block your chakra centers for up to 7 days.

Let me make it clear I am not talking about Marijuana, I feel it can actually be a tool to enhance "Team" Connection. Not to mention the Holistic Uses for it.

If you Drink often, then it will be very difficult for you to connect directly to your "Spirit Team". Understand that the dark energies can act as though they are your guides and Lead you astray. This is why it is so important to not allow these energies within your field. Remember to always be aware of the Vibrations you choose to enter act with.


Connecting to Your "Spirit Team"

Our Guides and our Angels accompany us from the moment our spirit enters this body. Throughout our life, they quietly nudge us towards the direction of the Light. Our Free Will gives us the choice to follow their direction or not.

Once we make the choice to follow the path of Enlightenment, we open up ourselves, to receiving their Guidance, in a more Visual and Direct sense.

There are many ways to try and connect with your team, but understand to not have any expectations on "when" or "how" you receive their guidance.

Our "Teams" will never want to put us in fear in any way, they will never just pop into the scene and say Hi, it's me! Those of True Light will not force themselves on you in any way. You have to be willing to do the work needed and be aware enough to See, Feel, and Hear their Guidance.

A Few Ways to Make the Connection Stronger


Meditation is very powerful in so many ways. It is the main tool used for connecting to your "Team". By Clearing our Minds, We can hear our Hearts.

Light a Candle

Some people like to light a candle which is Natural Light that attracts Spirit. It is a relaxing and soothing way to quiet our minds.

Place Crystals in your Space

Crystals help Clear and Purify the Area in which they are placed.

Sage and Incense

It is always good to Sage our Space. Anytime we are around others and in public, we can pick up negative energies that follow us home. So it is good to Sage often, Plus Incense sets a beautiful vibration within your space, It's aroma can set the mood you desire.

Lucid Dreaming

Just as you get ready to drift off to sleep, or the moment right before you awaken in the morning are some of the best moments to connect with our "Teams". During these times is also when lucid dreaming occurs. Pay close attention to these dreams, for insight.


Our Angels, Guides, and Animal Spirits are always with us. They leave us signs and synchronicities even if we are not looking for them. They are always whispering in our ears to do the right thing. They are there to pick us up when we fall, we just need to acknowledge their existence.

Our "Spirit Team" exists in the realm of infinite possibilities and they are not confined by time or space. There is no limit to what they can do for us through the Light. When They help us on this journey, it helps us with our ascension. By doing this, it helps them in their ascension to Higher Realities as well. This is their Purpose, We are here for Eachother.

We are One.


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