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What does it mean to Become a Fifth Dimensional Being? This means that we are raising in vibration. This affects our Consciousness 1st. Our next level of evolution is a consciousness one. We are raising to a higher understanding of our connection with the All. Our soul holds the memory of our existence. It is our soul's evolution that happens with every incarnation. This is our Flame, our Fire, Our Light. This is our personal piece of the infinite Consciousness that permeates through this Universe... Which is The One Consciousness. The purpose of it all is to find our Way Home back to Wholeness, back to the Infinite Light. Throughout many lives, we grow this Light. As our Light Grows, We Raise in vibration, Shifting us into different Vibrations of Light. These are the different Dimensions we are referring to, it is like stepping into a different Spectrum of Light. We are raised into a Higher Light, by the vibration that we hold.

How do we Raise ourselves to a 5D Light Vibration? We can try and use tools like Music and creativity to help with raising our Vibrations, However, it is What your true Beliefs are that is key. Our Mind has been programmed to be selfish and greedy through modern society. Modern Humans are all about self. There is hardly any compassion in their hearts for Others.

As we become Higher in our understanding and compassion for "others", we bring our consciousness to a level of 5D unity and understanding, This also raises the vibration of This physical Body to a Higher Vibration. Self-love is beautiful if you also give that same love to "Others". But if you deny others that same Love you are Denying yourself of your Truth. When we reach out our hand to others in service, we are in 5D Consciousness. This is the action of Unconditional Love and selflessness. This is the understanding of 5D Unity. We are not here for ourselves, we are here for each other. Once we "feel" this and "understand" and Believe it in our hearts, we begin to rise to the 5th Dimensional Vibration.

We separate ourselves from all others when we claim our importance above others. No one has more importance. We must learn to see each other as ourselves. This is Unity Consciousness. To bring in the 5D vibrations to this earth you must first "Believe" it within yourself. You must understand Oneness in its true essence. Unity does not mean that we all have to live together in communes. But it does mean to be aware of your neighbor's needs and to help those who are in need if you have the means to do so. Most people in the world today don't even know their neighbor's names let alone what they need or how they can help them. We are our Brothers, Sisters, and this Earth's, Keepers. We must come together as "Humanity" Before we are ever to be lifted from the Lower vibrations of separation. But it is up to each and every one of us to make the difference. This has to happen inside of each of us. We each have to make the changes within ourselves to make a difference in our world. It starts with You and Me. How do you feel about Others? Your True "Feelings"? Do you still separate yourself by Race, Politics, Religion, Title? Do you Care for those less fortunate? Do you spend more time in service to Self than in Service to others? Do you give what you can to those who are in need or do you ignore them? Do you see yourself in your Neighbor?

These are some really hard questions for those still caught up in their own self-righteousness. There is false information that many push in today's New age Movement. The service to Self Dark Agenda pushes its narrative Through the "Self Love," and gradually moves you into a Self Service Mentality. We must be very careful not to let this happen. This Mentality of Self above others is the opposite of 5th Dimensional Vibration. Having this Mentality will keep you in the Lower Vibrations of a Self Serving Reality. It is important when giving one's self, Self Love, we make sure to share our Love mentality with All others, and this Earth. What we do for Self we must do for others as well, This is the Service to Others Mentality.

5th Dimensional Beings are in total service to each other and anyone else who needs it. That is why they are here to help us with our Ascension as a Species and a Planet Evolution. They are here in total service for the Light, They put "Others" before themselves. In a sense, this is like what is referred to as a Hero mentality. This is how many of our Emergency workers and Firemen Feel. These people have the compassion needed to step into the 5Th-dimensional consciousness. When you are willing to give of yourself for someone else to live, you get it. Sadly our world today is far from this way of thinking. Ask yourself who would you give your life for? A Family Member, A Friend, A Country, An Earth, Humanity? Are you willing to do what it takes to Raise to the Higher Vibrations that this Earth is now experiencing? Are you a Hero for those still Lost in this Illusion? Time is Running out for this Shift, there is really no time to waste. The window for this ascension is only open for a short time, and the Dark knows this. This is why they are pushing hard to stop it. It's time to Wake up to your Truth, You are made of Love. Allow it to be your guide. Love is Best Shared with Others.

Remember It starts within you.

In so Much Love and Light,


Universal Lighthouse


Welcome to Universal Lighthouse.

We Are Shining Light on the ALL, That is ONE...

We are dedicated to enlightening this Earth with Truth, Knowledge, and Love. You will enjoy: Research and study from Universal Lighthouse including But not limited to, Ancient Text, paranormal and supernatural exploration, Metaphysical Theology, and Spiritual Awareness. You will also enjoy: Adventuring into the Unknown, Full Disclosure, UFO/UAP Phenomenon, Forbidden Archeology, New & Ancient Technology, Quantum Exploration, New Discoveries, Our Creative Nature, The Brilliance of The Universe and Much More. Universal Lighthouse offers our own Writings Plus, other information that is found throughout the Internet, We do try and find the original source for this information. However, the opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily the beliefs of Universal Lighthouse. Please use discernment with all the information given. We offer this information free for Research and Study Purposes. Not all information may be a current event but is to be used as a Library of information. It is our goal to raise the consciousness of humanity through knowledge, truth, and love. We are shining Light on the ALL that is One.

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Universal Lighthouse Cosmic Healing is an Alternative and Complementary health care for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Offering Remote/Distant Healing using Ancient Egyptian Clearing, Chakra Color and Frequency Balance & Therapy, Chakra Crystal Healing, Metaphysical Practices, Soul Awakening Techniques & Meditations, Usui Reiki, and Quantum Energy Work.

All sessions are Donation Based no matter what kind of Energy work being performed. We look at this as an energy exchange for our Services.

This is a "Pay what you Like" Service.(That also means that this service is free to those who wish for the healing and can not afford to pay anything. However, we do ask that you pay it forward in exchange, by Submitting a Testimonial or by sharing our services with others.

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