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How to Connect to Your Spirit Animal.

Most people are unaware of their connection with the Natural Universe. Our reality is much more then what we perceive just within the physical. However this Universe is Multidimensional, and is filled with Spirit at all levels of consciousness. Our Connection with the All, is through this Spirit connection. In ancient Shamanism , Nature was understand as being God in many forms. When Nature in all it aspects including animals , plants, trees, and weather, made itself known to us, it was a sign that God was speaking to us. The Powerful spirits of the Animals become our Guides. Each animal spirit has a special meaning and Lessons that they offer us.


What Is an Animal Spirit Guide?

An animal spirit guide—also called a power animal or animal totem—is a messenger or teacher who comes to us in the form of an animal to guide and protect us throughout our lives. They may provide comfort, inspiration, or important messages in difficult times. They may also draw attention to parts of ourselves that require acknowledgment or exploration.

Your spirit guide is an animal that resonates with you and has special significance in your life. Your relationship with the guide connects you with the earth and with nature. Ultimately, this animal is a reflection of ourselves—a representation of who we are and who we might become.

Although found primarily in Native American and Aboriginal cultures, spirit guides are not limited to these traditions. They are present for anyone who seeks them, anyone who yearns for a deeper connection with the earth and with Mother Nature.


Each one of us can have many Animal guides throughout our life, helping us on this spiritual journey.


Totem Animals or Familiars

Many of us have a totem Animal or what is also called a familiar, these animals stick with us for Life and often mirror our personality.

"For example, I have 2 wolves as totems, one White and one Black, they represent my state of being, The black wolf is a protector and the white wolf is of peaceful spirit, she is always with me, But the Black comes and goes, and is usually only around when I am in danger of some sort. "


How Do I Find My Animal Spirit Guide?

The first step is to respectfully ask your spirit guide to show itself to you. Once you've set your intention, you can begin to look in certain places where your spirit guide may allow itself to be discovered, including:

Dreams: Do you often dream of a certain animal? Paying attention to the animals that appear in your dreams, particularly animals that recur frequently, can give you important insights.

Meditation: Like dreams, meditation offers access to an altered state of consciousness. Your spirit guide may reveal itself to you during your meditative journey.Nature: Take walks outside and observe the animals around you. Being in nature is one of the greatest ways to find your spirit guide because the whole purpose behind a spirit guide is to provide you with a deeper connection to Mother Earth.

Past connections: Did you have a favorite animal when you were younger, or did you have a favorite pet? Perhaps there is an animal you feel drawn to without understanding why. When you visit the zoo or an aquarium, is there an animal you like to visit first or make sure you get to see?

Fears: Is there an animal that has always frightened you—but been intriguing to you at the same time? Most often the animal that you're most fearful of will bring you closest to nature.

Encounters: Is there an animal that you frequently see near your home or that often seems to be watching you? Or, taking a different take on the word "encounter," did you ever experience an attack by an animal at any time in the past? Being bitten or attacked by an animal could represent the totem testing your ability to handle its power.

Zodiac: This Native American Zodiac will reveal which animal is associated with your birthdate. It's not necessarily the case that the animal listed for your birthdate is your spirit guide, but often it will be an animal that represents you fairly well.

Shaman: A shaman or qualified spiritual guide can help you identify your animal totem.

If your request is authentic and respectful, your spirit guide will ultimately show itself to you. Don't forget aquatic animals, insects, and birds—every creature on this earth, whether they travel by land, sea, or air, has the ability to be a powerful spirit guide.

Spirit Guide Websites to Help with your Journey


Learn To Work In Harmony With Your Spirit Animal

Spirit Animals are our own reflections. They reflect our energies, traits, and behaviors. They can turn into guides for our souls to help us in our journey through life.

These are the animals you often see or are attracted to a lot. You two develop a strong affinity with cannot be expressed in words. You can learn to better communicate and work with your Animal with the help of the following methods:

Think And Act Like Them

Your Spirit Animal will guide you through your thoughts and actions. They will tell you which acts are important. But for that, you need to let their energy channelize through you.

For example, if your SA is a snake, practice Vinyasa yoga so that you can resonate with its flexibility. If it’s a cat, be more curious and independent. You can even share your own wisdom if an owl is your Spirit Animal. The key here is to channelize their behavior and energy to gain new wisdom.

You can even look for YouTube videos to better understand your Spirit Animal. Be expressive, think like them, and you’ll see people responding to your actions more positively.

Dress Like Them

How you dress yourself also matters when it comes to Spirit Animals. You can go all out and wear all colors like a macaw or be more subtle and opt for innerwear which resonates with your Animal. You can let loose your hair like the mane of a lion even!

Eat Like Them

Animals eat to survive. There is no fraudulence there. Food nourishes us and helps us survive each day. So forget your diets and what not and try to follow the diet of your Spirit Animal.

You can follow your Animal’s dietary habits to gain the most nourishment. Turn vegetarian if your Animal is herbivorous and observe how your body reacts. Whatever be your Spirit Animal, try to follow their eating patterns and surely you’ll see changes.

Meditate With Your Spirit Animal

Meditation can be your path to connect with your SA. You can use guided meditation to first ground yourself. You will feel the connection developing.

Visualize your Spirit Animal’s energy as it merges with your own. Feel how you integrate its wisdom and power. Focus on this intention: I will embody my Animal’s empowerment today.

Animals have been here longer than us. Their connection to the earth and humans is ancient. So trust their guidance. We must work together with the Animals to take care of this planet.

You can begin your healing with the self first and then spread it out to all humanity and then the Earth. Use your instinctive superpowers. Work with your animal instinct.


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