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How To Activate Your PINEAL GLAND Effectively! [3-Step Practice]

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Learn what the pineal gland is and the powerful 3-step practice to activate your pineal gland quickly ---------------- JOIN HEART ALCHEMY 💥 Join our email list to be the first to know when my 8-week premium coaching program launches this February! → ---------- 💥 WORKBOOK → ---------------- Deep inside your skull, you have a powerful tiny structure called the Pineal Gland. And once it’s activated, your view on life expands beyond your imagination! Pineal gland activation makes you see the world in a whole new way and you start to receive insights and guidance like never before. In this video, you’ll learn: 💥 Introduction and information on the 2022 Heart Alchemy coaching program! [0:00] 💥 What the pineal gland actually is. [2:01] 💥 The little-known secret about the pineal that will help you activate it faster. [4:46] 💥 The simple but powerful 3-step practice to activate your pineal gland quickly. [8:10] VIDEOS MENTIONED 💥 How To Really Open The THIRD EYE Chakra! [7 Fun Facts] 💥 Your 7 Powerful CHAKRAS Explained! [Best Way To Balance Them!] VIEW THE FULL BLOG POST 💥 Head over to the full blog post for comments, questions, and to download the audio version of this video. WORK WITH ME 💥 INTRO ONLINE COURSE: 💥 PREMIUM COACHING PROGRAM: 💥 PRIVATE RETREATS: FREE RESOURCES 💥 To download our popular free guided meditations or take our Heart Quiz (to discover if your heart is blocked!), head over to this page: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 💥 Every month, I release 4 actionable and practical videos to help you accelerate your personal growth and overcome your biggest challenges. CONNECT WITH ME ON: 💥 YouTube Channel: 💥 Facebook: 💥 Instagram: 💥 Website: Video Producer:


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